What Does TFW Mean on Iphone & What it Stands for in Texting

In this article, we’ll be explaining these 2 famous question, “What does TFW mean on iPhone?” and “What does TFW stand for in Texting?

What Does TFW stand for in Texting?

TFW is a slang term that stands for “that feel when.” It’s used to express the feeling of something that seems good or bad, but not quite as much as if it were to happen in reality. TFW is commonly used on iPhone and in texting platforms.

What Does TFW mean on iPhone?

The Acronym TFW as shown on iPhone, stands for “TracFone Wireless“. That means you are connected via the TracFone network. Both on Android and iPhone smartphones, the carrier name is shown on the top.

What Does TFW mean on iPhone?

So what is TracFone Wireless or TFW?

If you are living in the United States then you might know that TracFone Wireless is one of the Mobile Virtual Network Operator(MVNO) used by more than 4 million customers.

What does TFW LTE Mean?

This means that you are using a TracFone Wireless SIM card or connected to a TracFone Wireless network with LTE coverage means high-speed Internet is available in your location.

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So that was all about the meaning of TFW and what it stand for in texting. So basically this is not an error.

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