Student Loan Permanently Assigned to Government | Here’s What to Know

Is a Student loan permanently assigned to government? Here in this blog post, you will find every detail about student loans, and how to process it

The process of evaluating your credit can be difficult. Credit reports contain a lot of information and use different codes to tell the story of financial liability.

 If you check your report regularly, you may come across an entry that reads “Student Loan Omnibus Account Permanently Assigned to Government.”

 This status indicates that you have delinquent government student loans that have been paid off by the insurance. But that doesn’t mean you’re no longer in debt. 

If your credit report says “permanently government-assigned student loans,” here’s what you need to know.

Whether you’re in school or have graduated, it’s important to start planning how you’ll pay off your student loans. The credit check process can be difficult. 

A credit report contains all the information about your financial responsibilities.

Private lenders create federal student loans, but the federal government insures them against default.

 If the borrower did not pay off the loan within 270 days, an agency acting on behalf of the federal government would repay the loan to the lender. 

In return, the lender turns the property into a federal loan. It can ruin your credit history. 

In order to make the loan repayment process easier, it should be paid back in a manageable way. Here’s what you need to know about your credit report:

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What Does Student Loan Permanently Assign to the Government Mean?

A student loan with government entitlement/insurance entitlement status means three things:

  • I defaulted on a government student loan owned by a surety company.
  • The state insured the loan.
  • Insurance paid off your loan and it was sent to the government for collection.
  • In most cases, the loans were provided to the Department of Education’s Default Resolution Group. 
  • The DRG may have withheld your loan, or he may have sent the money to one of the private debt collectors that the government employs to help default borrowers.
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A student loan marked “Government Requested” means that the institution has not paid the government student loan it owns. 

The government provides credit insurance. The insurance company pays your loan and sends it to the government for collection. 

The loan was provided to the DRG (Department of Education Default Resolution Group). 

The DRG has custody of your loan or has transferred it to a private agency contracted by the government.

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Is my Student Loan Held by the Government?

Most student loans are under federally administered programs. 

You can check if your loan is held by the government by contacting the Federal Center for Student Assistance at 800-433-3243. 

If you have a non-education loan on your credit report, the debt is a private student loan owned by a bank or other lender.

What Does Default on a Student Loan Insured By the Government Mean?

The US government guarantees (guarantees) student loans made by private lenders under the now-defunct Federal Home Education Loan Program.

 If the borrower defaults on her FFEL loan, the lender can file an insurance claim with the government to recover the outstanding amount.

 In this case, your credit report will show the account as paid and closed. But the government paid off the loan, not you. 

So you are still in debt. The Department of Education typically adds loans to your credit report as new student loan debt.

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What does PIF BY CLAIM Mean?

PIF BY CLAIM means the student loan was paid in full by an insurance claim filed by the lender or guarantor. 

The PIF notation is used on student loan accounts and credit reports to indicate that the loan balance was paid through insurance. 

New borrowers will contact you to set up new repayment options. If that hasn’t happened, check to see which company has your loan.

What is the US Dept of ED/GSL/ATL?

This symbol indicates that you have a default federal student loan. US Department of Ed means the United States Department of Education. 

GSL refers to guaranteed student loan programs (e.g. FFEL loans). ATL refers to the offices of the Atlanta Department of Education.

What does a DRG Mark Mean on a Credit Report?

If you see a DRG on your credit report, it means you have defaulted on your federal student loans with the Department’s Default Resolution Group. 

Please call 1-800-621-3115. Click here to learn how to remove student loans from your credit report.

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How does Default Affect me?

Here are the consequences of allocating student loans to the government:

  • wage foreclosure student loans
  • Tax Refund and Social Security Compensation
  • Unable to qualify for her FHA mortgage from the Federal Housing Administration
  • Not eligible for Title IV financial aid (new federal student loans, scholarships, etc.)
  • Loss of professional license (according to state law)
  • Disqualification for income-based loan forgiveness or repayment options

What to do if your Student Loans have Been Assigned to the Government

The Department of Education offers borrowers three ways to recover from a student loan default.

