15 Best Dental Hygiene Schools in Idaho | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

You already know that dental hygiene schools in Idaho should get all the credit for training the many excellent dental hygienists in Idaho.

There are also 1,140 dental hygienists working in the state of Idaho, or 1.87 dental hygienists for every 1,000 people living there. 

The state organization in charge of ensuring public health and safety about dental healthcare is the Idaho State Board of Dentistry. 

For dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists working in the state, the Board establishes and upholds rules and licensing requirements.

You must also be licensed to work as a registered dental hygienist in Idaho. A license and a degree in dental hygiene are prerequisites. 

Many community colleges and technical schools offer two-year associate’s degree dental hygiene programs, making up most of the field’s educational offerings.

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Are there Dental Hygiene Schools in Idaho 

Are you eager to begin your journey to becoming an Idaho dental hygienist? The colleges in Idaho that offer accredited dental hygiene programs are listed below.

1. Carrington College – Boise

2. The Western Idaho College

3. College of Southern Idaho

4. College of Eastern Idaho

5. Idaho Medical Academy

6. Brigham Young University – Idaho

7. Idaho State University College of Health Professions

8. Idaho State University

9. Milan Institute

10. Phlebotomy & dental hygiene Training Specialists


12. Boise State University

How much do Dental Hygiene Schools cost in Idaho? 

According to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, the average total cost (In-State/District) of tuition and fees for an associate degree for dental hygiene schools in Idaho is $22,692. 

A bachelor’s degree also costs $36,382. An advanced degree costs $30,421.

What are the Requirements for Dental Hygiene Schools in Idaho 

You must meet the following criteria to practice dental hygiene in Idaho: 

  • Fill out your application completely and pay the $150 non-refundable fee. 
  • Get your CPR certification, then present a copy of it. 
  • Take the National Board Examination, pass it, and submit a certified copy of your results. 
  • either take and pass the Western Regional Examining Board (WREB), Central Regional Dental Testing Service (CRDTS), or ADEX clinical exam. Send the Board a copy of your exam results that has been notarized or in original form.
  • Take the WREB Local Anesthesia Exam and pass it. Send the Board original or notarized results. 
  • Enrol in and complete an accredited dental hygiene program, then send the Board a sealed envelope containing your official transcripts. 
  • Please provide proof that you have held a license in another jurisdiction. 
  • Take the Jurisprudence Exam and pass it.
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What are the Best Dental Hygiene Schools in Idaho 

Based on college reviews, rankings, and statistics, investigate the top colleges for dental hygienist associate’s degree programs. 

Additionally, find the appropriate degrees to become a dental technician, lab technician, or dental hygienist. 

To find the best associate’s degree for you, research dental hygienist trade schools that offer dental hygienist degrees.

1. Carrington College – Boise

A for-profit university called Carrington – Boise is situated in Boise, Idaho. 

534 undergraduate students are enrolled, making it a small school. The acceptance rate for Carrington – Boise is also 100 per cent. Nursing, medical assisting, and dental hygiene & assisting are common majors. 

Alumni from Carrington – Boise graduate in 60% of cases, making a starting salary of $27,300.

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2. The Western Idaho College

A Western Idaho public college is situated in the Boise area in Nampa, Idaho. 

It is also a small university with 2,895 undergraduate students enrolled. Western Idaho has a 100% acceptance rate. 

Popular majors also include machine and metalworking, automotive mechanics, dental hygiene and liberal arts and humanities. 26% of Western Idaho’s students graduate.

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3. College of Southern Idaho

In Twin Falls, Idaho, there is a public college called Southern Idaho.

 It is also a small university with 1,840 undergraduate students enrolled. The acceptance rate in Southern Idaho is 100 percent. 

Liberal arts and humanities, health professions, and nursing are popular majors. 

Alumni from Southern Idaho graduate 26% of students and start out with a starting salary of $26,100.

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4. College of Eastern Idaho

Idaho Falls, Idaho is home to the above-average public college known as College of Eastern Idaho. 

558 undergraduate students are enrolled, making it a small school. Additionally, the acceptance rate at College of Eastern Idaho is 100 percent. 

Nursing, Liberal Arts and Humanities, dental hygiene and Licensed Practical Nurse Training are also popular majors (LPN). 

Alumni of the College of Eastern Idaho graduate 62% of their class and go on to make a starting salary of $25,800.

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5. Idaho Medical Academy

planning to begin a career in the medical industry, Idaho Medical Academy is the ideal setting to hone your abilities and gain all the knowledge and skills required to begin a career in this fascinating field immediately. 

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The school is also well-known for having some of the top practice and simulation facilities, enabling you to learn about your desired career quickly. 

All programs will also cover hygienic and safety techniques that will help you tremendously in your career and reduce workplace accidents. 

Additionally, all the programs only take a few weeks to complete, giving you the chance to launch a new career immediately.

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6. Brigham Young University – Idaho

To prepare students for lifelong learning, employment, and roles as home, Church, and community leaders.

