15 Best Culinary Schools in Phoenix | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

The Culinary accreditation body accredits the culinary schools in Phoenix in the United States.

Phoenix is a thriving metropolis in the southwest that has rapidly expanded the technology and medical/healthcare industries. 

Notably, the need for excellent food and skilled chefs to prepare it grows as more complex enterprises are added to the equation.

This necessitated the advent of culinary schools in Phoenix.

More importantly, the culinary schools in Phoenix are accredited by the Culinary accreditation body in the United States.

Furthermore, many Culinary programs are offered in the culinary schools in Phoenix, as well as full-time and part time programs.

This article will look at the top culinary schools in Phoenix and will also give a detailed explanation of these schools.

Are there Culinary Schools in Phoenix?

Yes, there are culinary schools in Phoenix.

The culinary schools in Phoenix are;

  • Cozymeal Cooking School
  • Sur La Table
  • L’academie Baking and Cooking School
  • Arizona Culinary Institute 
  • Cochise College
  • Mesa Community College
  • Phoenix College
  • Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts
  • Scottsdale Community College
  • Central Arizona College
  • Classic Cooking Academy
  • Pima Community College
  • Estrella Mountain Community College
  • Sweet Basil Gourmetware & Cooking School
  • Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School

How Much Do Culinary Schools Cost in Phoenix?

Arizona State University costs a net price of $14,653 a year.

Mesa Community College costs a net price of $10,337 per year.

Estrella Mountain Community College costs $9,110 every year.

Phoenix College costs a net price of $9,655 every year.

Scottsdale Community College costs $10,547 a year.

What are the Requirements for Culinary Schools in Phoenix?

Prospective students should note that the Majority of the Culinary schools in Phoenix require a high school diploma or a GED or its equivalent as admission requirements.

While a few minorities require SAT scores and/or payment of an application fee.

What are the Best Culinary Schools in Phoenix?

1. L’academie Baking and Cooking School

In addition to offering a professional program in pastry arts, L’Academie Baking and Cooking School is a well-regarded culinary school in Phoenix.

A paid 26-week internship working under a professional chef is required of culinary arts students in addition to classroom instruction. 

It should be noted that the average duration for students to finish a course is one year, and they can do it during the day or the evening. 

Furthermore, a paid 26-week internship in a reputable restaurant, hotel, or bakery is another requirement for students studying pastry arts. 

Also, the program will be supported and tailored to each student because of the small class size

Visit the school here.

2. Cozymeal Cooking School 

Since Cozymeal provides everything needed to succeed as a chef or restaurateur, it is not only one of the Culinary schools in Phoenix but also one of the best. 

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Cozymeal will assist students in achieving their objectives and turning them into a reality, offering everything from expert training to equipment rentals and catering services. 

The chefs at Cozymeal are accomplished professionals who understand what it takes to be successful in the food industry. 

Also, once training is complete, the instructors teach everything from knife skills to menu creation to owning and running a restaurant or catering company. 

Additionally, Cozymeal’s teachers have decades of combined expertise, so they know what it takes for students to succeed.

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3. Sur La Table

Sur La Table is one of those Phoenix culinary schools that newcomers and seasoned cooks should consider enrolling with.

With everything from fundamental knife skills to more sophisticated methods, Sur La Table offers an astonishing assortment of items and seminars based on individual preferences. 

Additionally, they offer a range of cooking classes, so whether you’re interested in learning how to bake or use a knife, there’s something for everyone.

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4. Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts

Daily, the instructors impart their wisdom and experience to the students, enabling them to better comprehend the value of tenacity and dynamism in achieving success. 

Also, by creating programs, Le Cordon Bleu has responded to the rising need for specialized professional training. 

Le Cordon Bleu’s short courses cover a wide range of topics, including baking, pastry making, wine, and cookery. Either lectures or practical workshops make up training. 

Additionally, the institute provides a two-year master’s degree in french cuisine and a three-year bachelor’s degree in culinary arts.

Lastly, depending on the certification, this training can take anywhere from 7 months to 2 years to complete; the average length is 2 years.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools In Phoenix.

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5. Sweet Basil Gourmetware & Cooking School

Sweet Basil provides recreational cooking classes for food lovers of all ages and is one of the city’s top gourmet cooking shops and market cafés. 

Their interactive workshops offer students an enjoyable and welcoming learning atmosphere as well as professional supervision from chefs.

Notably, the school is one of the non-accredited schools in Phoenix.

Furthermore, the school thrives on cooking as a recreational practice because they believe students learn culinary arts techniques better when they do exciting things.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools In Phoenix.

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6. Classic Cooking Academy

Classic Cooking Academy is one of the most well-known culinary schools in the metropolitan area of Arizona.

The school provides more relaxed single cooking workshops and a more formal series of practical and pastry lessons. 

The academy offers cooking classes online and physically for individual students and corporate teams.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Phoenix.

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7. Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School

Since 1998, many foodies have benefited greatly from the Phoenix BBQ and Grilling School’s guidance in improving their outdoor cooking skills. 

From late October to mid-May, it provides weekend seminars on the finer techniques of deep-frying outdoors, smoking, and grilling.

In addition, the school also provides workshops on the modern methods of improving outdoor cooking skills and workshops on building a career in culinary arts.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Phoenix.

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8. Estrella Mountain Community College

The culinary department at Estrella Mountain Community College offers a number of certificates and associate’s degrees focusing on various facets of the food service sector. 

At the on-campus eatery regions, students put their skills to the test. 

Additionally, the college’s Culinary Institute helps students in the culinary program through a variety of professional possibilities, educational networks, scholarships, and internships.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Phoenix.

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9. Central Arizona College

Central Arizona’s Culinary Arts program instructs students in both fundamental and sophisticated culinary techniques to prepare students for employment as cooks, chefs, and entry-level management. 

