Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) @ 50 Essay Competition for Nigerian Tertiary Students in 2021

MAN is a 50-year-old man. A variety of activities have been identified and authorized by MAN council to commemorate the organization’s golden jubilee. One of these activities is the MAN Essay Writing Competition, which will take conducted from May 15 to June 15, 2021, with the theme “Promoting Industrialization in Nigeria.

Rules and Guidelines for the MAN @ 50 Essay Competition

  1. Verification of the Candidate’s Personal Information:
  • The competition is open to current undergraduate students enrolled in any course of study at Nigerian Tertiary Institutions.
  • Candidates must provide proof of identification, such as ID cards, proof of current session/semester enrollment, and an Attestation Letter from the HOD attesting to the current status of the participating students.
  • Candidates must have completed four semesters at their current tertiary institutions to be considered

2.Writing Submissions Procedures

  • The Essay Competition is made up of written contributions that must be sent to specific email addresses and delivered within the specified time frame.
  • Each contender is only allowed to submit one entry.
  • Written entries must be received and delivered by June 30, 2021.
  • All submissions will be tested for plagiarism, and only original writings with a level of similarity index of less than 25% will be eligible for the competition.
  • Any severe plagiarism infringement at any point during the competition will result in the essay’s disqualification.
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3. Length of Essay:

  • The essay must not exceed 5000 words in length, including footnotes.
  • Although papers of less than 2500 words are discouraged, there is no upper restriction.
  1. There is a format requirement.
  • Typed on an electronic page that is A4 in size;
  • 12 point Times New Roman font size and type should be used.
  • 1.5 interlinear space, as well as
  • Top, bottom, and both sides have 2.54 cm margins.

5. Cover of the written submissions

  • The title of the essay should be in the top center of the written submission’s cover page. The candidate’s name, address, e-mail address, phone number, and the name of the department/faculty/university with the address should all be included in the essay.
  • To preserve anonymity, the candidate’s name must not appear on any other paper in the submission.
  • Along with the written submissions, a list of references and a list of abbreviations should be included. All cited texts throughout the Written Submission must be included in the List of References.
  • Candidates may use any widely accepted referencing system, but it must be utilized consistently throughout the written submission.
  1. Copyrights protection:

The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria shall own the copyright to all accepted contributions.

When submitting the essay, the candidates will be required to sign a copyright transfer agreement.

  1. Final Thoughts
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Essays that do not follow the aforementioned guidelines and criteria will be rejected. Acceptance of the preceding terms and conditions is required to participate in the competition.

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