15 Best Boarding Schools in Michigan | Cost

Over the years, boarding schools have developed a reputation for bringing out the best in pupils and motivating them to reach their full potential. Interestingly, pupils don’t even need to be very intellectually gifted to attend boarding schools.

It is a wise investment to enrol your children or ward in a boarding school if you want to raise intelligent, responsible people. This is because boarding schools have unquestionably better discipline than public schools. As boarding schools make sure that students don’t get swept away by certain frivolities of life, students attending boarding schools eventually lead well-organized lives.

While providing them with the chance to discover Michigan’s stunning freshwater coasts, lakes as big as oceans, golden beaches, magnificent sunsets, and limitless recreational activities, Michigan boarding schools involve their students in demanding and purposeful learning.

To give you accurate information on the top boarding schools in Michigan 2024, the post has been meticulously put together. Make an effort to read carefully!

Are There Boarding Schools In Michigan?

Of course, Michigan is home to several boarding schools.

The Michigan Curriculum Framework is a tool for designing, implementing and evaluating key content area curricula in Michigan’s public, private, and boarding schools. 

The local district curriculum, developed by the Michigan State Board of Education and the Michigan Department of Education, outlines the skills and information required to prosper in contemporary society while setting high standards for student performance. 

Aligning material, teaching, and local and state evaluations makes these factors potent forces that support student success.

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How Much Do Boarding Schools In Michigan Cost?

In Michigan, there are various boarding school fees. The average cost of boarding school education is between $10,000 and $45,000. In Michigan, boarding schools typically cost around $17,000 per student.

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools In Michigan 2024?

You might enrol in one of the many excellent boarding schools in Michigan. Academically, students don’t even need to be very talented to attend boarding schools in Michigan. 

As a result, the majority of parents, including yourself, have turned to board schools to aid in preparing their children for successful adulthood.

#1. Cranbrook School

The top boarding school in Michigan is Cranbrook School, according to rankings.

Cranbrook has developed critical and creative thinking abilities in its students for generations, enabling them to succeed in college and beyond. Universities and employers today more than ever recognize what they have long known: success comes from an education that fosters this style of thinking.

There are 1,659 students enrolled in Cranbrook School. According to a recent study at the school, 91% of pupils believe that they are safe and secure at school. The survey also asked about student security.

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Due to the low student-teacher ratio, kids can study under the teachers’ direct supervision. Preschoolers who go for half a day pay $12,100 in tuition; high school day students pay $33,100.

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#2. Interlochen Arts Academy

Interlochen Arts Academy provides students the chance to work, study, and live in a foreign community of artists while providing an artistic and educational experience unlike any other. Numerous chances for performances, gallery exhibitions, and presentations are provided for the students. 

Interlochen offers rigorous artistic training in seven fine arts disciplines, including creative writing, dance, cinema, new media, integrative arts, music, theatre, and visual arts, in addition to college-preparatory academics. 

Students at the academy collaborate with outstanding teachers, working guest artists, and 550 other gifted and imaginative students. Graduates can enrol in prestigious schools, universities, and conservatories with the help of individualized counselling and professional portfolio assessments.

One of Michigan’s top boarding schools is Interlochen Arts Academy. 538 pupils are enrolled at the school overall. For day students, the tuition is $38,000 plus fees. The price is $64,615 for boarding students.

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#3. St. Mary’s Preparatory School

St. Mary’s Preparatory is a rigorous four-year secondary curriculum that gets boys and young men ready for college and careers in service. The Prep offers both a day program and a boarding program. The Archdiocese of Detroit, MNSAA/MANS, the State of Michigan Board of Education, and St. Mary’s are all accredited institutions. Nearly all of our graduates go on to college.

One of the boarding schools in Michigan is St. Mary’s Prep. For many reasons, this institution is excellent. The small class sizes encourage deliberate interaction between students and professors.

The tuition fee is $32,400.

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#4. Spring Vale Christian School

90% of graduates from this institution continue their education by enrolling in a four-year university. The institution is Michigan’s fifth-best boarding high school.

In Owosso, Michigan, there is a well-regarded private boarding Christian school called Spring Vale Christian School.

With 52 pupils in grades K–12, there are six students for every instructor. The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $11,300.

