4 Champlin Park High School Minnesota Scholarships You Can Apply For

There are many scholarships available to students attending Champlin Park High School, Minnesota. Some are need-based, while others are granted in light of academic achievement or other criteria.

If you’re a student at Champlin Park High School, you might be wondering what scholarships are available to you. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the scholarships that are out there for CPHS students:

Minnesota State Archery Association Scholarship, National Association of Government Employees Scholarship, CCI Innovation in Agriculture Scholarship and Minnesota Indian Scholarship.

Minnesota State Archery Association (MSAA) Scholarship

The MSAA Scholarship Program is a merit-based scholarship for graduating high school students who are academically successful and can exhibit a sincere interest in the game of archery. This scholarship avails $500 for 2 excellent students in Minnesota. Champlin Park is in Minnesota.

If interested then you can apply while in senior high or within the first three years in the University. Lucky winners will be announced in September 2024.

This scholarship is that it is not the kind of scholarship you apply for once in a lifetime. If you are not selected, you can still really the following year as long as you are eligible. But you have to be a member of the Minnesota State Archery Association in good standing. Application is open till June 2024. Application after mid-June will not be considered.

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This is the application form for you to download fill and mail to Paul Parsons, 33811 Crown Ave, Echo MN 56237.

National Association of Government Employees NAGE Scholarship

NAGE awards scholarships to Champlin Park high school students who are NAGE members or related to NAGE members just to assist them in achieving their academic goals. Each year the organisation reserves $50,000 for scholarships awarding 100 scholarships of $500 each to lucky students.

NAGE does not discriminate in awarding scholarships as the scholarship is awarded without regard to the sex, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or disability of any applicant. The association collects applications online and NAGE uses a raffle draw to select qualified applicants.

To be eligible you need to be a member of any of NAGE, IBPO, IBCO, NAGE EMS and/or IAEP. If you are a member’s spouse, child, step-child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or significant other you can also apply. Also, you need to be planning to attend or already be attending a two or four-year college, graduate school, trade or technical school to be eligible.

If you find yourself in the category feel free to apply for the scholarship here. But note that the scholarship is open till May 2024. The draw will be held at the June 2024 National Executive Board meeting and the 100 lucky winners are announced on their official website.

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If you apply for the NAGE scholarship, do well to check here if you are one of the lucky 100s. This scholarship is not exclusively for Champlin Park high school students.

Corn Capital Innovations (CCI) Agriculture Scholarship

Corn Capital Innovations (CCI) is an agricultural outfit in Minnesota, USA, designed to help farmers grow their business and maximize profit. It is a one-time $1,250 scholarship for academic expenses at any recognised University in the United States. Students seeking a degree in agronomy, soil science, horticulture, plant science, ag economics, agribusiness, or a closely connected discipline are preferred.

To be considered for this scholarship, you will need to fill out the CCI Agriculture Scholarship application form. Get your transcript and two letters of recommendation ready. One letter of recommendation should come from your teacher or academic advisor (non-related) and the other should come from a UMN Extension educator or volunteer leader (non-relative).

Winners will be notified in June and a cheque will be issued to the winner payable to the winner’s school and not to the winner.

Minnesota Indian Scholarship

Minnesota Indian Scholarship is a need-based scholarship for Indian Americans living in Minnesota. This scholarship awards $4,000 per annum to undergraduates and $6,000 per annum to graduate students. For eligibility, you need to be a student of a university for no more than 3 years, a Minnesota resident with an Indian-American lineage to qualify for the scholarship.

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Apply here if you are eligible.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a Champlin Park High School student, be sure to check out all of the scholarships that are available for you. With a little bit of perseverance, you will smile.

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