Best Fashion Schools In Ohio | Cost, Requirement & How To Apply

The fashion study program you choose can have a big impact on your future. That’s why we’ve created our collection of the best fashion design schools in Ohio.

To come up with the best overall ranking of fashion design schools, we combine our rankings by degree level, weighting them by the number of degrees awarded at each level.

If you are interested in a fashion degree offered near Cleveland, several 4-year schools nearby have programs available. You can attend Ursuline College, Kent State University, or the University of Akron to pursue a degree in fashion.

If one wishes to enroll in fashion programs in Columbus, Ohio, they can choose from programs offered at Ohio State University and Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD).

 A student can choose whether they wish to pursue a professional degree in fashion or choose a bachelor’s degree in fashion from CCAD.

Are There Fashion Schools in Ohio? 

Ohio has nine fashion schools, and according to USA Today, “Columbus, Ohio is one of the nation’s fashion capitals.”

Columbus, Ohio has the third largest concentration of fashion designers in the United States. Therefore, attending a fashion school in Ohio will provide you with many fashion opportunities.

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How Much Do Fashion Schools Cost in Ohio? 

There are many great fashion schools in Ohio that offer a well-rounded education with a variety of fashion opportunities. The average tuition for these fashion schools in Ohio is $17,472.

Compared to the University of California (more commonly known as UC), out-of-state tuition is $43,100. Also, the average tuition at an Ivy League school is over $47,000. In general, fashion schools in Columbus Ohio are much cheaper than other schools.

The average acceptance rate for fashion schools in Ohio is 78%. The average acceptance rate for UC ranges from 36% to 66%. Whereas the average acceptance rate for the Ivy League is less than 7%.

Acceptance rates vary between UC, Ivy, and Columbus schools. However, the overall average acceptance rate for the fashion school in Columbus, Ohio is significantly higher than comparing UC and Ivy universities.

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What Are The Requirements For Fashion Schools In Ohio? 

Whether you want to pursue an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in fashion design in Ohio, you need to develop the same basic skill set. You can attend such classes

  • Basic Draping Techniques
  • Industry Sewing
  • Pattern Drafting
  • Fabrics in Fashion Design
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These courses will allow you to experience different types of fabrics, understand how to sew with different fabrics and create designs with these textures in mind.

Some of the most important classes in your fashion design curriculum focus on your artistic skills. If you want people to see your vision and understand the potential of your projects, you have to be able to put them on paper.

Commonly required courses include

  • Fashion Sketching for Design
  • Computer-Aided Fashion Design
  • Fashion Theory

While completing the training program, you should work on developing and deepening your personal sense of style. Your best work will most likely end up in your portfolio, which will showcase your skills to potential employers. It is important to show yourself as best as possible!

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What Are The Best Fashion Schools In Ohio? 

You can work towards a 4-year BA in Fashion Design or Fashion Merchandising. One of the fashion schools in Ohio collaborates with a design school in New York, where you will spend a year on the program.

Most programs offer internships. Check out the summaries below to find a program that will appeal to you.

Ursuline College

The coursework offered in these programs covers topics such as garment construction, automated design, costume and fashion, fashion illustration, presentation boards and textile performance.

Other classes focus on visual display techniques, draping or creating flat patterns. You can also do an internship, senior studio course or independent study before graduating.

The school offers you the opportunity to take a specialized course that will lead you to the third year of study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Upon completion of this track and graduation, you receive an Associate of Applied Science from the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Kent State University

The Technical Design and Manufacturing option in this program covers how garments are constructed, while the Conceptual Design option is aimed at students who want to learn about the research and development process of clothing.

The fashion merchandising major focuses on the marketing and production aspects of the fashion industry. Classes in the fashion design program cover topics such as fashion drawing, draping, and flat pattern making.

The curriculum of this program is delivered through lectures and studio work. Classes in the fashion merchandising program cover branding, clothing analysis and fashion forecasting.


University of Akron

In this program you will learn about marketing, textiles, the social and cultural aspects of clothing and the use of computers in merchandising.

Regardless of your chosen specialization, you complete core classes in fashion analysis, the fashion and furniture industry, fundamentals of construction, global issues in textiles, and strategic planning for apparel products.

You can do an internship during your studies. To summarize this article, students interested in fashion have the option of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in fashion design or fashion merchandising at one of several schools in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Columbus College of Art & Design 

Columbus College of Art & Design is ranked among the top 10 design colleges in America and helps students find their place in the world of fashion.