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#5. Leelanau School

In GLEN ARBOR, MI, there is a prestigious private boarding school called The Leelanau School. With a student-teacher ratio of three to one, it has 41 pupils in grades 9 through 12.

The school has a long history of welcoming foreign students and now offers a framework for those who experience modest learning challenges.

The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $66,900. Eighty per cent of graduates from this institution enrol in a four-year university.

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#6. Michigan Lutheran High School

A highly regarded private boarding Christian school Michigan Lutheran High School is situated in SAINT JOSEPH, MI. 

With 109 children in grades 9 through 12, there are nine students for every instructor. The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $16,500. 65% of graduates from this institution continue their education by enrolling in a four-year university.

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#7. Everest Collegiate Highschool

A prestigious private boarding Catholic high school in CLARKSTON, Michigan is called Everest Collegiate High School & Academy. 

There are 480 pupils in PK–12, with a 12:1 student-teacher ratio. The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $12,480. 96% of graduates from this institution continue their education by enrolling in a four-year university.

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#8. Brother Rice High School

Brother Rice High School is a well-regarded Catholic college prep program for young men as well as an outstanding, top National Blue Ribbon School. 

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The school’s guiding principles encourage greatness by creating a setting that fosters critical thinking, moral judgment, and lifelong personal growth. We hold our pupils to high expectations and support them in reaching their full potential year after year. As a result, leading universities around the world accept our pupils.

The yearly cost of tuition is $14,900.

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#9. St. Joseph’s Academy

In BATON ROUGE, Louisiana, there is a well-regarded private, all-girls Catholic school called St. Joseph’s Academy. With 1,083 students in grades 9 through 12, there are 15 pupils for every instructor. The cost of tuition for the top grade available is $11,888. After graduating, every single student from this institution enrolls in a four-year university.

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#10. Clonlara School

Each learner and their family are guided by Clonlara School, a worldwide education community with such a campus in Ann Arbor and off-campus students all around the world, in creating an educational plan that works for them. They let their interests drive the learning process. Families can select the program that works best for them, whether they want a campus-based or home-based/distance learning option.

The annual tuition is $15,000 For the current academic year, tuition may have changed and is based on the highest grade available. Please get in touch with the school for additional details.

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#11. Grand Traverse Academy

Grand Traverse Academy has been dedicated to its objective of ensuring that all children are safe, loved, and learning as they attain excellence in character and academics since its foundation in 2000.

To achieve this, we employ strategies supported by solid educational research, such as multi-aged classrooms, rigorous academic standards, uniforms for both students and staff, a K–12 character education curriculum, Spanish instruction beginning in kindergarten, a generous college dual enrollment policy for high school students, and a focus on Dr. William Glasser’s Choice Theory, which is based on the idea of personal responsibility.

There is no tuition fee for Grand Traverse Academy.

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#12. Aim High School

Aim High is a small, tuition-based private school serving students in grades 6 through 12 that has a successful educational strategy for those with academic and social challenges. They respect these variations and give each student the help they need to succeed academically, behaviorally, and socially.

Strong teacher-student relationships, credentialed teachers, a tailored curriculum, and a climate where kids feel appreciated by adults and other kids are all features of the safe and accepting environment offered by Aim High.

Yearly Tuition is $25,750.

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#13. Calvary Christian School

To prepare students for personal achievement and the pursuit of God’s purpose for their life, CCS has worked in partnership with parents since the beginning of the school. 

Since 1980, CCS families in the greater Lakeshore area have made decided part of a learning community that recognizes the benefits of neighbourhood homes, neighbourhood churches, and a family-friendly neighbourhood school creating a framework for the life-based life-based same solid spiritual foundation.

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#14. Summers-Knoll School (Ann Arbor)

The most prestigious project-based preschool through the eighth-grade program is offered at Summers-Knoll School in Ann Arbor. 

Critical academic and 21st-century skills (such as creativity, critical reasoning, agile connectivity, enterprise development, community membership, and self-efficacy) are developed in the area through the special combination of the project- and place-based appropriate curriculum at Summers-Knoll School. Summers-mission Knoll’s is to prepare kids for the future with a rigorous academic program that takes into account the whole child in a nurturing, upbeat environment.

Yearly Tuition is $23,000.

