Curtin University HDR PhD Scholarship for Excellent Scholars

Curtin University HDR PhD Scholarship: Young people are drinking less now than ever before. But we don’t know if this holds true throughout life. This ARC-funded merit-based scholarship will aid in the identification of strategies to ensure that recent decreases in adolescent drinking are maintained and reinforced as these young people grow older. It will contribute to the development of new and effective harm prevention policies and interventions by generating new knowledge on the trajectories of youth drinking into young adulthood, changing risk and protective factors for alcohol problems, and assisting in the development of new and effective harm prevention policies and interventions.

The project will involve significant collaboration with key international research teams as well as international travel, with a focus on young people in Australia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

The PhD candidate will join the National Drug Research Institute’s expanding Melbourne office and will work on key components of the overall project, such as the relationship between health inequalities and drinking trends.

Level/Field of Study

The Curtin University HDR PhD Scholarship is a PHD scholarship for candidates interested in working with National Drug Research Institute on youth drinking.

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Host Nationality

This Curtin University HDR PhD Scholarship is hosted by Curtin University and funded by ARC.

Eligibility for Curtin University HDR PhD Scholarship

The team is looking for PhD candidates to join the NDRI Melbourne office.

Applicants must have:

  • A Master’s degree in a relevant discipline requiring the completion of an acceptable publicly available thesis or research project;
  • A Bachelor’s degree with first-class honours

Public health, epidemiology, statistics, psychology, and other related fields are examples of relevant disciplines.

Furthermore, the applicant should have:

  • Quantitative research skills and some experience with statistical packages are required.
  • Experience working with longitudinal data would be advantageous.

Also, scholars must be Australian Citizens or Australian permanent residents with strong quantitative skills and an interest in the topic.

Must enrol in the PhD Program full-time and meet the relevant PhD milestone requirements.

Requirements to Apply for Curtin University HDR PhD Scholarship

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Transcripts of academic work
  • A brief cover letter (no more than two sides A4) addressing the eligibility requirements. The letter should explain why you are interested in the project and how your skills, characteristics, and experience qualify you for the award.

Deadline for the Curtin University HDR PhD Scholarship

The deadline for this Curtin University HDR PhD Scholarship is 8th July 2024.

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How to Apply for the Curtin University HDR PhD Scholarship

Kindly send an email to Assoc Professor Michael Livingston ([email protected]). In your mail, attach all the required documents stated above. Afterwards, expect an email on your application status.

Scholarship Award

The scholarship provides a living stipend of $29,000 per year, indexed, for up to three years of full-time study for a maximum of two scholars.

For more information visit the Curtin University Higher Degree Research Scholarship page.

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How much is the stipend for PhD in Australia?
Full-time students pay AU$28,854 (2022 rate) per year in fortnightly instalments. Part-time students pay AU$14,427 (2022 rate) per year in fortnightly instalments. A doctorate takes three years full-time, while a research Master’s degree takes two years.

Why is the stipend for a PhD so low?
PhD stipends are low for a variety of reasons. Some are under the control of universities, while others are not. Because of academic market competition and an influx of PhD students, the PhD stipend remains low. Because of their priorities, students accept stipends.

Is it worthwhile to pursue a PhD in Australia?
In a nutshell, you should pursue a PhD in Australia because it is less time-consuming, research outputs are globally recognized, PhDs are mostly funded, the industry is welcoming of PhD graduates, and a PhD can improve your eligibility score for permanent residency visa options.

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Can PhD students work in Australia full-time?
A student pursuing a full research degree (Masters by research or PhD) in Australia may work an unlimited number of hours during their studies. In both cases, students can begin working only after their course has begun.

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