15 Best Trade Schools In Arizona | Costs, Requirements, How to Apply

This article explores the best trade schools in Arizona.

Vocational and trade schools prepare students for healthcare, law, cosmetology, and technology careers. Affordability is one of the many advantages of trade schools in Arizona. 

Tuition at many trade schools is lower than at four-year institutions, saving students money. 

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, people earning an occupational credential have a higher employment rate than those with an academic certificate.

A certificate or associate degree in trade schools in Arizona typically takes 1-2 years to complete. Some schools have self-paced or sped-up courses for students who prefer a faster pace. 

Students who want more flexibility can look into online vocational programs.

The information gathered here helps potential students decide what trade school in Arizona is best for them.

The compilation also provides general information about each school (tuition costs, enrollment requirements, contact details, etc.)

The institutions presented in this list have high-quality training in various educational departments, such as

  • Medical Care
  • Beauty Training
  • Technology
  • Construction and more

Let’s have a look at 15 of the best trade schools in Arizona.

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Are there Trade Schools in Arizona?

Yes, there are trade schools in Arizona. The schools listed below have campuses in Arizona state. 

1. Pima Community College


2. GateWay Community College


3. Central Arizona College

LOCATION: Coolidge, AZ

4. Central Arizona College

LOCATION: Coolidge, AZ

5. Tohono O’odham Community College

LOCATION: Pima County, AZ

6. Yavapai College

LOCATION: Prescott, AZ

7. Cochise College

LOCATION: Sierra Vista, AZ

8. Chandler-Gilbert Community College

LOCATION: Chandler, AZ

9. Mesa Community College 


10. Glendale Community College

LOCATION: Glendale, AZ

11.  Eastern Arizona College

LOCATION: Thatcher, AZ

12.  Phoenix College 


13.  Coconino Community College

LOCATION: Flagstaff, AZ

14.  Northland Pioneer College

LOCATION: Holbrook, AZ

15.  Mohave Community College


How Much Does Trade School Cost in Arizona?

Trade school students at public schools in Arizona paid $11,072 for in-state tuition and fees in the 2019-2020 school year and $27,417 for out-of-state tuition and fees, according to the NCES. 

Private trade schools charged $12,895 for tuition and fees. Compare those prices to those of public two-year schools in Arizona, which charged $2,151 in 2019-2020 for in-state tuition and fees and $7,642 for out-of-state tuition and fees.

What are the Requirements for Trade Schools in Arizona?

Many trade schools accept applications online. Typical prerequisites include a high school diploma or GED certificate and academic transcripts. 

Trade schools require letters of recommendation and SAT/ACT scores. They can help applicants stand out.

What are the Best Trade Schools in Arizona | 2024?

In demand, careers are available for graduates of trade schools in Phoenix, Tucson, and other parts of Arizona. 

Our ranking of the best trade schools in Arizona will assist prospective students in finding the best program for their interests and goals.

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1. Pima Community College

  • LOCATION: Tucson, AZ

POC, a public two-year school, founded in 1966, offers over 150 programs that prepare students for high-demand jobs in Arizona. 

The school is one of Arizona’s top-ranked trade schools, offering associate degrees and certificates in construction, manufacturing, information systems, and hospitality. 

The requirements vary by program, but they can complete most certificate and associate programs in 1-2 years. 

 For example, a medical and coding certificate requires approximately 30 credits in one year, whereas an associate’s degree in health information technology requires 64 credits in two years. 

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Prior learning credits allow students to graduate faster and save money. They credit eligible work experience, volunteer service, and military training.

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2. GateWay Community College

  • LOCATION: Phoenix, AZ

GateWay Community College, founded in 1968, offers over 160 degrees, certificates, and workforce training programs. 

The school serves students in six locations and online. Online students can take live courses with set meeting times or fully asynchronous classes using the Canvas learning platform. 

Students can earn degrees and certificates in various fields, including business, beauty and wellness, healthcare, HVAC, and nursing. Gateway also provides apprenticeships in 15 different trades. 

The school’s career center offers personalized career planning services, such as interview preparation tips and job search help. Prospective students must fill out an online application and take placement tests.

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3. Central Arizona College

  • LOCATION: Coolidge, AZ

CAC, founded in 1969, primarily serves Pinal County’s Hispanic and Native American communities. The college has five campuses, three extension centers, and an online presence. 

Accounting, hotel and restaurant management, radiologic technology, network technologies, and automated industrial technology are some associate degrees and certificates available to students. 

CAC also collaborates with local businesses for apprenticeships for welding, industrial maintenance, and electrical work. These businesses will occasionally pay for students’ tuition and other educational expenses. 

Students have access to the Career and Transfer Center at the college, which provides career assessments and resume and interview preparation. All applicants must have taken Transcripts and a placement exam.

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4. Arizona Western College

  • LOCATION: Yuma, AZ

AWC is one of Arizona’s top-ranked vocational schools, offering over 100 degrees and certificates in academic, career, and professional fields. 