Incorporating a practicum in a nearby commercial kitchen, the program gives students a practical grasp of the food and hospitality industries that will be useful to them in the future.

Also, the school boasts modern facilities and state-of-the-art kitchen equipment that reflect the realities of the culinary arts industry.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Phoenix.

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10. Scottsdale Community College

Scottsdale Community College’s Culinary Arts Block Program teaches students the fundamentals of premium and casual cooking. 

At the on-campus restaurants serving lunch and dinner, students take turns working shifts in all areas of in-house food preparation. 

Furthermore, the program offers a certificate in culinary arts and an associate’s degree.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Phoenix.

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11. Arizona Culinary Institute 

The curriculum at the Arizona Culinary Institute is organized for effectiveness. 

It is an eight-month diploma program that uses individualized training from skilled teachers and small groups. 

Also, the majority of the instructional activities at the school, or close to 80%, are focused on practical application. 

Furthermore, it boasts a 90 per cent job placement rate and provides reasonably priced nine-week certificate and eight-month diploma programs.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Phoenix.

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12. Cochise College

Located in Southern Arizona, Cochise College is a public, two-year university that provides instruction to Cochise County citizens at two campuses and four locations. 

All three four-year institutions in Arizona accept graduates with ease.

Additionally, Cochise offers more than 50 certificate and workforce development programs that result in positions in the field right away or career promotion. 

They also provide culinary food preparation, culinary arts, and baking and pastry arts courses. $1,680 is the cost of tuition, and scholarships and financial aid total $2,227.

This is a good reason why it is one of the top culinary schools in Phoenix.

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13. Mesa Community College

One of the culinary colleges in Arizona is known as Mesa Community College. 

Through the organization of numerous enrollment activities, they offer a program that aids in your preparation for the forthcoming semester. 

Students will have access to advisers, financial aid, admissions, and other student services at each event, who may assist with questions and enrollment. 

Also, students are at liberty to leave with a full calendar, from which you can pick from more than 3,400 classes. 

Furthermore, a culinary arts and chef training program are available, with a $1,824 tuition fee and $1,775 in scholarships and financial aid awards.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Phoenix.

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14. Phoenix College

One of Arizona’s culinary schools is Phoenix College, which is in Phoenix. 

They provide federal work-study, loans, scholarships, and grants. 

Notably, most financial aid comes in one of the following forms from the state and federal governments. 

Furthermore, the school assists students in achieving their objectives, whether they are career-related, academic, or purely recreational. 

Additionally, They offer courses in culinary food preparation, baking and pastry arts, and culinary arts and chef training. 

Lastly, the school costs $1,398 in scholarships and financial aid awards as well as $1,824 in tuition.

This is a good reason why it is one of the top culinary schools in Phoenix.

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15. Pima Community College

The school concentrates on giving students the tools they need to effectively transfer into a four-year program or acquire the skills demanded by today’s companies. 

In a variety of subjects, they provide associate degree and certificate programs. 

Notably, the courses for the culinary concentration put a lot of emphasis on baking, nutrition, cold foods, hot foods, and safety and sanitation.  

A few other courses are International Cuisine: World of Flavors, Bakery and Pastry Production, Food in History, Catering Operations, Introduction to Bar and Beverage Management, and Introduction to Hospitality Industry. 

Furthermore, a degree can only be obtained by completing the courses, which total 64–65 credits. 

Additionally, students have a wide range of career options, including hotel managers, caterers, chefs, restaurant managers, event managers, and bakers.

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How Much Do Cooks Make in Phoenix?

Cooks in Phoenix, Arizona make an average of $24625 each year.

How Do I Become a Cook in Phoenix?

You must fulfil these conditions, to become a cook in Phoenix,

These conditions are;

  • The capacity for thoroughness and attention to detail. 
  • Understanding of food-producing techniques. 
  • The capacity to operate effectively under pressure and to tolerate criticism. 
  • Leadership capabilities. 
  • The capacity for collaborative work. 
  • Understanding of industrial procedures and production. 
  • Math expertise is also very important 
  • The capacity to use your hands effectively.

Best Paying Culinary Jobs in  Phoenix with Salary

A culinary manager in Phoenix earns $58,000 every year.

In Phoenix, culinary stewards make $29K – $37K a year.

Kitchen managers in Phoenix also get paid $55K – $70K every year

A Sommelier in Phoenix, however, earns $96,000 per annum.

A culinary Associate makes between $31K – $37K per year in Phoenix.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a culinary school in Arizona?

Located in Scottsdale, in the Northeast Phoenix Valley, the Arizona Culinary Institute’s program is made to be efficient. Your culinary school experience is designed to make good use of your time and resources in an 8-month diploma program.

How many culinary schools are in Arizona?

In Arizona, 16 cooking and culinary schools can help you meet your culinary goals.

Is there a culinary arts program at the University of Phoenix? 

This curriculum lasts about four years to complete and is offered in more than 50 locations. Along with many other tools and abilities required to operate a successful business, students will learn how to organize events and manage staff.

Has the Arizona Culinary Institute any housing? 

Yes. Our relationship with a neighbourhood housing coordinator is centred on serving the needs of our kids. In North Scottsdale, where there are many different housing possibilities, our school is situated in a lovely residential neighbourhood.

What exactly is food medicine? 

The goal of culinary medicine is to assist individuals in making informed decisions regarding their access to and consumption of wholesome foods that promote health, disease prevention, and treatment.

What college is West MEC? 

The Western Maricopa Education Center (West-MEC) is a district of public high schools that only focuses on cutting-edge Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that prepare students for the workforce and encourage lifelong learning.


Choose any of these culinary schools in Phoenix which you think would be a good fit for you and apply.

Get your culinary career underway!


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