Top 9 Best Free Online Project Management Courses with Certificates

Free Online Project Management Courses with Certificates: With the rapid increase in demand for Project Managers, there has been an equal demand for project management courses most workers that cannot afford them prefer free online project management courses with certificates just to up their game and live a better life. The question I hear most people ask is if free online project management courses with certificates exist. Or what are free online project management courses with certificates? So I made some research and today in this blog post I will be giving my review of the top 9 best Free Online Project Management Courses with Certificates. Stay tuned.

Free Online Project Management Courses with Certificates are courses project managers or aspiring project managers take online to learn the skills involved in project management, get certified in project management and eventually get a pay raise.

According to a recent PMI® (Project Management Institute) article, the demand for project management practitioners will remain high. According to the report, corporations in developing economies such as China and India are embracing project management processes and working hard to train their employees.

The expansion of construction projects in Asia has offered several chances for project management expertise. Meanwhile, firms in wealthy countries recovering from the global recession are looking for project managers who can execute projects strategically to boost the bottom line. Now you see why you need to start taking courses in Project Management so that you can join this trend. The good news is that there are free online project management courses available for you.

What is Project Management

Project management is the application of techniques, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve particular project objectives within agreed-upon constraints. Project management has final outputs that are limited in time and budget.

A significant distinction between project management and “management” is that project management has a final result and a time frame, whereas management is an ongoing process. As a result, a project professional must possess a diverse set of talents, including often technical abilities, as well as people management abilities and business acumen.

A project is a one-of-a-kind, temporary endeavour performed to attain predetermined goals, which can be expressed in terms of outputs, outcomes, or benefits. A project is considered successful if it meets the objectives according to the acceptance criteria, within the timeframe and budget that was agreed upon. Every project is built on the foundations of time, cost, and quality.

The goal of project management is to create an end result that will affect some change for the benefit of the organization that initiated the project. It is the starting, planning, and controlling of a variety of actions that are required to create this end product.

Projects are distinct from day-to-day business operations and occur when an organization wishes to offer a solution within a specified budget and timeline. Projects necessitate the temporary gathering of a group of people to focus on certain project objectives. As a result, excellent teamwork is critical to project success. Project management is concerned with the management of discrete packages of work in order to achieve certain goals. A wide range of factors influences how work is managed.

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Application of Project Management

Modern project management arose concurrently during and after World War II in two industries: facilities engineering and construction and defence/aerospace. We now know that this is true in the United States, Western and Eastern Europe, as well as Russia and other former Soviet republics. The discipline gradually moved to additional fields of application until the 1990s, when it quickly permeated virtually all forms of industry, organizations, and governmental bodies. The development pattern in project management professional associations is one sign of this rapid dissemination.

PMI, for example, began in 1969 with roughly 30 members and grew to 8,500 members in 1990 in 21 years (mostly in the U. S. and Canada). Over the last 13 years, PMI has expanded to over 112,000 members in 120 countries (69% in the United States, 11% in Canada, and 20% elsewhere). IPMA’s national member associations have also seen significant growth in membership in recent years.

The many Specific Interest Groups (SIGs) within the Project Management Institute that pertain to specific application fields, as listed below, demonstrate the tremendous diversity in application areas. Each of these Specific Interest Groups (SIGs) brings together executives and project management practitioners with specific expertise in that application or business sector. It should be highlighted that these different types of interests are not mutually exclusive. There are also thirteen PMI® Specific Interest Groups that deal with specific aspects of project management across all of these application areas. Furthermore, the PMI® College of Performance Measurement is predominantly focused on military/aerospace applications, whereas the PMI College of Scheduling concentrates on that aspect of the project management discipline across all industries.

Application of Project Management

Aerospace/Defense ProjectsAutomation SystemsAutomotive
Design-procurement-construction (across all economic sectors)Dispute ManagementE-Business
Environmental Management (pollution remediation and prevention)Financial Services (banking, investment)Government
Healthcare Project ManagementHospitality Management (major events, such as the Olympic Games)Information Systems (software)
Information Technology and TelecommunicationsInternational Development (infrastructure, agriculture, education, health, etc., in developing countries)Manufacturing
Marketing and SalesNew Product DevelopmentOil/Gas/Petrochemical
PharmaceuticalRetailService and Outsourcing (buying rather than making)
Urban Development (potential SIG)Utility industry (generation and distribution of electric power, water and gas)and many others
free online project management courses

Advantages of Free Online Project Management Courses with Certificates

There are numerous benefits to signing up for free online project management courses. They are as follows;

1. Flexibility – Because of the convenience of free online project management courses, many people prefer learning project management online. Learning remotely lets you or your team complete classes without having to travel to a physical school. While some online courses require students to attend live lectures, you can fit your coursework around your already hectic schedule and work at your own pace.

2. A Wider Range of Points of View – Because your online classmates are located all over the world, you can obtain perspectives from project management professionals from a variety of countries. You can learn about how firms operate in other countries and prepare for a global workforce. Even better, because online learners often have a diverse set of goals and professional experiences, you can learn from professionals both inside and outside your sector.

3. It is Free – These online project management courses we shall discuss here are free. You can get extensive knowledge of project management without spending a dime. Although, some might ask you to pay a token for the certificate you are sure to get knowledge for free.

4. A More Sustainable Alternative – These free online project management courses provide an environmentally beneficial solution for various reasons. For one thing, you’re not using petrol to get to and from a real campus. Furthermore, you are unlikely to rely on printed materials to accomplish your coursework.

free online project management courses
Free Online Project Management Courses

Job Opportunity for Project Managers

Project managers and project management experts are in greater demand. The number of new employment for computer and information systems managers will increase by 11% between 2020 and 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Businesses are realizing that there is a higher demand for communication in the new digital economy.

