Best Law Schools in Colorado | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

On Tuesday, August 16, a gathering of Colorado law students of 2025 made up of 12LLMs, 11 MSLs, and 165 JD students gathered for the first time and had the opportunity to eat, drink, and merry at the Rayback Collective in Boulder Orientation 2022.

Studying at one of the prestigious law schools in Colorado prepares students for an amazing career as legal practitioners. Although there are just two law schools in Colorado, their academic records speak volumes for them.

However, it appears to be a herculean task for international students to choose the best from the options available. Hence, this article examines the requirements, application process and tuition of the best law schools in Colorado 2024.

Are there law schools in Colorado?

There are two law schools in Colorado. These 2 law schools are both high-ranking and offer quality education to their students. They are;

  • Sturm College of Law
  • University of Colorado Law School

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What are the requirements for law schools in Colorado 2024?

To apply to law schools in Carolina, you need (at least) the following:

An undergraduate degree

Typically, in order to apply to law school, you’ll need to be able to supply an undergraduate transcript, that will bear your actual or expected date of graduation.

An LSAT score

LSAT is one of the standardized tests that most law schools use for admissions. The LSAT is administered throughout the year at various locations around the country. The average score is usually about 150, but get as high a score as possible to get into a top law school. You can get a high score only when this high court when preparing

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are endorsements from people who can vouch for your skills, abilities, and how much hard work you can put in to be successful in law school and beyond. Students who have a good relationship with their lecturers could get a professor in their school to write one for them and if you are not a student, your colleagues or employer could also write a more acceptable recommendation letter. An applicant is expected to have not less than two letters and more than four. This will depend on the school you are applying to.

Personal Statement

In writing this, it’s either you write by answering some questions put forward by the law school or, you are allowed to write as you like. In this statement, you are expected to state your reason for desiring to go to law school and to those precise choices you have made. You need to write to convince these schools to accept you by informing them about your skills, talents, abilities, and past experiences you have.

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How Much is the Tuition of Law Schools in Colorado?

Tuition at the best law schools in Colorado varies. Basically, international students pay more than resident students. Below is the tuition of full-time resident students at the two best law schools in Colorado.

  • Sturm College of Law -full-time: $55,292 and part-time: $40,576.
  • University of Colorado Law School- $31,807 (in-state) and $38,593 (out-of-state).

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10 Best Law Schools in Colorado 2024

In most cases, the type of law school a person attends shapes him/her into the type of lawyer they are or will become. So it is advised that an applicant make careful research and know which law school will best suit the area of law he/her will like to study and practice.

Another piece of information to look out for is if the intended school has ABA approval. Some good law schools have not been accredited by the American Bar Association and can not be listed for ranking let alone rank anything in the best category.

Among all schools that might be existing in Colorado, only two made the list of US new list and they are;

# 1 University of Colorado Law School

This school was established in 1892 and is located on the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado

The Law School at the University of Colorado, Boulder is widely known for its accelerated program that helps its students graduate with a JD within 2 and half years. any applicant who alongside getting accepted into one of the best schools wants to graduate quickly might apply here.

In this school, you will find up to 3 legal Journals, and here are three legal journals and 30 student organizations.

For Colorado law’s application, its deadline is April 1 and the fee to submit is $65. Full-time tuition evidently, is more affordable for both in-state ($31,832) and out-of-state ($38,618) students when placed side by side with other top-rated law schools. 

  • Ranking: #48
  • Average GPA: 3.5
  • Average LSAT Score: 163
  • Acceptance Rate: 36.5%
  • Bar Passage Rate: 87%

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#2 Sturm College of Law

The University of Denver Sturm College of Law was established in 1892. It is one of the first established law schools in America’s Mountain West. Very serious attention is placed on clinical training, legal writing, and trial advocacy, not forgetting ethics and law.

The University of Colorado is ABA approved and it is said that at this college, students do not only study law but experience it. So is a very good option for an applicant desiring to study in Colorado.

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The application deadline for Denver Sturm law is June 1, this gives applicants more than enough time to prepare their application and the fee to submit is $65.

  • Ranking: #78
  • Average GPA: 3.5
  • Average LSAT Score: 159
  • Acceptance Rate: 51.4%
  • Bar Passage Rate: 82.4%

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Pre-law schools in Colorado

#3 University of Denver

The University of Denver is one of the oldest private universities founded in 1864. It offers and confers bachelor’s degrees in courses and in over 100 academic fields of study.

this university tries all it can to help students achieve their academic goals. There are a lot of services that help tutor a student who might be aiming to be an ‘A’ student.

