Stanford University Knight-Hennessy Scholarship for Postgraduate Students

Stanford University Knight-Hennessy scholarship is now open to eligible and qualified local and international graduate students. The Stanford-University Knight-Hennessy Scholarship provides financing for any graduate degree(s) at Stanford for up to three years. Knight-Hennessy scholars receive multiple sorts of assistance throughout their first three years of graduate study, including tuition and associated fees, a stipend for living, travel, and academic expenses.

In their Stanford graduate program, Knight-Hennessy scholars establish profound domain expertise, which they then expand on through exposure to a diverse variety of fields and cultures within the Knight-Hennessy Scholars (KHS) network. Scholars take part in the King Global Leadership Program (KGLP), which comprises workshops, lectures, projects, and experiences aimed at developing transformational leadership skills.

Scholars team up and plan to address major global concerns and possibilities, such as climate change, healthcare, government and policy, and education, through KGLP.

This scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship. It covers the following;

  • Tuition fees
  • Living Stipends
  • Accommodation
  • Airfare Ticket

Level/Field of Study

The Stanford University Knight-Hennessy Scholarship is designed for postgraduate students. If you are done with your first degree and intend to further your education for either master’s or PhD degree in any subject of your choice, then this is for you.

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Host Nationality

The Stanford University Knight-Hennessy Scholarship is financed by Stanford University, one of the top universities in the USA.

Eligibility for Stanford University Knight-Hennessy Scholarship

To be considered for the Standford University Knight-Hennessy Scholarship, you must complete the following steps:

  • Complete the graduate degree requirements at Standford University.
  • Apply for the scholarship before the deadline.

Application Process

Clicking the button below will start the application process for the Stanford University Knight-Hennessy Scholarship.

Scholarship Award

Stanford University Knight-Hennessy Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship where scholars get up to three years of financing for any graduate degree(s) at Stanford. This support is for the degree(s) in which scholars plan to enrol at the time of selection.

Knight-Hennessy scholars receive a variety of support during their first three years of graduate study:

  • A fellowship that is sought for directly to cover tuition and related fees.
  • A stipend to help with living and academic expenses (such as room and board, books, academic supplies, instructional materials, local transportation, and reasonable personal expenses)
  • A travel allowance designed to cover the cost of an economy-class ticket to and from Stanford once per year.

Additional funds for specific years:

  • Newly enrolled scholars get a one-time relocation payment to help cover some of the costs associated with moving to the area and/or purchasing technology.
  • Scholars in their second and third years may apply for extra money to help with academic enrichment activities (e.g., conference travel).
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Deadline for Stanford University Knight-Hennessy Scholarship

By October 12, 2022, Stanford University will stop accepting applications for this scholarship.

Knight-Hennessy Scholar

Each Knight-Hennessy scholar must apply and be accepted into Standford. As a Knight-Hennessy Scholar, being accepted marks the start of a new journey toward higher leadership. It also marks the successful completion of the work you put into your application.

Knight-Hennessy Scholars (KHS) applications involve more than just checking off boxes on a checklist. There is no set procedure for admittance, and there are no prerequisite grades, records of accomplishment, or compelling personal narratives. The KHS application is a request to showcase how you exhibit the traits Knight-Hennessy seek in ways that are distinctive and particular to you.

They think that applying can be a productive exercise in reflecting on your past experiences and future goals. The Knight-Hennessy Scholars application was created with two objectives in mind: to assist you in better understanding who you are and what you have accomplished as well as who you are today and what you hope to accomplish in the future.

They also understand that applying may need some thought and work. They have arranged resources to be of assistance to you at each level of the application process because they want to help you with your planning and preparation. While learning about their community, exploring the admissions process, and completing your application, they hope you find inspiration, clarity, and time for reflection.

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