Accounting, computer information systems, and television production are just a few programs for students. 

The school’s job training program, funded by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, assists students in obtaining employment in their field of study.

 The college’s workforce educational extension development program offers onsite training and online workshops. Non-credit workshops on computer skills, public speaking, and CPR training are also available to students. 

Students from Arizona and California pay in-state tuition, while high school students pay reduced tuition.

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5. Tohono O’odham Community College

  • LOCATION: Pima County, AZ

TOC, one of 36 tribal colleges in the country, serves the Tohono Oodham Nation’s educational needs through programs that celebrate its heritage. 

Their history, culture, and language are in all the school’s programs. They also incorporated elders who serve as instructors and counselors into the programs. 

The school provides transfer programs, certificates, and degrees for direct employment. Students can learn carpentry, electrical systems, masonry, facility maintenance, and plumbing. 

TOC also offers apprenticeships in carpentry, construction painting, electrical, and plumbing in collaboration with local businesses. Applicants must be 18 years old or older and have a high school or GED diploma to apply for the apprenticeship program.

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6. Yavapai College

  • LOCATION: Prescott, AZ

YC, a public community college founded in 1968, is one of Arizona’s top trade schools, offering a variety of transfer programs, career-ready programs, and lifelong learning classes. 

The student body comprises high school students just starting college and working adults looking to advance their careers.

 The college offers programs in high-demand fields in Arizona, such as hotel and restaurant management, nursing, advanced manufacturing, aviation, and welding. 

YC also provides internships and career services to connect students with potential employers and prepare them for the workforce in Arizona. 

Prospective students are welcome to apply for free. Eligible online students may also qualify for free tuition by participating in a YC program, which covers costs not covered by state or federal financial aid.

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7. Cochise College

  • LOCATION: Sierra Vista, AZ

Cochise College, founded in 1964, offers working students associate degrees, certificates, and non-credit courses. Many of the school’s offerings are available to students on campus or online. 

Associate degrees from Cochise College prepare students for careers in automotive technology, professional pilot technology, and culinary arts. 

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Career certificates in medical assisting, residential construction technology, and law enforcement are also available to students. Cochise College maintains internship partnerships with local and national businesses. 

The school has a 16-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, which allows students to receive personalized attention from faculty. Career coaches at the college give students tailored career advice based on their strengths and interests.

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8. Chandler-Gilbert Community College

  • LOCATION: Chandler, AZ

CGCC, a small public community college founded in 1985, emphasizes experiential learning. Over 70 degrees, certificates, and trade programs are available at the college. Students can attend classes at the main campus in Chandler, one of three regional campuses, or online. 

Also, CGCC provides certificate and associate programs that prepare students for high-demand careers in accounting, digital imaging, and information systems. 

Associate degrees in aircraft maintenance technology, airway science technology, and mortuary science are also available to students. 

The College Environmental Technology Center prepares students for food waste recycling careers. Learners can also get hands-on experience by studying abroad or volunteering at local organizations.

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9. Mesa Community College

  • LOCATION: Mesa, AZ

MCC, founded in 1966, is one of Arizona’s top trade schools. The public university provides over 100 associate degree and certificate programs that prepare students for the workforce or transfer to four-year colleges. 

Learners can enroll in courses such as audio production technologies, automotive service, and nursing. Prior learning credits are available at MCC for relevant experience. 

For example, licensed beauty professionals can use their experience to earn up to 30 credits toward a beauty and wellness associate degree. 

Many programs are both online and on-campus options. They may use asynchronous and synchronous formats in online courses. Learners can also enroll in hybrid programs, which combine in-person and online instruction.

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10. Glendale Community College.

  • LOCATION- Glendale, AZ

Founded in 1965, GCC offers a variety of associate degree and certificate programs. Learners can choose from fields of study such as applied technology, business, entrepreneurship, and health sciences.

The school prioritizes hands-on learning in its programs. For instance, the associate degree in paramedicine requires students to complete on-the-job clinical work with patients. 

Apprenticeships in carpentry and automotive services also provide workplace training and placement opportunities.

GCC partners with over 40 four-year institutions, allowing students to transfer to various bachelor’s programs. Students gain access to career services and academic advising.

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11. Eastern Arizona College

  • LOCATION: Thatcher, AZ

EAC, founded in 1888, offers over 130 associate degree and certificate programs. Career and technical programs at the school, such as the automotive service consultant certificate program, combine classroom instruction with on-the-job training to provide students with hands-on experience in the field. 

Many career programs also prepare students to take national or state exams. For example, the paramedicine program offers EMT and paramedic courses that prepare graduates for the paramedic exam given by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. 

Many programs use canvas to deliver entirely online, asynchronous courses. Applicants may apply for free; all required is a high school diploma or equivalent.