Brigham Young University-Idaho also offers a distinctive educational experience.

 To achieve this, BYU-Idaho upholds a healthy academic, cultural, and social environment.

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7. Idaho State University College of Health Professions

Public research university Idaho State University was established in 1901 and is located in Pocatello, Idaho.

Furthermore, a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene and a Master of Science in Dental Hygiene are both offered by the College of Health Professions at Idaho State University. 

The Idaho State University Dental Hygiene program’s admissions deadline for the upcoming fall semester is January 15.

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8. Idaho State University

Duly qualified dentists supervise dental hygienists. 

Students pursuing a four-year dental hygienist degree at Idaho State University also receive instruction in the fundamental and advanced knowledge and skills required in the medical industry. 

Both new students and transfer students are welcome. Adults earning a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene gain technical and soft skills. 

Community disease prevention, tooth morphology, dental materials, leadership, health policy, and oral pathology are a few of these abilities. 

Students also gain practical experience performing root planting, administering fluoride therapy, and producing x-rays. 

The school’s Master of Science in Dental Hygiene program offers the chance to receive advanced training.

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9. Milan Institute

The Milan Institute of provides educational opportunities in the fields of business, healthcare, and beauty. 

Milan Institute also has campuses in California, Idaho, Nevada, and Texas and has assisted over 35,000 graduates to date.

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10. Phlebotomy & dental hygiene Training Specialists

Students are further equipped with all the skills necessary for a phlebotomy career by Phlebotomy Training Specialists. 

The school’s website states that more than 92 percent of its students pass national exams. 

Phlebotomists can also work in hospitals, blood banks, clinics, labs, doctors’ offices, and various other healthcare settings after obtaining their license.

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Technical College Type of Institution 

Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Educational Programs, Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities 

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highlights of the program: graduates are eligible to take the Certified Medical Assistant exam. 

Pharmacology, medical transcription, and a clinical experience are also among the courses offered. 

The Business Technology & Services Division of the university is where the medical assisting degree programs are located. 

Programs available: 

Medical assistant with an Associate of Applied Science 

Applied science bachelor’s degree, medical assistant and dental hygiene.

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12. Boise state university 

In Boise, Idaho, there is a public research university called Boise State University (BSU). 

The Episcopal Church founded it in 1932 and became an independent junior college in 1934.  

Since 1965, it has been granting baccalaureate and master’s degrees. [6] In 1969, it was made a public institution.

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How much do Dental Hygienist make in Idaho 

Jobs for dental hygienists are growing in Idaho. The most recent data indicates that the average dental hygienist’s salary in Idaho is approximately $74,430 per year. 

Dental hygienists typically earn between $61,000 and $90,817 per year in salary. It’s a little bit more than what dental hygienists in Arizona make on average. 

In Idaho, the highest-paid dental hygienist makes about $43.66 per hour or $90,817 annually.

How do I become a Dental Hygienist in Idaho? 

  • Firstly, earn a Dental Hygiene Associate’s Degree at the very least. 
  • Next, take and pass the necessary tests. 
  • The application must also be submitted to the Idaho Board of Dentistry. 
  • Finish the Continuing Education Requirements for License Maintenance. 
  • Think about Additional Dental Hygiene Opportunities.

Best Paying Dental Hygiene Jobs in Idaho with Salary

  • Top-level Dental Hygienist earns $93,182
  • Senior-level Hygienist earns $83,966
  • Mid-level Dental Hygienist earns $73,843
  • Junior-level Dental Hygienist earns $64,122
  • Starting level Dental Hygienist earns $55,271

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Time Does It Take in Idaho to Become a Dental Hygienist? 

A two-year Associate in Applied Science degree is the typical educational background for dental hygienists. After completing your training, you must also apply for a license from the Idaho Board of Dentistry.

How much time does it take in Idaho to become a dental hygienist? 

How Much Time Does It Take in Idaho to Become a Dental Hygienist? A two-year Associate in Applied Science degree is also the typical educational background for dental hygienists. You must apply for a license to the Idaho Board of Dentistry after completing your training.

Boise State has dental hygiene, right? 

Are you aware that dental hygienists are committed to your oral health? Despite not having a dental hygiene program, Boise State University has a pre-dental hygiene pathway that is intended to help students meet the minimal requirements for most dental hygiene programs in the nation.


In Idaho, dental hygienists have plenty of opportunities for practice, which has prompted many schools to offer the course. 

Dental hygiene is a highly sought-after career that calls for qualified individuals to play a significant role as dental team members. 

Although dental hygienists in Idaho only have a limited range of practice, they still carry out procedures and work directly under a licensed dentist’s supervision. 

There are three ways to get started on your path to becoming a dental hygienist in Idaho. 

You can choose to pursue an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree. 

However, a bachelor’s or master’s degree enables students to advance their careers in administration, public health, and other fields. An associate degree prepares students for entry-level positions.


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