Best Fashion Design Schools In Michigan | Cost, Requirement & How To Apply

The fashion design study program you choose can have a big impact on your future. That’s why we’ve created our collection of rankings of the best fashion design schools in Michigan.

To come up with the best overall ranking of the best fashion design schools in Michigan, we combine our rankings by degree level, weighting them by the number of degrees awarded at each level.

Michigan’s many top-tier schools offer some of the best fashion programs in America. Just a few of the top schools with fashion programs include Western Michigan University, Wayne State University, and Michigan State University.

All seven of these institutions offer master’s level programs. Prospective students are encouraged by the fact that Michigan schools have an average acceptance rate of 68 percent.

Are There Fashion Schools in Michigan? 

There are six schools that offer fashion design programs, including five bachelor’s programs and two master’s programs.

You can earn an associate degree in fashion design, which includes 60 credits and takes two years. A bachelor’s degree in fashion design is the most popular choice.

This option takes most students four to five years of full-time study, comprising 120 to 140 credits. Courses you may be required to complete at this level include Principles of Fashion Design, Textile Science and Design Theories.

Finally, you may choose to continue your studies with a Masters in Fashion Design. If you go full-time, you can complete your program in two years. If you go part-time, you may need to attend training for three to four years.

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How Much Do Fashion Schools Cost in Michigan? 

The average tuition is $9,547, and the average scholarship is $4,308. With a strong application, you have a good chance of getting into the school of your choice, as the average acceptance rate is 77%.

For students studying fashion design and merchandising, Wayne State University offers the Margie Koontz Memorial Scholarship. With an average scholarship of $4,308, the average cost of studying fashion design is $9,547.

With an average acceptance rate of 77 percent, you have a good chance of being accepted to the institution of your choice if you submit an excellent application.

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What Are The Requirements For Fashion Schools In Michigan? 

Submit your GED or academic transcripts. Most fashion schools require a high school diploma or equivalent. A transcript from your high school listing the courses you have taken and your GPA must be provided.

If you choose to take the General Educational Development (GED) test, you must provide supporting documentation.

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Fill out the questionnaire. To apply to a fashion school, you must attach an application form along with supporting documents.

The cost of the application is paid. You will often have to pay an entry fee when you apply for a fashion degree at a fashion institute or any other higher education institution.

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What Are The Best Fashion Schools In Michigan? 

When choosing the right school for you, it’s important to arm yourself with all the facts you can. To that end, we’ve created a number of rankings by major, including this list of the best fashion design schools in Michigan to help you make your college decision.

College For Creative Studies

Every student pursuing a fashion design degree must attend the College of Creative Studies. CCS is a small, private, non-profit college located in the city of Detroit.

There were approximately 9 fashion design students graduating from CCS with this degree in the most recent year of data.


Michigan State University

Every student pursuing a degree in fashion design must attend Michigan State University. Michigan State University is a very large public university located in East Lansing.

The 88th best college ranking out of 2,241 schools nationwide means that Michigan State University is an excellent university overall.

In the last year for which we have data, there were about 20 fashion design students who completed this degree at Michigan.


Western Michigan University

Any student pursuing a fashion design degree should check out Western Michigan University. WMU is a fairly large public university located in the small town of Kalamazoo.

This university is ranked 6th out of 57 schools for overall quality in the state of Michigan. There were approximately 11 fashion design students who completed this degree at WMU in the last year for which we have data.


Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University is one of the top schools in the country for a fashion design degree.

Located in Mount Pleasant, Central Michigan University is a public university with a large student population. This university ranks 8th out of 57 colleges for overall quality in the state of Michigan.

In the last year for which we have data, there were approximately 18 fashion design students who completed this degree at Central Michigan.


Ferris State University

Ferris State University is one of the best universities in the US to earn a fashion design degree. The school is a public university in the remote town of Big Rapids with a large student population. In terms of overall quality, this university is ranked 15th out of 67 universities in Michigan.

The goal of Ferris State University is to provide students with a personalized educational experience that will prepare them for success after graduation. This is a practical, professionally oriented college.

How Individualized is Ferris Education? There are no graduate assistants in the audience; all classes are instructed by teachers. 85 percent of our classes have fewer than 25 students, so teachers know your name and your goals.


Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti is less than 30 miles from Detroit. The Textile Research and Training Institute, a center for textile research in many industries, is housed in the facility.

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However, coursework in apparel manufacturing, textile science, merchandise planning, and apparel analysis is required for the BA in Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising (ATM) program.

In addition, field experience is required. In addition, you can choose from a variety of electives including haute couture, fashion markets and garment manufacturing. To complete the requirements for the ATM major diploma, you need an additional.


