The EducationUSA (OFP) Scholarship For Nigeria Youth.

The Opportunity Funds Program (OFP) 2020/2021 for Young Nigerians to Study in the United States is a scholarship program for students who have completed their O’level (WAEC) or are already enrolled in SS3 and have completed their first degree.

In Nigeria, there are many talented and committed low-income students who only need financial support and access to knowledge to improve their educational prospects.

The US Embassy in Nigeria is looking for academically qualified and highly motivated low-income students in Nigeria to participate in the Opportunity Funds Program (OFP).

OFP’s mission is to assist talented and determined low-income students who are qualified for financial aid from U.S. colleges and universities but lack adequate resources to cover the initial cost of admission.

OFP collaborates closely with students through regularly scheduled meetings and seminars to help them secure admission and scholarships to colleges and universities in the United States.

OFP pays for the application process, including registration fees for required standardized examinations, and provides free membership to the US EducationsUSA Advising Center to its participants.

OFP anticipates a sincere commitment from students to devote their energy and time to the program in order to realize their dreams of studying in the United States.

Applicants from all Nigerian states are encouraged to apply. However, in order to fully participate in the program, students must be able to travel to the offices in Abuja or Lagos on a monthly basis. Participants will work with EducationUSA Advisors from June 2020 to August 2021 to try to secure places and financial aid to begin studying in the United States in August 2021.


  • Fill out the Application Form
  • Academic Outcomes:
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Undergraduate Applicants: Please include a copy of your WAEC “O” Level results (from WAEC website). If applicable or available, include Cambridge A ‘Level or IGSCE results.

Graduate Applicants: Please attach a copy of your final year results as well as your degree results (if applicable) in First Class only (STEM majors preferred).

  • Letters of recommendation

Undergraduate Applicants: Request a teacher or your school principal to complete a letter of recommendation form, attesting to your character, talent and skills. 

 Do not include a basic testimonial that does not talk about you as an individual.

Graduate Applicants: Provide the details of a lecturer, professor, or Head of Department (HOD) that they can contact to find out more about you.

  • Transcription

Undergraduate Applicants: If possible, please send a scanned copy of your transcript from JS1 to SS3, including your mock and first term results.

Graduate applicants: must submit a scanned copy of their transcripts demonstrating a GPA of 4.5 or higher on a 5.0 scale.

  • Essays

Write two 250–300 word essays, one from Group A and one from Group B. The essay topics will be listed on the application form that you will receive. (The form will include essay topics.)


Given the limited funding, selecting finalists for OFP is a highly competitive process. Only students who meet the following requirements are eligible.

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1. Outstanding academic record/transcript

2. Participation in extracurricular activities.

3. Participation in positions of leadership

4. Outstanding community service participation

5. Financial Deficiency

NOTE: If WAEC results are not available, the student must be currently enrolled in SS3. If WAEC results are available, they must be from the May/June examination period.

Students who have already begun their university studies are ineligible to apply.


The application link will not be available until April 15th, 2021. Undergraduate and graduate students, on the other hand, must fill out a Google form with their specific information. It is simple and straightforward.

Send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions.


Application opens April 15, 2021 and closes may 31, 2021.

Visit the official website here:

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