  • Acceptance rate- 59%
  • Type of institution- Private
  • Campus setting – Major City

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#4 University of Colorado Boulder

This University, according to the US News report, ranks 90. It is located just at the base of the rocky mountains of Boulder. It offers multiple honours programs, a Residential Academic Program (RAP), and a host of other programs.

Away from academic activities, the mountains offer the students at this school remarkable grounds for leisure and exercise.

  • Acceptance rate- 78%
  • Type of institution- Public
  • Campus setting – Small city

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#5 Colorado Mountain College

This is one of many public schools in Colorado. High school students are allowed and encouraged to earn college credits here because of the Colorado concurrent Enrolment Act.

Here in Colorado Mountain Colege, there are so many endless opportunities for students and this is because of the hands-on outdoor classes and the small class size that encourage faster learning.

  • Acceptance rate- 41%
  • Type of institution- Public
  • Campus setting – Suburb or town

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#6 Pikes Peak Community College

Pikes Peak College is one of the unique public Schools in Colorado and this is because it is a 2-year institution.

It has an open admissions policy and operates both multiple full-service and military satellite campuses throughout the state.

  • Acceptance rate- 100%
  • Type of institution- Public
  • Campus setting – Suburb or town

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#7 Arapahoe Community College

Arapahoe Community College is another 2-year public institution. It was established in Littleton and has satellite campuses located in parker and Castle rock.

The school has very knowledgeable professors who lecture in over 100 associate degrees and certificate programs.

  • Acceptance rate- %
  • Type of institution- Public
  • Campus setting – Suburb or town

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#8 Community College of Aurora

The college has two campuses both in the Denver metropolitan area. it is a 2-year college that houses about 20 academic departments.

The college has a world language division and this division includes courses in American sign language.

  • Acceptance rate- %
  • Type of institution- Public
  • Campus setting – major City

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#9 Community College of Denver

The Community College of Denver is located at the heart of Colorado’s capital city. It is a 2-year community college that offers degrees and certificates in over 100 subjects across 45 programs of study.

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The school is home to lecturers who are supportive and are always willing to impart knowledge.

  • Acceptance rate- %
  • Type of institution- Public
  • Campus setting – major City

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#10 Front Range Community College

Front Range Community College offers 60 associate and certificate programs on its campuses with satellite locations in Brighton, Fort Collins, and Longmont.

The college is a 2-year college located in Westminster Colorado.

  • Acceptance rate- %
  • Type of institution- Public
  • Campus setting – Suburb or town

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How to Apply to a Law School in Colorado.

  1. Pay all the required fees for the registration for the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) Credential Assembly Service (CAS). This assembly is in charge of receiving all credentials and forwarding the same to applicants’ desired law schools. Appropriate fees should be made for these services to be given.
  2. Register, prepare for, and take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT); The LSAT is a compulsory requirement for all best law schools anywhere. It’s a test administered in different parts of the state and country. How well an applicant passes this test, determines how limited his choice of good school could be.
  3. Submission of all official undergraduate, graduate, or other program transcripts to LSAC. This helps ascertain an applicant’s GPA
  4. Submit letters of recommendation to LSAC and make sure preferable people have written them.
  5. Submit your application, personal statement( where you have tried to convince the admission assembly to accept you.), and resume( which must have only one page and written with a standardized header) electronically through LSAC
  6. Submit the In-State Tuition Classification Application to apply for in-state tuition if you believe you qualify. being a Colorado resident doesn’t change the fact that you will need to Even if you are already a Colorado resident you must submit this form to show documentation of your Colorado residency.
  7. Pay the $65 application fee. the importance of this goes without saying.
  8. Check the status of your application online

How Long is a Law School in Colorado?

Law school usually takes the duration of three years for full-time students and four to five years to complete.

Where there are accelerated programs like in the case of the Law School at the University of Colorado, Boulder, a student could get his/her JD after 2.5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the application open and close for the fall 2023 JD program at Colorado Law?

Colorado law school application opens in early October 2022 and is available at This school admits students on a rolling basis until the application closes on April 1, 2023.

Is it hard to get into Colorado law school?

Colorado Law school has an acceptance rate of, 36.5% this goes to show that getting accepted is not such a competitive venture. The school as expected determines which students to accept by weighing the credentials that they had submitted.

How many years does it take to become a lawyer?

Three years of law school in addition to four years of undergraduate study will amount to a total of seven years. It could take seven years less o even more than seven years to graduate and this depends on what type of program a student is doing.


Making a choice of what law school will be best for particular areas of study, can be a serious task without guidance and research.

We have been able to list and describe some of the Law schools that can be considered best thereby making the stage of choosing a law school to attend in Colorado.



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