Purdue University Merit Scholarships for Scholars

Purdue University Merit Scholarships 2024 applications are being accepted in the United States. Any international student from any country may apply for Purdue University Merit Scholarships and get any of them. Students are urged to apply for the Purdue University Merit Scholarships if they want to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in the USA.

Level/Field of Study

These scholarships are open for any level or course of study. Successful applicants will be awarded based on eligibility.

Host Nationality

Purdue University is one of the top accredited universities in Indianapolis

Criteria for Purdue University Merit Scholarships

Purdue University Merit Scholarships are given out after a thorough examination of all the data on the admissions application. Considered factors include:

  • grades in your high school curriculum’s main subjects and quality (in the context of courses available at your school)
  • grades in classes that are essential to succeeding in your chosen major
  • Application essays and questions unique to Purdue
  • an ACT or SAT score
  • Recommendation (if specified) (if provided)
  • Evidence of your dedication to the academic program you applied to
  • Evidence of your abilities in leadership, service, and other areas; your activities and accolades
  • Background information and experiences
  • Submitted data from your high school
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Trustee Scholarship

  • Value – $16,000 per year (nonresidents) | $10,000 per year (Indiana residents)
  • Deadline – 1st of November
  • Criteria
    • Outstanding academic performance, leadership, and community/school service
    • Renewable with a Purdue GPA of at least 3.00

Presidential Scholarship

  • Value$10,000 per year (nonresidents) | $4,000 per year (Indiana residents)
  • Deadline – 1st of November
  • Criteria
    • High academic accomplishment; exemplary leadership and community involvement
    • Renewable with a Purdue GPA of at least 3.00

Purdue Promise

  • Value – Financial aid package that incorporates work-study and gifts in order to fully satisfy the needs of the student
  • Deadline – 1st of November
  • Criteria
    • Income-eligible 21st Century Scholars (student and parent; family income of $50,000 or less)
    • completed FAFSA by March 1
    • Renewable with continuing participation in Purdue Promise assistance programs and qualifying for 21st Century Scholars

National Merit

  • Value – $500 per year
  • Deadline – 1st of November
  • Criteria
    • Finalist for the College-Sponsored National Merit; first-choice school is Purdue
    • Renewable with a stellar academic record
    • Only homegrown pupils are permitted.

National Recognition Programs Scholarship

  • Value – $1,000 per year
  • Deadline – 1st of November
  • Criteria
    • Recognition Programs at the National Level
    • Renewable with a stellar academic record
    • Only homegrown pupils are permitted.

Kindly Note the following

  • If a student’s total financial aid package is greater than the average cost of attendance at Purdue, the value of their merit scholarships may be reduced. To avoid award packages that go over financial need, the value of need-based scholarships may be changed.
  • A student’s admission application needs to be finished in order for them to fulfill a scholarship deadline.
  • A holistic evaluation takes into account all of the application materials submitted with it, including the essay, recommendations, additional personal information, and academic information.
  • Scholarships are renewable for up to four consecutive academic years of full-time enrollment.
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Those that are awarded a Purdue scholarship must:

  • register for the academic year for which the scholarship was given.
  • continue to be enrolled at Purdue
  • fulfill or surpass the standards for each particular scholarship renewal
  • remain until the conclusion of the third week of the autumn semester in the Purdue college or school to which they were initially enrolled.

Deadline for the Purdue University Merit Scholarships

THe scholarship closes for new applicants once the admission window closes. Kindly try as much as possible to apply before admission closes.

Application Process for the Purdue University Merit Scholarships

When you apply for the necessary course at this institution, your eligibility for a scholarship will be automatically taken into account.


Does Purdue automatically give you scholarship consideration?

By completing an FAFSA, you are automatically considered for grants and federal work-study from Purdue as well as the federal, state, and local governments. You must complete a few further steps, such as submitting a different application, in order to be eligible for additional Purdue scholarships.

Is Purdue superior to IU?

Purdue and IU both tied for the 31st best public school, an eight-spot improvement over the previous year. IU is also tied for having the 10th-best business program in the nation.

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Does Purdue award merit-based awards?

About 15% of candidates earn a merit grant each year for Purdue scholarships, which are very competitive. Awards are non-negotiable and based solely on credentials and information provided at the time of admission application.

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