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12.  Phoenix College

  • LOCATION: Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix College, founded in 1920, enrolls approximately 17,000 students yearly in career and technical programs. Over 150 associate degree and certificate programs are available to students, including dental assisting, paralegal studies, and emergency medical technology. 

Practicums and internships provide students with hands-on career experience. For example, the phlebotomy certificate gives students hands-on experience processing specimens in labs. 

Their program and prior learning credits determine the length of a student’s education. Additionally, military service, workplace training, and professional certificates and licenses to earn credit toward a diploma or degree. 

Also, prospective students must fill out an online application, submit high school transcripts, and take English and math placement exams.

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13. Coconino Community College

  • LOCATION: Flagstaff, AZ

CCC, founded in 1991, educates over 3,500 students each year. Students can choose from over 30 different career and technical degrees and certificates. 

Learners can major in medical office management, paramedic studies, or environmental technology. 

The school added majors in construction and industry trades, cybersecurity, and HVAC to meet industry demand in 2020. Apprenticeships, such as CCC’s carpentry program, provide students pursuing Journeyman status with trade work experience and classroom learning. 

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The school caters to working students with online programs that allow residents in rural areas, such as Native American learners on tribal lands, to earn an education. Also, all students with a high school diploma or equivalent are welcome at CCC.

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14. Northland Pioneer College

  • LOCATION: Holbrook, AZ

A two-year public school established in 1972, NPC hosts over 6,400 students annually. The college’s occupational associate degrees and certificates include areas of study such as automotive technology, welding, and HVAC.

The school’s direct-to-work programs suit students already working in an industry and prospective employees wanting to jumpstart their careers. Students receive hands-on training in their field. 

Cosmetology students, for instance, study in a salon environment, while automotive learners work in shop settings that emphasize teamwork and tactile learning.

Many programs prepare students for licensing exams. For instance, graduates with a cosmetology certificate can sit for the Arizona Board of Cosmetology examination.

Also, new students can apply online and get their applications processed within two business days.

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15. Mohave Community College

  • LOCATION: Kingman, AZ

MCC hosts around 6,000 students annually and offers 80 associate degrees and certificates. The school’s programs prepare students for roles such as dental hygienist, paralegal, paramedic, and welder.

Many programs serve learners balancing work and family life. For instance, the automotive collision repair certificate is a self-paced program that students can complete in one year. 

Among the best trade schools in Arizona, MCC also offers marketing help, training programs, and start-up help to local entrepreneurs through its Small Business Development Center.

The school offers scholarships based on academic merit and financial need through the Mohave Community College Foundation.

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How much do traders make in Arizona?

Graduates of trade schools can work as medical assistants, electricians, ultrasound technicians, or paramedics. Careers in trade services, aerospace, and healthcare are also through vocational and trade schools. 

Salaries vary depending on the role, location, and experience, but technical and trade school graduates earn more than $55,000 per year on average. 

Also, students considering trade and technical schools in Arizona can learn more about the earning potential in their field by researching Arizona salaries by occupation. 

In Arizona, for example, the average dental hygienists earn more than $84,000 per year, while avionics technicians earn more than $60,000. 

Many trade school careers have high growth potential. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts faster-than-average job growth for dental hygienists, EMTs, and paramedics.

How do I become a Trader in Arizona?

A four-year college degree is not usually required to learn a trade. Still, you will usually need to complete some post-secondary education, an apprenticeship, or some on-the-job training to become fully qualified.

Best Paying Trade Jobs in Arizona with Salary 

  • Air Traffic Controllers make about $129,750 per year
  • Construction Managers make about $98,890 per year
  • Elevator Installers and Repairers make about $97,860 per year
  • Radiation Therapists make about $82,790 per year
  • Dental Hygienists make about $77,810 per year

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply to a trade school?

Many trade schools have rolling admissions policies, allowing prospective students to apply. Similarly, trade schools frequently have multiple start dates throughout the year.

Can I get financial aid for trade school?

Accredited trade and technical colleges have financial aid in Arizona.

What trades pay 100k a year?

Trade Jobs That Pay 6 Figures:
– Air traffic controller.
– Commercial Pilot.
– Construction Manager.
– Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Powerhouse, Substation, and Relay.
– Elevator Installer and Repairer.
– First-line Supervisors of Police and Detectives.
– In-N-Out Manager.
– Nuclear Power Reactor Operators.

Can I go to trade school online?

Yes. Many Arizona trade schools have online programs. Online students can frequently fulfill a program’s in-person requirements by attending an approved site in their community.


Learning a new trade may be the first step toward landing your dream job. 

Arizona trade schools provide high-quality education in a variety of educational fields. 

Many schools are available to help you build a successful career as a professional hairdresser, bartender, or dental assistant. 

Once you’ve put forth the effort, all that remains is to select the school that best meets your educational needs. 

When deciding, look for relevant information, such as completion rate, job placement, school accreditation, and student testimonials.


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