5 Best Law Schools in Georgia | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

Best Law Schools in Georgia: Being a great lawyer starts with making the best and most careful choice of the school to attend. Georgia is one of the States in the US and just like other states, has several law schools that are equally accredited and with faculties of excellent ratings.

“We believe that the reduction of student debt is a moral imperative for all leaders in higher education. A high-quality affordable education is essentially the greatest driver in the economic and social mobility of our society.”

The words above by the dean of University of Georgia school of law suggests that plans are in place to equip more students train as lawyers. However, to become an innate beneficiary of student debt relief you must first gain admission into a good school law school in Georgia.

And, this article provides all the information you need to choose the right school.

Are There Law Schools in Georgia?

The “peach” state (Georgia) is not only home to peaches, southern hospitality, and all the grits that come with it but, is also home to some of the country’s best and highly ranked law schools.

Most law schools in Georgia are ABA-approved law schools. Just like other top-ranking law schools, they offer world-class curricula.

Law schools in Georgia may not rank as high as Stanford in California or be as numerous as in some states in the US but, they are Law schools that even according to U.S news listing qualify as very good schools.

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What are Law Schools in Georgia Ranked for?

Law schools across the globe are ranked based on different metrics. Basically, you want to attend a law school that increases your chances of getting a job.

So, graduation and employment rate are key metrics in ranking law schools, generally. In ranking law schools in Georgia, we considered the following metrics:

  • ABA accreditation
  • Bar exam passing rate
  • Job placement success
  • Quality of student-faculty interactions
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How Long is a Law School in Georgia?

The type of program a student enrolls in determines how long it takes to complete law school in Georgia. Full-time programs allow students to complete this degree earlier than part-time programs.

Full-time programs take approximately 3 years to complete while part-time students can complete theirs in 4-5 years. However, accelerated programs can be completed in just 2 years.

Passing law school demands serious commitment. Endeavor to erase anxiety and focus on studying to clear your papers.

What are the Requirements of Law Schools in Georgia?

To get into the law schools in Georgia one has to have all the documents required by the Credential Assembly Service of Law School Admission Council (LSAC). These documents include:

  • Application form.

The application form should be submitted along with your $50 non-refundable application fee which is payable by debit card, credit card, etc. A copy of the form should be kept for personal files.

  • A report containing your LSAT scores.

All  First-Year Applicants must participate in the LSAT no later than the June test administration preceding the desired fall enrollment.

  • Undergraduate/graduate transcripts.

A person applying to get into a law school in Georgia will need to submit academic transcripts from every college and/or university attended regardless of whether or not a degree was conferred.

transfer and guest applicants will have to send official law school transcripts to LSAC so that they can be included in their law school reports.

  • Recommendation letter

Your recommendation letters affirm your ability to succeed in a graduate program. Professional and academic letters are strongly recommended. Employer references will suffice in situations where you have been out of school for multiple years,

  • Personal statement

In writing the personal statement, an applicant gets the opportunity to describe why he/she is pursuing legal study at Georgia Law schools and highlight any experiences, qualifications, or other information you believe to be relevant.

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How Much is the Tuition of Law Schools in Georgia?

Tuition fees at law schools in Georgia differ from school to school. While private schools cost more, studying at a public law school could save you some rand.

The average tuition & fees of 5 Georgia law schools are $35,424 for students who are state residents and $42,116 for students who are out-of-state students.

Generally, tuition fees do not include boarding fees, feeding and other fees that could change semesterly.

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How Many Law Schools are in Georgia?

There are about eight accredited law schools spread across all parts of Georgia. This peach state may have fewer law schools but it does not change the fact that these schools are not of good faculty. The faculties are as credible as any other and some of these schools include

  • University of Georgia
  • Emory University
  • Georgia State University
  • Mercer University (George)
  • Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School
  • Augusta Law School
  • Savannah law school

What are the Best Law Schools in Georgia 2024?

Top law schools in Georgia make it to this list of best law schools for. Basically, law schools that give you a better chance at building a career path are the best options for you in 2024.

While compling this list of best law schools in Georgia, we put into consideration the proximity of the school and required test scores to gain admission alongside the ranking metrics above.

Finally, they offer a conducive learning environment that equips students to practice after their studies. Some of these law schools in Georgia that can be ranked among the best include:

  • University of Georgia
  • Emory University
  • Georgia State University
  • Mercer University (George)
  • Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School

5 Best Law Schools in Georgia

You must first confirm the accreditation status of a law school before applying. Only certificates obtained from accredited law schools are recognized in Georgia and beyond.

All law schools in this list of best schools in Georgia are ABA Approved and offer quality legal education to students.

#1. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is ranked 29th place according to the US ranking, with an acceptance rate of 19.72%.

The current class has a median GPA of 3.78 coupled with an average LSAT score of 164 and above. The tuition fee is set at $19,894 for residents of the state and $38,652 for non-residents.

It offers both joint degree programs like JD/M.B.A and a JD/ M.Ed in sports law. The University of Georgia is known to strongly advocate for mental health and study-work balance and so has a lot of options to make that happen.

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#2. Emory University

The Emory law school in Georgia is ranked top 30 law schools in the world according to the US news list.

It is located in Atlanta Georgia and tied in rank with Boston College, Brigham young University of Iowa, and two others.

At Emory, law school admission is quite selective. Approximately 30% of the applicants and successful must have a median LSAT score of 158 and an average GPA of 3.80.

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The school’s curriculum offers a challenging mix of theory and practice and develops students’ competencies through several specialized clinics.

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#3. Georgia State University College of Law

Georgia State University College of Law has grown quickly from a low rank and is now ranked 78 in the country by US News and World Report.

It offers Health care law and a Part-time program for which it is ranked 1st and 17th respectively. The school is also known for its specialization in Environmental law and Health law.

GSU College of Law accepts approximately 30% of applicants, with a median LSAT score of 158, an average GPA of 3.52, and an Average first-time passage rate of approximately 85%.

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#4. Mercer University School of Law

Mercer University School of Law is known to have inspired law school curricula with its Woodruff curriculum that emphasizes small class sizes, learning opportunities that are practice-based, legal and professional ethics, legal writing, and professional responsibility.

The Law School takes in approximately 43% of applicants. They must have a median LSAT score of 153, an average GPA of 3.41, and an Average first-time bar passage rate is 83.2%.

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#5. Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School is known to accept 35% of applicants, who have a median LSAT score of 150 and a median undergraduate GPA of 2.94.

Its Average first-time bar passage rate is 66%. Its experiential learning Programs include externships in legal practices to ensure that students aren’t just learning how to memorize case briefings, but are also ready to enter the real world of law after graduation.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the Cost of Law Schools in Georgia?

The cost of law schools in Georgia varies from school to school. However, Top law schools in Georgia have an average tuition of $35,424 for residents and $42,116 for out-of-state students.

Are there law schools in Georgia online?

Law schools in Georgia do not offer online programs at the moment.

Who has the best law school in Georgia?

According to U.S. News & World Report’s 2023, The University of Georgia School of Law remained the Peach State’s top-ranked law school in Georgia

What are the five law schools in Georgia?

The five law schools in Georgia are
The University of Georgia.
Emory University.
Georgia State University.
Mercer University (George)
Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School.


Choosing the best law school in Georgia for you must not be a herculean task. This article highlights key information about the top law schools in Georgia.

You should find the perfect school for you once you read through this piece.


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