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The QUT Equity Scholarships Scheme, open to all eligible current and future QUT students, provides more than $4 million in scholarships, bursaries, and computers to low-income students each year.

Level/Field of Study

The QUT Equity Scholarship is designed for all levels of education who wish to study or currently studying at the university but needs financial aid.

Host Nationality

QUT Equity Scholarship is proudly brought to you by Queensland University of Technology. OUT is a university in Austrailia.

Eligibility for the QUT Equity Scholarship Scheme

To be eligible for the QUT Equity scholarship, you must be a current or prospective domestic or international student pursuing an undergraduate, postgraduate or research qualification as well as:

  • from a low-income family
  • having financial difficulties

Personal hardship will also be considered when evaluating applications. 

Here are some examples:

  • personal medical issues
  • disabilities
  • dependents with special requirements

Compatibility with currently available programmes

If you are a Smith Family Learning for Life student, you are guaranteed an Equity Scholarship of $3,500 per year (your first payment will be $1,750 if you begin in Semester 2). Each year, you must submit an application.

If you start in Semester 2 of the Q-Step Scheme, you are guaranteed an Equity Scholarship of $3,500 for one year (or $1,750 if you start in Semester 1). There is no need to apply for this; it will be granted automatically.

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A few student types are ineligible to apply for QUT Equity Scholarship.

Requirements to Apply for QUT Equity Scholarship

To be qualified for the QUT Equity Scholarship , All applicants must provide:

  • Personal bank account transaction history for the past two months. Be sure to include your name, as well as the current balance on your account, are included. We aren’t able to take Word, Excel, or CSV documents.
  • Proof of income
  • proof of the income of the parent(s)/caregiver(s) if financially dependent and/or living at home
  • Proof of the income of the partner (if you are a partner)
  • Centrelink income statement for youth allowance ABSTUDY or other benefits or pensions. Suppose you’ve not yet completed the Centrelink consent form.
  • Australian Taxation Office Notice of Assessment for the most recent year of financial records (please supply us with the most recent pay slips for a minimum of two months if you cannot provide this information). If you’re economically dependent upon family members and/or living at home, you should provide documentation of family income.

Suppose you can apply due to your life’s personal circumstances. In that case, you’ll need to fill out how your situation, whether past or current, has had an adverse influence on your life and the capacity you have to devote time and focus to your study.

You must submit documents to prove your eligibility for any of the relevant areas.

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Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people

You must:

  • Check that you have submitted confirmation of Aboriginality or other evidence of your Aboriginality for your Oodgeroo Unit at QUT. If you need assistance getting the Confirmation or other documentation of Aboriginality from a community group, you can contact our Oodgeroo Unit.

Evidence from rural and regional areas

You have to prove your rural or regional circumstances.

If you’re a school graduate:

  • Provide School reports for your local or regional high school for years 11 and 12.

If you’re not a school dropout:

  • You must provide any official invoice or tax return signed by a local government representative that shows you have lived in a rural/regional zone for three or four years before studying at QUT.

Australian South Sea Islanders

You must:

  • Include a letter of support from an official Australian South Sea Island community group.

The Smith Family – Learning for Life student.

You must:

  • Include a verification letter (on Letterhead) from the Smith Family or your Learning for Life worker.

Financial hardship

You must:

  • Demonstrate evidence of significant expense (e.g., rent, mortgage, medical expenses, significant debts)
  • Other evidence that proves other evidence of financial hardship (e.g., letters from counselors or housing aid, accessibility to assistance for welfare that is not Centrelink).

Responsibility for other people and personal situations

You will need to provide proof for the following if it is relevant:

  • Number and age of children (e.g., Pension Concession Card with names on it).
  • Taking care of caring for (e.g., the letter from a doctor or the carer’s benefit statement).
  • Issues related to disability or health for yourself or others (e.g., medical professional’s or doctor’s letters).
  • Personal specific circumstances (e.g., letters of refugee status, counseling counselor’s report, proof of school disruption or rural/regional isolation, doctor’s note when it’s not elsewhere).
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Deadline for QUT Equity Scholarship

Application opens in September 2024 and closes in October2024.

How to Apply for the QUT Equity Scholarship

Application for the QUT Equity Scholarship is on on the portal. Click the link below for more.

Scholarship Award

Domestic students may be eligible for:

  • a $7,500 Equity Scholarship per year for up to four years (there are limited scholarships available at this value)
  • a $5,000 Equity Scholarship per year for up to four years (there are limited scholarships available at this value)
  • a $5,000 Equity Scholarship for one year (there are limited scholarships available at this value)
  • a $3,500 Equity Scholarship for one year
  • a $1,500 Equity Bursary for one semester
  • a computer that calculates equity (with the capacity to access internet). You can only get an Equity computer every third year (so if you got one in 2021 or 2022, you can’t get one in 2023).

International students could receive either:

  • a $1,500 Equity Bursary for one semester
  • an Equity computer (with the capacity to access internet). You can only receive an Equity computer every third year (i.e. if you received one in 2021 or in 2022, you can’t receive one in 2023).


What are equity scholarships?

Equity Scholarships are scholarships funded by the university. They help students in the undergraduate program with a low socioeconomic standing who are at risk of financial hardship.

Does QUT offer Scholarships?

Who is eligible to apply? The scholarships aren’t only for academically talented students. QUT provides a variety of scholarships that is open to a wide range of abilities and qualifications. There are scholarships available for athletes, women, and financial hardship Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and specialized studies and courses.

What is the equity application?

Equity Scholarships assist less fortunate students with the costs that come with studying at the tertiary level. They are for students from poor socioeconomic backgrounds.

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