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#15. New Buffalo Area School

They are committed to providing the children with excellent instruction and extracurricular opportunities, as well as the greatest guidance and support possible, to help them feel secure and at home here and, as a result, be successful academically.

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U.S. News and World Reports rank New Buffalo Area Schools as the #49 Middle School in Michigan, the #75 Elementary School in Michigan, and the #43 High School in Michigan. It is ranked #1,381 nationally.

Specific tuition cost is unavailable.

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What Are The Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Michigan 2024?

Teenagers with behavioural issues might find success and happiness by attending therapeutic boarding schools in Michigan. Here are some of the therapeutic boarding schools in Michigan:

  • Agape Boarding School.
  • Future Men.
  • Heartland Boys Academy.
  • Pine Mountain Academy.
  • Vision Boys Academy.

What Are The Best Military Boarding Schools In Michigan 2024?

Are you trying to find a military boarding school for your kid? The following Michigan military boarding schools are something you might want to think about:

  • Great Lakes Maritime Academy
  • Benton Harbor High School 
  • Central Michigan University
  • Michigan Youth Challenge Academy
  • Valor Military Academy

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What Are The Best Private Boarding Schools In Michigan 2024?

There are numerous boarding schools in Michigan. Although they are said to have a higher cost of tuition, they are wonderful sites for a great study experience. These are the private boarding schools in Michigan:

  • Cranbrook Schools
  • Interlochen Arts Academy
  • St. Mary’s Preparatory School
  • Brother Rice High School
  • Everest Collegiate High School & Academy
  • The Leelanau Schools
  • Michigan Lutheran High School
  • Evangel Christian Academy
  • Fusion Global Academy

What Are The Elementary Boarding Schools In Michigan?

There are elementary boarding schools in Michigan for your child. They form an early foundation for education and moral discipline. They include:

  • Leelanau School
  • North Bridge Christian Academy
  • Lake Michigan Academy
  • New Buffalo Elementary School

Are There All-Girls Boarding Schools In Michigan?

If you are looking for all-girls boarding schools in Michigan, then this article is for you. These are the all-girls boarding Schools In Michigan:

  • Marian High School
  • The Girl’s School

Are There All-Boys Boarding Schools In Michigan?

The emphasis at all Michigan boys boarding schools can be on teaching methods that are more effective for boys and that appeal to their more vivacious curiosity and learning styles

These are the few boarding schools in Michigan for boys, available for you:

  • De La Salle Collegiate
  • Brother Rice High School

What Are The Affordable Boarding Schools In Michigan?

  • Spring Vale Academy
  • Brother Rice High School
  • Clonlara School

What Are The Christian Boarding Schools In Michigan?

Christian boarding schools in Michigan insist on the spiritual enrichment of students and academic excellence. They remain outstanding among boarding schools in Michigan due to their several awards for many years. This could be the place for your child. Listed below are the Christian schools in Michigan:

  • Everest Collegiate High School
  • Brother Rice High School
  • Calvary Christian Schools
  • St. Joseph’s Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

In Michigan, how many Christian schools are there?

In Michigan, 112 Christian private schools will enrol 23,357 students for the 2022 academic year. In Michigan, there are also more schools with religious affiliations.

What drives children to boarding schools?

While boarding schools are sometimes portrayed in Hollywood as places where kids are “sent away,” in reality, many students attend them to take part in cutting-edge programs, become more independent at a younger age, and improve their chances of getting into selective colleges.

Is sending your child to a boarding school a good idea?

It’s easy to understand why. Early on, boarders’ kids start acting in some way, no matter how minor or significant. They benefit from having more faith in their skills. Children can participate in a variety of activities in boarding schools, including social service, art, theatre, and others.

Do boarding school students receive homework?

Students who attend boarding school must develop time management skills to complete their coursework and take part in extracurricular activities. According to the TABS survey, boarding school students say they complete their homework in 17 hours per week, compared to 8 or 9 hours for students in private and public schools.


Early on, boarders develop a strong sense of independence and resourcefulness. For students to learn in a community of like-minded people, boarding schools offer very comfortable conditions. Some boarding schools provide students with skill-building activities that aid in their development as learners, thinkers, and resourceful individuals.

Consider quality while choosing a boarding school in Michigan rather than price, as a tremendous investment in the future may be made with every dollar spent on a high-quality boarding school.


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