Top Baylor University Scholarships for International Students

Baylor University Scholarships for International Students are designed by Baylor University to assist PhD students in their research projects. Because of the university’s demonstrated commitment to excellence and diverse portfolio of academic programs, students can benefit from the valuable experiences and scholarship opportunities of Baylor University while also benefiting from the individualized learning opportunities and supportive environment of a less formal university.

With over 14,000 undergraduate students, this private Christian University has a 68 per cent acceptance rate and a 79 per cent graduation rate.

In this article, we shall be discussing the top 5 scholarships for you.

Baylor University Scholarships for International Students

Baylor University provides a variety of fellowships for graduate students to complete and work on during their studies in order to financially support themselves while also gaining valuable knowledge and experience in their chosen field. Students must simply fill out an online application form to apply for this Baylor University scholarship for international students.

1. Tuition Remission and Stipends

Tuition fees are waived for nearly all PhD students at Baylor University as part of their participation in various research projects or teaching assistantships. They also have 80% coverage for their health insurance.

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Masters students may also be eligible for Baylor University scholarships in the form of stipends, which can cover the entire or half of their tuition. Given Waco’s low cost of living, students can comfortably complete their graduate studies. Students should check with the department of the program they are enrolled in for specific stipends or assistantship opportunities. Most departments have a number of funding options.

2. Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship Program

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the early launch of the Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship Program, with the support of the Provost’s Office and in collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences and the Honors College. Seven postdoctoral teaching fellowship positions will be available in this current academic session: three in the English department, three in the College of Arts and Sciences, and one in the Honors College. These one-year positions will pay $40,000 and include continued access to Graduate School travel funds, additional mentoring through the Graduate School, participation in Mock Interviews and professional development training, and the same health benefits as Baylor faculty.

3. Doctoral Administrative Fellows

Doctoral Administrative Fellows are a select group of doctoral students who contribute significantly to Graduate School. While serving the Graduate School and their peers, the fellowships provide students with administrative experience and a unique perspective on the university’s operations.

4. Baylor Engagement and Recruitment (BEAR) Grants

The Baylor Engagement and Recruitment (BEAR) Grants provide supplemental funding for departmental-level events that promote collegiality, scholarship, and community among current graduate students and faculty while recruiting new graduate students. These grants, which have a maximum value of $300, are funded jointly by the Graduate School and the GSA. Departments will be expected to contribute an additional 50% of the requested grant amount, bringing the total amount of funding available to a single department in one school year to $450 (calculated as $300 from the BEAR Grant and $150 from the department).

5. Baptist Scholars International Roundtable (BSIR)

The BSIR, formerly known as Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy, promotes scholarship from Baptist perspectives throughout the ages and around the world by providing a scholarly forum for the exchange of ideas. This community is international, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary, and it welcomes Baptists of all denominations. The Roundtable’s heart is academic stewardship formation, in which a younger generation is welcomed into an international Baptist Academy and formed to preserve and sustain both academic and faith communities. Senior scholars (BSIR Fellows) and a Visiting Fellow engage with the developing ideas of doctoral students, and early-career and mid-career faculty (BSIR Scholars) presenting papers chosen through a competitive process at annual roundtable meetings hosted at Christ Church, Oxford, England.

International Students at Baylor University

Baylor University is not particularly well-known among international students due to its religious background. Baylor currently has approximately 715 international students, accounting for approximately 4.5% of the total student population.

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Despite the lack of international student interest, Baylor is committed to making all foreign students feel at ease and engaged in the school and considers them a valuable part of their community. They provide a specialized Resource Hub where international students can find resources on a variety of topics that will assist them in addressing their issues.


Does Baylor give scholarships to international students?

First-time international students admitted are automatically considered for merit scholarships based on a thorough review of their high school academic performance.

Is Baylor University need-blind for international students?

Baylor University is offering need-based scholarships to international students. International students with outstanding academic records are encouraged to apply for the opportunity program. Excellent opportunity to obtain financial assistance in the United States.

What is the average GPA of a Baylor student?

Baylor’s average GPA is 3.72. This makes Baylor very competitive in terms of GPA. (While most schools use a weighted GPA of 4.0, some report an unweighted GPA.)


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