Wayne County Community College

Detroit, Michigan has a public college called Wayne County CC. It is a modest university with 1260 students. Wayne County Community College accepts all applicants. Humanities and Humanities, Nursing and Business are popular majors.

Wayne County CC graduates make up 20% of the student body and begin their careers with an average salary of $19,900.

This school’s fashion design associate degree and certificate programs are designed for students who possess the creativity, precision, and drive required to design and produce apparel.

Students will be able to pursue creative research in design fundamentals, fashion analysis, fashion history, textiles, color theory, sketching, and technical training in draping, pattern making, pattern classification, and garment construction through courses in both the degree and certificate program.


Madonna University

Located less than 15 miles from Detroit, Madonna University offers an associate degree program in merchandising management.

If you choose to major in fashion, the curriculum includes coursework in merchandising, retail, design, textiles and fashion promotion.

You will also learn about the history of clothing, marketing and management principles. The program also requires supervised work experience.

The general retail specialization contains similar courses, but you will delve deeper into merchandising. This program is also available as a certificate program.


How Much Do Fashion Designers In Michigan Earn?

O*Net indicates that the average salary for a fashion designer in Michigan is $52,420 per year. Your salary can be influenced by your experience and which sector of the fashion design industry you work in.

Overall, job prospects for fashion designers are not expected to change much between 2010 and 2020. O*Net reports an expected decline in fashion design jobs during this period.

While it’s difficult to determine the job outlook in Michigan, there may be some things you can do to improve your personal outlook.

Living in one of Michigan’s larger cities, such as Lansing or Detroit, can give you access to a wider range of fashion design work opportunities. Developing a strong portfolio that showcases your skills and talents can also positively impact your job search.

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How Do I Become A Fashion Designer In Michigan?

Working in the fashion industry in Michigan requires creativity, flexibility, and the ability to take and grow from criticism. Creativity, of course, comes first in this career!

Even if you don’t yet create your own designs, you should be able to come up with a solution for a garment that doesn’t fit, a fabric that doesn’t drape properly, or a color scheme that doesn’t quite match the rest of the lie.

Flexibility is a must; you can work three hours one day and 15 hours the next. If you have fashion shows or new line launches coming up, you may have to work long hours, nights and weekends to meet your employer’s needs.

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Criticism is a part of this industry, and if you can grow from it, you’ll be ahead of many other graduates. Starting a career in Michigan can give you the freedom to work for many different employers, including manufacturers, wholesalers and designers.

A growing number of fashion industry employers are relocating their headquarters to Michigan to take advantage of the state’s excellent manufacturing opportunities, Live News reports.

The opportunities available to you may vary depending on your strengths and the type of work in your portfolio. Planning early for the fashion design career you want can pay off when you graduate!

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Best Paying Fashion Design Jobs in Michigan

Some of Michigan’s largest employers include Express Fashion, Forever 21, JCPenney and J. Crew Group. Even though unemployment is at 8.4%, the unemployment rate is falling.

Compensation largely depends on the career you choose and your level of experience. In Michigan, designers make an average of $57,610 a year, while product demonstrators make $26,230(BLS, 2012).

Median compensation for marketing professionals, including those in the fashion business, is $59,900(BLS, 2012).

Best Fashion Design Schools In Michigan FAQs

Do Fashion Design Schools In Michigan Require Letters Of Recommendation?

You can send your letters of recommendation. Although not required, letters of recommendation can increase your chances of acceptance.

Do You Need License To Work As Fashion Designer In Michigan?

Although fashion design is often lumped together with a cosmetology career, it does not have the same strict licensing requirements as a cosmetology career in Michigan. Fashion design is generally an unlicensed and unregulated field in the United States. This does not mean that training is unnecessary. A certificate or diploma program in fashion design can help you build a professional network, build a professional portfolio, and gain experience with fashion design tools and programs.

How Long Is Fashion Design Schools In Michigan? 

The most common choice for an education in fashion design is a bachelor’s degree. Most students choose this option, which typically requires four to five years of full-time study and 120 to 140 credits. At this level you may need to take courses in design theory, textile science and principles of fashion design.

Do Fashion Schools In Michigan Require SAT Scores?

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT) scores are not required for admission to all fashion schools, but those that have a minimum standard. SAT minimum requirements range from 560 to 1060, and ACT minimum requirements are 21 or higher.


Several universities within 30 miles of Detroit offer fashion-related degrees. You can complete a 2-year associate’s degree in merchandising management, which will prepare you for entry-level employment in specialist fashion or general retail industries.

 You can also complete a 4-year BA in Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising, or you can choose a BA in Merchandising Management with the option of specializing in fashion or general retail.

Alternatively, if you already have a bachelor’s degree, you can enroll in a 2-year master’s program in clothing, textiles and merchandising.



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