15 Best Law Schools in Australia | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

A law degree is flexible because it equips students with transferable abilities that may be used in a variety of occupations,

An Australian university’s Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree, which takes four years to complete, is awarded to students who study at law schools in Australia. Depending on where graduates choose to practice law after receiving their degree, an Australian law degree may be accepted in other nations. To specialize, further exams or certifications could be needed.

Australia’s universities provide a wide range of programs in the study of science, the arts, engineering, management, business, and law. You will therefore most likely discover it in Australia, whatever your area of interest. There are simply so many benefits to graduating from law school in Australia.

You’ll learn in this post several things that prove why attending any of the law schools in Australia is the greatest option for you!

Are There Law Schools In Australia?

There are up to 38 law schools in Australia. While reading this post, you’ll discover some of Australia’s top law schools. With seven of its universities appearing in the top 100 of the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2019, this nation has established new benchmarks for educational success on a global scale.

Although many graduates of law schools in Australia choose to practice law and work as barristers or lawyers, it is equally usual for them to choose a non-legal career path in fields like business, journalism, or technology.

Since there are various levels of law degrees available in Australia, they vary in length and cost, according to the universities. You will receive a brief overview of the courses that the best 15 law schools in Australia 2024 offer by reading this article.

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How Long Is A Law School In Australia?

At law schools in Australia, The JD is a three-year program, whereas the LLB is a four-year program. Both degrees are accepted for legal practice in Australia as well as in several other nations. In Australia, almost all law students take a second degree either before or concurrently with their legal education.

Law schools in Australia also have a variety of LLM programs that allow for specialization and can ultimately result in a more thorough and global understanding of the law.

Australian law degrees often satisfy all or the majority of the criteria for legal practice. Australian law degrees are well regarded internationally and are pursued by a sizable number of overseas students. However, the level of international acceptance of your Australian degree differs from nation to nation.

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How Much Does Law School In Australia Cost?

Depending on the school and the degree, different law schools in Australia have different tuition fees. Graduate degrees can cost between $20,000 and $37,000 AUD, while doctoral degrees can cost between $14,000 and $37,000 AUD. Undergraduate courses typically cost between $15,000 and AUD 33,000.

In Australia, one of the best-paying academic specialities is law and paralegal studies. The typical annual pay for male employees is $67,600, while the median annual compensation for female employees is $61,300. Undergraduates majoring in law and paralegal studies had a 77.3% full-time employment rate in 2019.

What Are Law Schools In Australia Ranked For?

Australia, which was influenced by the British, has a common law system with laws that are upheld by courts. States and territories in Australia are controlled by their court systems, which are under the supervision of a federal government. The judicial system in Australia is renowned for its maturity and lengthy history.

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As earlier mentioned, Australian law degrees often satisfy the criteria to practice law completely or in substantial part.

Universities and law colleges in Australia provide undergraduate and graduate degrees in law. Each of the law schools in Australia has its unique course of study, but the majority of them share a core curriculum that covers tort, criminal, and property law as well as an introduction to fundamental legal principles.

What Are The Requirements For Getting Into Law Schools In Australia 2024?

After high school, you can study law (through the Juris Doctor) by earning a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, you must complete your tertiary studies with a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 5.5 (out of 7.0).

Applications will be ranked according to GPA scores, which will be equally weighted. The applicants with the top rankings who meet the annual intake quota will be admitted.

Most law schools in Australia don’t demand the LSAT. The requirements for entry vary. Typically, students must have a cumulative grade/average of at least 70%. (B- to a B average).

The Selection Committee’s evaluation of applicants will take into account:

  • Academic standing in all tertiary studies in the past.
  • According to the guidelines set forth by the Academic Board for the use of selection tools, the Selection Committee may request further material to clarify any part of an application.

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What Are The Best Law Schools In Australia 2024?

It is undoubtedly possible to have a good education at law schools in Australia because the majority of Australian institutions offer legal degrees whether you want to specialize in corporate law, international law, environmental law, etc.

Degrees in Australia can be extremely expensive from an accessibility standpoint, with law degrees typically falling inside the top rung of study expenses especially if you are an overseas student) (with the idea being that law graduates tend to have good job prospects and be relatively well paid).