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Project management is a fast-growing field of study worldwide. It could be a soft talent acquired as part of one’s employment or a separate career path. According to a PwC report, over 97 per cent of firms believe that product management is crucial to their operations. While project management has always been in society, it did not gain hold until the 1950s. Today, project managers are vital in the majority of prominent firms, and they can be found in practically every industry.

People with non-technical backgrounds are increasingly turning to project management professions as a means of making rich tech salaries. Project managers must be generalists with a talent for effective communication, organization, critical thinking, and resourcefulness – abilities that transfer well across a variety of industries.

Requirements for Free Online Project Management Courses with Certificates

The excellent thing is that no specific degree is necessary to enrol in any of these free online project management courses with certificates. You will need;

  • a working computer with access to the internet.
  • the most latest project management software, there are several project management software available. Use the software specified by the course instructor.
  • You’ll need to be familiar with Windows-based applications for several courses.
  • To finish the course, you must practice discipline. Even though some of these free online project management courses run for eight months, you must always be available.

Top 9 Best Free Online Project Management Courses with Certificates

1. Introduction to Project Management

Introduction to Project Management is first on our list of free online project management courses. Students will gain the skills needed to handle projects at work or at home, no matter how big or small, in this free introduction to project management course. It’s a wonderful practical resource for learning about various project management strategies and how to apply them in real-world circumstances. It is appropriate for students who wish to learn how to arrange projects in different areas of their lives as well as those considering a career in project management.

You will learn how to define the scope and goals of a project, as well as how to plan, schedule, and budget it from start to finish. In addition, the course teaches students how to communicate, delegate, and manage others in order to succeed.

The course is recommended to be completed in six weeks, which can be accomplished by taking it two to three hours per week. You can, however, go at your own pace and finish it sooner if you choose. In audit mode, it is absolutely free. Students can earn a project management certificate for a nominal price.

2. Project Management Diploma

free online project management courses
free online project management courses

Alison provides a number of project management courses, including a Diploma in Project Management. This course includes a project management case study, a history of project management, and interviews with project managers. It will walk you through project management methodologies such as PERT charts and the Critical Path Method.

Courses are self-directed, which means you can finish them at your own speed and time. The courses themselves are free, however, you may be required to pay for the final certificate in some situations.

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3. Project Management: The Basics for Success

This course combines the most important aspects of Project Management and Team Leadership into a single course. This is one of the free online project management courses you want to study. You will get a greater grasp of the responsibilities of leadership through class participation and reflection, and you will be better prepared to apply this knowledge in the project setting.

This project management course at UCI has over 250,000 students enrolled. It is presented by highly regarded educator Rob Stone and is intended to educate leadership and project management skills in a single program.

4. Project Management

The Oxford Home Study Centre in the United Kingdom provides a free Project Management Short Course that covers the fundamentals of project management. It takes about 20 hours to finish, and it covers project management concepts, the function of a project manager, and the life cycle of a project. Students obtain an OHSC certificate at the completion of the course.

If you have some project management experience and want to learn more, the OHSC also offers more advanced project management courses for a cost. These free online project management courses each take at least 200 hours to complete and provide a Certificate of Achievement from ABC Awards and Certa Awards upon completion.

5. Become a Project Manager

Many LinkedIn Premium members are unaware that LinkedIn offers a free learning platform to those with upgraded accounts. There are hundreds of short courses available to users on the site, and if you don’t have a premium account, you may try it out for free for a month.

The trial period is long enough to complete this course, Become a Project Manager, and obtain a completion badge for your profile. The free online project management course lasts about 17 hours and is jam-packed with instructive content on themes such as ethics, schedules, budgets, teams, communication, risk, and stakeholders.

6. Project Management Basics

GoSkills offers a certification that is respected by project management professionals to anyone in need of free project management training for beginners. The Project Management Basics course lasts just under eight hours. It teaches the fundamentals of project management principles, as well as how to define project boundaries using the W questions, develop a schedule, and assign resources, risk projection, team building, and critical communication skills.

You will earn a Project Management Institute-approved certificate at the end of the course. Despite the fact that GoSkills is a premium membership site, they provide a seven-day free trial that allows you to complete the Basics course for free.

7. RITx’s Project Management MicroMasters® Program

Our list of free online project management courses isn’t complete without RITx’s Project Management MicroMasters® Program. This Project Managers MicroMasters Program on the edX platform is a great option for people looking for a thorough learning experience. While using all of the course’s features costs money, students who don’t mind missing some of the frills can take all of the courses in the learning path for free by completing them in audit mode. You will have access to all videos, lectures, readings, and quizzes but will not be able to communicate with peers or instructors or work on class projects.

It’s a fantastic self-paced curriculum that takes about eight months to complete on average. You can, however, take it at your own pace, so your mileage may differ.

8. Project Management Templates Creation Course

This free online course on project management templates is fantastic. It’s available on Udemy and has over six hours of on-demand video. Rather than simply teaching students about project management, it delivers expert guidance on one of the most significant practical parts of the field: template building.

The course covers 31 project management stages and how to design a template for each.

9. Budgeting and Scheduling Projects

Budget planning and implementation are critical parts of good project management. Margaret Meloni of Meloni Coaching Solutions, Inc. teaches this as one of the free online project management courses out there. She has real-world expertise in navigating the world of project management.


This is my simple review of free online project management courses. You can enrol for as many as you want. The good thing is that the more of these free online project management courses the better your understanding of project management. How did you find my project management article? Please let me know in the comments! Remember to return frequently for more educational content! But before you go, check out other free online courses.

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