Illinois Wesleyan University Offers 3 Massive Scholarships

Illinois Wesleyan University has scholarships for international students. This Scholarship is divided into 3 types. Namely; merit-based scholarship, need-based scholarship and president’s scholarship.

These scholarships were created to increase the percentage of international students in the university. Hence US citizens and residents are not eligible for these scholarships.

All three scholarships are for international students that are pursuing their first degree in any of the courses offered by Illinois Wesleyan University.

In this article, we shall be looking into every one of them in detail so that you’d be able to select the scholarship that you qualify for.

Merit-based Scholarship

This scholarship is just as its name implies, merit-based. Illinois Wesleyan University came up with this scholarship because they want to have more potential great alumni.

This scholarship is designed for first-class students. You need to have an outstanding academic record to be eligible for this scholarship. You will be automatically considered for this scholarship if you hit A+ in your entrance exams so no need to apply.

What is required for you to do is apply to study at the university like every other student and prepare for their entrance exams. There is no separate application for this scholarship.

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This merit-based scholarship is not fully funded. Rather, you will get between $16,000 and $30,000 per annum renewable for up to for years. if you qualify for it.

President’s Scholarship

President’s scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship by Illinois Wesleyan University. Every year the university offers two qualified international students a full-tuition scholarship each.

This scholarship is given based on your academic record, interests and talents.

The President’s scholarship is renewable for up to four years of study. This renewal depends on your performance in the previous year.

The deadline for this scholarship is February 2024. Ensure that you don’t apply after the deadline so that you will be considered.

Need-based Financial Aid

Financial aid is a type of scholarship. Illinois Wesleyan Univesity offers need-based financial aid. The university offers this to students who have a challenge with paying for tuition.

For this financial aid, you need to submit your CSS Profile to be considered for this scholarship. You want to apply for this financial aid i.e. submit your CSS Profile before January 2024. This aid gives you to benefit from IWU-funded scholarships, loans, and campus employment opportunities.

Requirements to Apply for the Illinois Wesleyan University

  • Letter of Recommendation. One from a teacher/lecturer or academic counsellor is perfect for this. They should be able to confirm your academic capability.
  • CSS Profile. This is a financial statement that shows how much you need financial aid. CSS Profile is needed when you want to apply for financial aid. However, financial aid is open to almost, if not all international students. The school has to go through it to decide who gets it.
  • Test Scores. Any of SAT,  ACT3 AP exam scores, 3 IB exams or IB Diploma (on track for the diploma), and 3 A-Level exams. 
  • Transcript. Transcript from secondary or high school and previous university attended… if any. Your transcript should at least your last three academic grades.
  • Essay. A letter of intent
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Forward all documents to;

Assistant Director for International Admissions
Illinois Wesleyan University
1211 Park Street
Bloomington, IL 61701 U.S.A.
[email protected]

How to Apply for the Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarship

There is an option to indicate that you want to be considered for any of the scholarships. It is only the merit-based scholarship that does not require any effort. As for the other two, all you need do is indicate when you are applying for admissions that you want to be considered for the scholarships availed to you.


These scholarships are availed for you to leverage. I believe you can get at least one of all three.

This scholarship is one of the 8 Best Undergraduate Scholarships in the USA for International Students. Take your time and go through others.

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