Here are the best law schools in Australia 2024:

  • The University of Melbourne Law School
  • The Sydney University Law School
  • The Australian National University Law School
  • Monash University Law School
  • The Queensland University Law School
  • The Adelaide University Law School
  • The Western Australian University Law School
  • Sydney University of Technology
  • Macquarie University
  • University of Wollongong Law School
  • University of Tasmania Law School
  • La Trobe University Law School
  • Deakin University Law School
  • Charles Darwin University Law School
  • Flinders University Law School

#1. The University of Melbourne Law School

When it comes to the best universities in Australia, the University of Melbourne comes in first. When it comes to earning a law degree, it is likewise at the top of the list of law schools in Australia.

 A law degree or qualification from Melbourne would guarantee your superior standing in the job market. Everywhere you go, both inside and outside of Australia, people will recognize your degree as remarkable. This university offers a wide variety of programs that balance the key components of the law. You will learn from top academics and industry experts so that you can succeed in the job market.

The indicators-year year fee is AUD$42,784 and the Indicative total course fee is AUD$134,876.

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#2. The Sydney University Law School

The University of Sydney, which is consistently named one of the top 50 universities in the world, has been breaking conventions for more than 160 years.

By developing future leaders and giving them leadership skills, the university hopes to ensure a better future. It promotes diversity at all costs by awarding hundreds of scholarships to deserving students from all backgrounds. The university provides several postgraduate.

The cost of tuition is 52,500 AUD.

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#3. The Australian National University Law School

In the QS World Rankings by Subject 2019, the Australian National University is placed 15th in the world for studying law. This university is renowned across the world for its brilliance in legal research and education. It stands at the top tier of law schools in Australia.

ANU has three basic goals: to influence public policy by emphasizing the values of law, reform, and social justice; to use its position to analyze and confront the main concerns, and to continue to be a leader in legal education with the success of its alumni as a vital indicator.

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39,024 AUD is the cost of tuition.

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#4. Monash University Law School

The mission of Monash University is to enable individuals to improve the world. They approach all they do with optimism and are unencumbered by convention, pessimism, or tradition.

 The drive for excellence at this university comes from ambition. Monash University, one of the best universities in Australia and among the top 100 worldwide, aims to set new standards and pave new territory. The tuition cost is A$39,300.

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#5. The Queensland University Law School

At the University of Queensland, you will be surrounded by knowledgeable and enthusiastic academic staff members who will help students achieve successful learning outcomes. More than any other university in the nation, the University of Queensland has received multiple Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT). 

For UQ to provide good learning outcomes and outstanding graduates, excellent teaching is essential. This university provides a respected honors-level degree in law that will assist you in developing all the abilities required to succeed in your career.

There are numerous master’s programs offered, including master’s degree programs in law, international law, international commercial law, and dual master’s degree programs.

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#6. The Adelaide University Law School

The University of Adelaide is one of the top 1% of universities in the world. Along with a lengthy history of achievement spanning more than 140 years, it emphasizes innovation. 

The undergraduate law degrees offered by this university are Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) with Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) with Bachelor of Laws (Honors), Bachelor of Criminology with Bachelor of Laws, and Bachelor of Criminology with Bachelor of Laws.

The academic staff includes internationally recognized leaders in their field (Honours). The cost of tuition is 40,500 AUD.

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#7. The Western Australian University Law School 

This university has a reputation for distinction in teaching, learning, and research, and is frequently included among the best universities around the world. For the town to prosper, it is constantly working to provide top-notch education. 

This university’s mission is to educate “the next generation of global leaders,” and they intend to achieve this goal by combining experiential learning with reputable research. The Cost of tuition is around 38,000 AUD.

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#8. Sydney University of Technology

The University of Technology Sydney’s law school is one of the renowned law schools in Australia. It provides a vibrant, cutting-edge atmosphere as well as superior legal research and instruction. 

This university is well known for its multicultural campus community, foreign exchange study opportunities, and top-notch faculty. At UTS, the emphasis is on sharing knowledge with the public. The cost of tuition is around $49,500.

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#9. Macquarie University

You have the choice of combining a huge variety of study subjects at Macquarie University. You’ll develop a variety of skill sets this way, which will enhance your alternatives in the employment market. At this university, most of the law students also pursue other academic interests.

 You’ll have developed a variety of abilities by the time you leave this university because you’ll have been forced to consider challenges from several angles and come up with creative solutions. Many law-related fields of study are available as degrees through Macquarie University, each with a unique selection. The indicative annual fee is $34,000 while the Indicative fee per credit point is $430.00ation programs.

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#10. University of Wollongong Law School

The University of Wollongong is now regarded as the gold standard among universities and law schools in Australia. It has established a reputation as an entrepreneurial institution with a multidisciplinary approach to research and a specialized approach to teaching. It is regarded of the top modern universities in the world.

