University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) Scholarships

A variety of academic scholarships are available through the UTA Scholarships Office, which is based in the United States.

Freshmen and new transfer students who will start a programme for the 2024 academic year are eligible for the merit-based awards. The program’s objectives are to promote college access while honouring academic excellence.

Level/Field of Study

The UTA Scholarships are designed for high school and undergrads that intend to further their education incollege. There is no restrictions as to choice of course of study.

Host Nationality

UTA Scholarships are funded by University of Texas. University of Texas is a prestigious American university,

Criteria for the UTA Scholarships

  • For all scholarships, candidates must have at least a 3.0 cumulative UTA GPA.
  • Students must place in the top 25% of their high school graduating class and have a minimum SAT or ACT score of 1300 to 1400 to be eligible for the Presidential Honors Scholars and Presidential Scholars programme.
  • Students must be in the top half of their high school graduating class and have a minimum SAT or ACT score of 1100 to be eligible for the Maverick Academic Scholarship.
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Required Suppporting Documents to Apply for the UTA Scholarships

  • Students must write an essay, respond to scholarship-related questions, and obtain a reference letter in order to be considered for any scholarship.
  • The National Merit Certificate and documentation that UTA is the applicant’s top college choice must be submitted to the scholarships office in order to be considered for the National Merit Scholarship.
  • The PTK membership certificate for transfer students must be uploaded to Mav ScholarShop.

Deadline for the UTA Scholarships

  • For Presidential Honors Scholars and Presidential Scholars, the deadline is December 3, 2019, 
  • For National Merit Scholarship, Maverick Academic Scholarship, and Transfer Scholarship, the deadline is February 14, 2020.
  • Admission deadline date: January 15, 2020

Application Proccess for the UTA Scholarships

To be considered for any award, candidates must submit an online scholarship application through UTA. Applicants must make a student profile as an enrolled or recently admitted student. However, students must first apply for admission to the University of Texas at Arlington before beginning their application.

To accept AcademicWorks, log into MyMav. Go to Student Center > View Financial Aid, select the aid year and click the “accept” button.

Scholarship Reward

The University of Texas at Arlington will offer the following benefits to selected students:

  • The National Merit Scholarship offers awards of up to $25,000 to help with the costs of attending college, including tuition, fees, housing, meals in a UTA residence hall, and books.
  • $10,000 is awarded to Presidential Scholars and Presidential Honors Scholars: A UTA Presidential Honors Scholar will receive an award of $12,000 per year or $48,000 over the course of four years.
  • The Maverick Academic Scholarship awards between $2,000 and $8,000, and the Transfer Scholarship awards between $1,000 and $4,000
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About the Sponsor

In 1895, the University of Texas at Arlington was established. The largest university in North Texas, it is situated in the centre of Dallas-Fort Worth and offers more than 180 degree programmes through its nine colleges.

The University of Texas at Arlington, and why? With its renowned faculty and resources, UTA gives students the chance to gain practical experience. UTA assists students in defining their path toward success as innovators or leaders.


Does UTA offer financial aid?
Each academic year, UTA awards more than $30 million in scholarships to students. We prioritise the needs of our students. The purpose of this generous scholarship programme is to increase college access while also honouring academic excellence.

How can I apply for UTA scholarships?
Selection is based on academic prowess and financial need. The requirements to qualify are: 24 credits earned at UTA and a 2.0 cumulative GPA are requirements for undergraduate students. Graduate students with a 3.0 cumulative GPA and 18 UTA credits completed.

Does UT Arlington offer free tuition?
The University of Texas at Arlington’s recently announced Blaze Forward programme aims to increase access to higher education by paying all undergraduate students who are eligible and come from families with an adjusted gross income of up to $85,000 100% of their tuition and mandatory fees.

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How much does UT Arlington cost?
In-state students must pay $11,728 in tuition to the University of Texas at Arlington, while out-of-state students must pay $29,300. The University of Texas at Arlington is more expensive than the $11,286 national average for in-state tuition.

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