Montana State University Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

If you’re considering applying to Montana State University and want to determine your chances of admission, you should evaluate the Montana State University acceptance rate. 

It is obviously difficult to predict with confidence whether you will be accepted or not because there are so many factors that are involved in the Montana State University acceptance rate. 

However, the factors that matter most in determining who gets admitted are your GPA, SAT, ACT, and test scores. 

In this piece, we’ll go through every prerequisite for enrollment and the Montana State University acceptance rate. Additionally, you’ll discover how to impress them when you apply.

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What to know about Montana State University? 

The largest university in the state of Montana, Montana State Institution (MSU), is a public research institution that is situated in the city of Bozeman. 

The nine colleges of MSU provide bachelor’s degrees in 60 different subject areas, master’s degrees in 68 different sectors, and doctorate degrees in 35 different fields. 

Over 16,700 students attended MSU in the fall of 2019 and were instructed by 547 part-time and 796 full-time faculty members. 

It also falls under the “R1: Doctoral Universities-Very High Research Activity” classification, and in 2017 it invested $129.6 million in research. 

On the south side of Bozeman, the university’s 1,170-acre (470-hectare) campus—the largest in the state—is located. 

On the university’s main campus in Bozeman are the Museum of the Rockies, KGLT radio, and KUSM television.

MSU is also renowned for offering outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs that are respected on a national and international level. 

At MSU, more than 14,000 students are being taught by more than 890 academic members. As the state’s land grant institution, MSU aims to blend education, outreach, and research. 

The university’s traditional strengths are engineering, physical and biological sciences, natural resources, and agriculture.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching lists 108 research institutions with “very high research activity,” including MSU. 

This top-tier ranking (out of more than 4,600 universities) emphasizes MSU’s significant potential for scholarly, artistic, and research endeavors. 

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The Carnegie Foundation’s recognition of MSU as offering an elective in community engagement makes us happy, too. 

This recognition recognizes MSU’s commitment to promoting civic engagement and knowledge sharing to improve the lives of Montanans.

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What is the Montana State University Acceptance Rate in 2024? 

The Montana State University acceptance rate is about 81%. 81 out of 100 applications are therefore approved. Therefore, there is some selection at the school. 

The GPA and SAT/ACT requirements will be specific to the school. If you meet their requirements, you’ll almost probably get an offer of admission. 

However, you’ll be one of the unfortunate ones who is rejected if you don’t meet Montana State University’s requirements. Candidates from within and outside of the state are included in these figures.

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Is Montana State University hard to get into? 

The Montana State University acceptance rate is 81%. Its lowest acceptance rate in Montana is ranked #5. 

If you meet the admission requirements, the University of Montana is a very good institution to get into and has a simple application process. Out of 5,380 candidates, 5,153 were accepted the previous year. 

In general, students who score in the top 50% on the SAT and ACT (SAT 1050/1240; ACT 20/27) get admitted to the school because of its rigorous entrance standards. 

B+ average high school students with a GPA of roughly 3.42 are frequently accepted by and drawn to the University of Montana. 

The majority of new freshmen finish their high school careers in the top half of their class. Only 25% of applicants who were accepted opted to enroll.

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Does Montana State University Require Test Scores in 2024?

The University of Montana does not currently need SAT scores for admission, but the information the institution provided for the 2019–20 applications cycle can help you get an idea of typical scores. SAT scores were supplied by 33% of applicants. 

SAT Requirements

According to admissions data, the majority of students admitted to the University of Montana are among the top 50% of test takers nationwide among those who submitted results for the 2019–20 admissions cycle. 

50% of university-enrolled students scored between 540 and 630 on the evidence-based reading and writing section, 25% had a score of 540 or less, and another 25% received a score of 630 or higher.

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However, 50% of matriculated students received arithmetic scores between 510 and 610, 25% received scores of 510 or below, and 25% received scores of 610 or higher. 

Although the University of Montana does not currently require SAT scores for admission, this data indicates that applicants with composite scores of 1240 or higher will face exceptionally stiff competition. 

Although SAT scores are not necessary for admission to the University of Montana, applicants should check to see whether they are required for NCAA eligibility or to be eligible for specific scholarships. 

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ACT Requirements 

At the University of Montana, the ACT is significantly more popular than the SAT. 70% of those applying for the class of 2019–20 submitted their ACT results. 

Furthermore, according to the data, the middle 50% of university applicants obtained a composite score between 20 and 27. However, according to this, 25% of students received a 20 or lower, and 25% received a 27 or higher. Regarding these figures, the majority of matriculated students scored in the top 53% nationwide on the ACT. 

Applicants do not need to take the SAT or ACT because they are not necessary for admission to the University of Montana.

However, students should find out if they need certain grades to be eligible for scholarships and/or NCAA athletics. The ACT essay is not used in the admissions process at the University of Montana, but the results can help with academic counseling. 

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University of Montana GPA Requirements 

The average high school GPA of all freshmen, according to the University of Montana’s Common Data Set, was 3.37. 

However, this indicates that the majority of the successful applicants received “A” and “B” grades in high school. 

Some students with noticeably lower GPAs are admitted, frequently on a conditional basis. 

For instance, 6% and 20% of matriculated students, respectively, had high school GPAs below 2.5 and 3.0. 31% of students had GPAs of 3.75 or better, indicating that many of them were highly strong.

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What are the Admission Requirements for Montana State University? 

Colleges use a variety of factors when choosing candidates for their incoming class. 

Based on the factors that are thought to be most important, each institution employs a different process to choose which candidates to accept and which to reject. 

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When making your list of schools to apply to, keep your strengths in mind as well as any potential application weaknesses. Focus on universities that place the most emphasis on your areas of strength.

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How to Apply to Montana State University

Admissions at Montana State University are more rigorous. The institution’s emphasis on a particular area of interest is clearly the cause. The file set for the application includes: 

  • completed the admissions application. 
  • existing resume 
  • GED evidence 
  • diploma from high school. 
  • application fee that is not refundable.

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What are the Alternatives to Montana State University?

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With an acceptance rate of 81%, Montana State University is generally reachable to interested students. Successful test takers and students are more likely to get accepted. 

To be considered for admission, candidates must submit an application (accessible on the school’s website), a high school transcript, and SAT or ACT results. 

If you have any inquiries about the application procedure, get in touch with the MSU admissions office by phone or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SAT or ACT tests preferred by Montana State University? 

39% of students send MSU their SAT scores. 70% of applicants disclose their ACT scores when applying. 

How likely is it that I’ll be admitted to Montana State University? 

81% of candidates are accepted at MSU. Admission to college is tough and subject to severe entrance standards. 

For admission to Montana State University, what SAT score is needed? 

50% of admitted candidates have SAT scores in the 1090 to 1320 range on average. 39% of students include their SAT scores when applying.

For admission to Montana State University, what is the minimum ACT score? 

In the middle, 70% of students submitted their ACT results when applying, and 50% of admitted candidates had scores between 21 and 28 on the ACT. 

Does MSU accept credits from the AP or IB programs? 

MSU accepts credits earned through the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) programs. 

How many applications at MSU are accepted early? 

Early decision is not an option at MSU.



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