UOW currently offers more than 300-degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels to even more than 32,000 students worldwide through its five faculties, which include Business, Engineering, Information Sciences, Law, Humanities, and the Arts, Science, Medicine, and Health, and Social Sciences.

The cost of tuition is $110,160.

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#11. University of Tasmania Law School

The fourth-oldest and top-ranked law school in Australia are located at the University of Tasmania. The primary constant over its 125-year history has been excellence in teaching because they are Tasmania’s only institution of higher learning that teaches law.

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They are dedicated to ensuring that their graduates are qualified to practice law and that they see the rule of law not as a means unto itself but as a means of achieving a more just and equitable society in Tasmania, Australia, and around the world.

They provide a highly unique student experience in addition to a strong and ongoing commitment to academic performance. The cost of tuition is around 30,000 AUD.

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#12. La Trobe University Law School

The La Trobe Law School’s innovative and useful courses guarantee that graduates are prepared for the workplace and to contribute to their local and global communities.

The goal here is to establish a learning and teaching environment that emphasizes social justice and employability and produces research that improves the law.

At the La Trobe campuses in Bundoora and Bendigo, they provide undergraduate programs in law and criminology, including a variety of double degrees. At our City site, they also provide Ph.D., Masters by Research, and postgraduate Law programs.

Their programs equip students with the information and abilities they require to graduate prepared for the workforce. They work together with criminal justice organizations, law firms, and community legal centers.

La Trobe University charges 3,984 AUD to 14,632 AUD in annual tuition for domestic students and 32,800 AUD to 73,400 AUD for international students for bachelor’s degrees.

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#13. Deakin University Law School

Some of Victoria’s most talented students attend Deakin Law School. They are well known for both business focus and teaching excellence, consistently placing among the best law schools in Australia for both of these factors.

 Strong work-integrated learning methods are used in both undergraduate and graduate programs to create well-rounded, high-caliber legal professionals who have a solid understanding of both Australian and worldwide legal systems. The cost of tuition is around $34,680.

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#14. Charles Darwin University Law School

Do you want to work in law or large business, politics, or the government? You can find your new world and your way by taking a law course at CDU.

Find out where, when, and how it works best for you. Earn your law degree part-time, full-time, online, or on campus. And you’ll have full assistance because we’ve been offering flexible and online legal education for more than 15 years.

You can prepare for a career in the international economy and learn about the law outside of Australia at CDU. They investigate the many legal systems around the world in our courses, which have a special focus on transnational law. The cost of tuition falls within $21,041.

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#15. Flinders University Law School

The law program at Flinders University strikes the ideal combination between thorough legal education, practical experience, and future-ready abilities. In-depth legal knowledge, professional and practical legal competence, and the abilities to successfully traverse the future, comprising creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, will all be acquired.

Only Flinders University in South Australia provides an undergraduate degree in legal practice.

You can start practicing law as soon as you finish since the Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice fulfills both the academic and practical criteria to apply for admission from the Supreme Court of South Australia.   The cost of tuition varies depending on the subject at Flinders University. The estimated annual tuition fee is between $37,000 and $45,000, though.

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How To Apply For Law Schools In Australia

In Australia, applying to law schools is quite distinct. Each school has its specific application procedures.

To apply for law schools in Australia, visit the school’s website and make an effort to do so before the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Australian university has the greatest law programs?

According to the QS Top Universities Rankings 2022, the Institution of Melbourne is not just the top university in Australia but also the best among law schools in Australia.

What is Australia’s highest legal degree?

Australia offers the Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Master of Laws (LLM), and Juris Doctor degrees in law (JD). The best law schools in Australia provide excellent educational opportunities and a route to a rewarding career as a practising or non-practising lawyer.

Does Australia have a demand for law?

Given that Australia hasn’t experienced the significant demand contraction that resulted in inflated results in the American market for much of 2021, the Australian Legal Market Midyear Update revealed that the average demand for law firm services increased by 6.4% in the first half of FY 2022.

How challenging is the Australian bar exam?

There is now only one exam per year, and the passing score is 75%. Every exam has over 100 participants. Statistics show that more people fail than succeed. Candidates have either failed five times before passing or have failed after taking a year off to study.


Generally, Australian institutions are among the best in the world, providing excellent instruction and a distinctive student experience. So you will undoubtedly stand out in the professional world if you study law at one of these universities.

If you’ve decided to pursue a career in law, law schools in Australia will fully equip and prepare you.


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