Repayment, credit rehabilitation, credit consolidation. The best option depends on your priorities.

If you want to get rid of your loans for good: Repayment

If a student loan defaults, the full amount of principal and interest will be paid immediately. You have the option to pay the amount and settle the debt. 

You also have the option of negotiating a student loan settlement for less than you owe, but you won’t expect big savings.

Federal student loan schemes typically eliminate collection fees and save you about 10-15% of your outstanding balance. To do.

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If you want to fix your credit: Loan Rehabilitation

Student loan restructuring is often the best option for repairing credit because it’s the only way to remove defaults from your credit report. However, the late payment will remain for 7 years.

 Receivables can be rehabilitated by contacting the debt collection company that transferred the receivable and asking them to participate in the program. 

Under the terms of the Credit Recovery Program, he must make the nine-month loan payments within ten consecutive months. 

Your monthly payment is 15% of your disposable income. If you can’t afford that amount, you can request something cheaper.

 Student loans can only be repaid once. If you choose this option, please make sure your contact information is up to date and that you can make the payment once the process is complete. 

Ask your new loan servicer about signing up for an income-based repayment plan.

If you need to get out of Default Fast: Consolidation

Borrowers looking to go back to school or clear CAIVRS to get an FHA mortgage will need to get out of default quickly. 

If you can’t afford retirement, student loan consolidation is the fastest way out of default.

 You can get a direct consolidation loan by doing one of the following:

  • Pay three consecutive full monthly payments on time for a defaulted loan.
  • Agree to pay off the new loan based on an income-based repayment plan.
  • You can contact the collection agency where you have the loan or visit to begin the consolidation process. 
  • Consolidation does not remove default lines from your credit report.
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If you have integrated before, you may be able to integrate again. 

Borrowers of FFEL consolidation loans are permitted to consolidate a second time. The new loan will be made under the Direct Loan Scheme.

The Effect of “Government Claim”

The government guarantees or withdraws student loans. A student loan with the statement “government demand” indicates that you have not paid the loan and the lender wants the government to collect the amount owed. 

This shows that this account has been paid in full and closed, but it was the government that paid the loan, not you.

It does not indicate that you are disowning debt, but the government is opening new student loan debt accounts that will appear on your credit report, which has a significant impact on your credit history. Valid for 7 years from the date of issue of the credit report.

Is it Possible not to pay Student Loans?

No this is not possible. you become a delinquent. A delinquent is someone who is 90 days behind on his loan payments. This may affect your credit rating.

 If your loan payments exceed 270 days, you are technically in default. It can also be called an “ID standard”. 

To collect your debt, you can contact a debt collection company. 

This agency will do its best to pay you. Collection agents may charge additional fees to cover collection costs. 

One possible process could be a “wage deduction”. 

In other words, the government collects a certain amount from the company you work for.

 Federal student loans have many advantages over others. Eligibility for Loan Forgiveness in Special Circumstances – The federal government can forgive some or all student loans. 

This means you are not obligated to pay the loan now. Another benefit if you qualify for loan cancellation or redemption

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How can I tell if the government owns my student loan? 

Visit the website for federal student aid. All federal student loan information is available on the website The quickest approach to learning if your loans are federal and to obtaining any loan-related information you might require is to do this. You don’t have a federal student loan if you can’t find your loan information on

My student loans: Will the government forgive them? 

According to a White House announcement, households earning less than $250,000 or single borrowers making less than $125,000 annually are both eligible for a $10,000 loan forgiveness. Forgiveness will total $20,000 for borrowers who meet the income limits and obtain Pell Grants while in college.


Governments around the world offer loans to students, allowing students to borrow benefits for the rest of their lives. 

Student loans are increasing year by year in the United States. 

A well-structured repayment program ensures prosperity for both governments and borrowers. 

Lending policies are closely linked to research to reduce the gap between governments and borrowers.


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