The class size is intimate, which allows students to tailor their work. it’s not a one-size-fits-all program. The school is designed to work with each student individually and find their strengths.

CCAD is great at preparing students for the industry and supporting them in every way possible. This fashion school in Ohio ensures that their students are well educated and part of the fashion world.


How Much Do Fashion Designers In Ohio Earn?

Fashion designers earn above average salaries, with the highest paid designers earning over $145,000 per year. Salaries vary by industry and location.

A career in fashion requires a strong design portfolio. Many fashion designers start building their portfolio even before enrolling in fashion programs. Students develop their portfolios to showcase their designs and skills.

For example, designers may want to showcase the range in their portfolio by including ready-to-wear looks and haute couture custom looks, or they may want to emphasize their technical skills.

Designers update their portfolios throughout their fashion career. Internships, entry-level positions, and stylist positions help designers build their portfolio.

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How Do I Become A Fashion Designer In Ohio?

Earning a degree in fashion design can help designers launch their careers. But a diploma alone does not guarantee success.

Fashion designers also need a strong portfolio, work experience and professional network to break into the fashion industry.

Career success also depends on skill. Designers need to know their brand identity, aesthetic and industry niche.

Successful fashion designers make their own way. Many begin building skills long before enrolling in a fashion program.

Learning to sew, keeping up with fashion trends, and practicing design software all help aspiring designers gain admission to competitive fashion programs.

After receiving a degree, designers often work as stylists, fashion buyers and assistants to famous designers. These roles help designers expand their skills and network.

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Best Paying Fashion Design Jobs in Ohio

Aspiring fashion designers usually choose to work with well-known fashion designers, manufacturers or retailers after graduation. But you can also be self-employed by starting your own label or freelancing on short-term contracts.

If you are creating your own label, you need to design, develop, produce, market and sell original designs. This requires a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the fashion industry.

You also need to have enough capital to support yourself and your business before your projects start selling. If you become a freelance fashion designer, you will work on short-term contracts with fashion companies, retailers and end users.

But as an independent designer, you are required to work within the specifications and instructions of the client. Working in the fashion design industry in Ohio can offer you a surprising number of career opportunities.

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WBNS 10 in Columbus, Ohio reports that Ohio State is ranked third in the nation for fashion design. They note that the state has many well-known fashion schools that have high employment rates for graduates.

 You could work in different settings as a fashion designer. Ohio has clothing manufacturers, wholesalers and design companies that are always looking for the next great fashion designer.

You’re ready to start your career in fashion when you acquire the skills and knowledge that a fashion degree offers! You can work in a variety of places, such as marketing firms, design studios and stores.

Saks Fifth Avenue, Dawson and Destination XL Group are significant employers in Ohio. Ohio’s unemployment rate of 7.2 percent is comparable to the national average.

Best Fashion Schools In Ohio FAQs

What Can I Learn In The Fashion Schools In Ohio?

Some of the classes you may have to take include pattern making, fashion and apparel evaluation, fashion analysis, and the global fashion economy. Your time should be divided between the audience and the design studio.

How Long Is Fashion Schools In Ohio?

You can earn a bachelor’s degree in fashion design in as little as four years. If you choose to continue your studies, you can get a Master’s degree in Fashion Design.

What Is The Acceptance Rate For Fashion Schools In Ohio?

The average acceptance rate for fashion schools in Ohio is 78%. The average acceptance rate for UC ranges from 36% to 66%. Whereas the average acceptance rate for the Ivy League is less than 7%. Acceptance rates vary between UC, Ivy, and Columbus schools. However, the overall average acceptance rate for the fashion school in Columbus, Ohio is significantly higher than comparing UC and Ivy universities.

What Is The Best Fashion Schools In Ohio? 

If you are interested in a less expensive school with a wide selection of courses, the University of Akron is the school for you. This university has a tuition fee of around $8000 and they offer 27 courses in fashion merchandising. This university is perfect if you want a better price but still a great education at a fashion school in Ohio.


In Ohio, 15 institutions offer various degrees in fashion, 11 of which are graduate programs. There are many great fashion schools in Ohio that offer a broad education along with a variety of fashion options. On average, Ohio accepts 78 percent of applicants to top colleges.

Tuition varies widely between schools, but the average tuition in Ohio is $17,472. Many students are eligible for scholarships; the average scholarship in Ohio is $8,222. With an average acceptance rate of 78%, you have a good chance of getting into your chosen program.

If you choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, you’ll need to earn between 120 and 130 credits to graduate.



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