Daytona State College Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

Are you looking to know Daytona State College acceptance rate and some other requirements to secure admission into the school?

Firstly, you can ascertain your chances of being admitted by studying the admissions statistics and Daytona state college acceptance rate. To determine your odds of being accepted, look at the SAT and ACT results of past candidates. 

If your exam results and academic record are in line with the institution’s requirements, you will have a decent chance of being accepted. Try retaking the exam to raise your score, or look for universities that accept results that are equivalent to yours, if you discover that your scores are lower than those of the usual freshman. 

For what it’s worth, you shouldn’t apply to an institution like Hope College unprepared. The Daytona State College acceptance rate has always been a crucial factor to take into account while applying to their international program. 

The acceptance rate is the rate at which universities at a given time admit students into a certain course of their choosing. This article provides information on the Daytona State College acceptance rate. 

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What to Know about Daytona State College?

In Daytona Beach, Florida, there is a public university called Daytona State. It is a modest university with 4,992 undergraduate students enrolled. 

The admittance rate at Daytona State is 100 percent. in fact, Liberal arts and humanities, business, and nursing are all well-liked majors. Alumni from Daytona State graduate 43% of students and start out with a starting income of $24,300.

More than 100 associate, baccalaureate, and certificate programs are available at the institution in disciplines like engineering, technology, business, healthcare, and emergency services. Using its distance learning platform, DSC provides a number of entirely online degree programs in addition to regular classes at its main and regional campuses. 

Daytona State College maintains a number of additional sites to serve the Volusia and Flagler counties in addition to its campus in Daytona Beach. 

Finally, two other campuses are located in Daytona Beach: the Mike Curb College of Music, Entertainment & Art is housed in the News-Journal Center, and the Advanced Technology Center offers a number of vocational programs.

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What is Daytona State College Acceptance Rate in 2024?

With a 100% acceptance rate as of right now, Daytona State College has a good acceptance rate. The straightforward application and admissions procedure at Daytona State College consists of the following 4 steps which a potential candidate must first finish.

Step 1: Application submission DSC’s admissions process begins with a university application. Applying to the university can be done online or by calling the college at (386) 506-3000 if you’re interested. They can also choose a different route by going to the college’s admissions office in person at 1200 West International Speedway Boulevard, Daytona Beach, Florida 32114.

In Daytona Beach, Florida, there is a public university called Daytona State. It is a modest university with 4,992 undergraduate students enrolled. The admittance rate at Daytona State is 100 percent. In fact, Liberal arts and humanities, business, and nursing are all well-liked majors.

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Is Daytona College Hard to Get into?

Daytona State College is a school with an open admissions policy. Commonly, open admission institutions have low admissions thresholds and accept any applications as long as a few minimal criteria are satisfied. 

Throughout the year, new admittance is frequently granted continuously. To discover more about the specifics of Daytona State College’s open admission policy, contact them directly.

Does Daytona State College Require Test Scores in 2024?

At Daytona State College, all students are expected to have reading, writing, and math exam results that are college-ready on file. Any possible arrangement of valid scores will be accepted. For instance, SAT Reading/Writing score with PERT Math score.

Daytona SAT Requirements 

SAT/ACT scores are not necessary for admission to any program at DSC, however, depending on the results, they may be substituted for placement exams. 

Daytona ACT Requirements 

Nevertheless, SAT/ACT scores are not necessary for admission to any program at DSC, then, depending on the results, they may be substituted for placement exams. 

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What are the Admission Requirements for Daytona State College in 2024?

  • Test Scores
  • High School GPA
  • High School Class Rank
  • Completion of College Preparatory Program
  • Recommendations
  • Demonstration of Competencies

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Daytona State College GPA Requirements in 2024

First, you must have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 to be completely accepted into Daytona State College. Also, the final high school transcript must show a GPA of at least 2.0. 

Then, candidates for Daytona State College must satisfy the prerequisites listed below, including the English language proficiency and portfolio requirements. Please be aware that admissions are selective and that achieving the prerequisites only serves as a minimum. 

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Also, the minimum GPA requirements for Daytona State College are 60% in English 30-1 and 65% in English 30-2, or the provincial equivalent. a minimum grade point average in three extra Grade 12 courses. 

What are the Transfer Requirements for Daytona State College?

1. Apply 

Online applications are accepted, or you can visit one of our campuses. 

2. Register with Daytona State College 

Send transcripts in 

Transcripts from all post-secondary and/or technical schools you’ve already attended, as well as your high school, must be sent in their final, official form to the admissions office. Also, not just those from the institution where you took the classes you want to be counted toward your GPA, but all transcripts are needed.

3. Finished orientation 

The purpose of orientation is to familiarize you with the college, engage you as a learner, and prepare you for success at DSC. The orientation lasts for about 45 minutes and is delivered through a number of quick movies. Consequently, go to your To Do list on your Falcon Self-Service portal to finish the orientation. 

4. A New Student Advising Session may be booked. 

The next crucial step before starting school is to schedule your new student advising appointment. Every session is in a group setting with time for questions and answers. If you want to talk about transfer credits or anything else, you can have a private consultation with an expert. 

5. Sign up and pay for classes 

Through the MyDaytonaState website, you can register for and pay for classes in Falcon-Self Service. 

6. Provide residency documentation 

There are two tuition options at Daytona State College. Students who satisfy the requirements for Florida residency for tuition purposes are subject to one rate. The other is a higher tuition fee for non-residents. Finally, to be qualified for the cheaper in-state rate, you must show your Florida residency before the start of the semester. 

7. Residence Details 

Get Your Books, Parking Decal, and Student ID 

Also, before classes begin, pick up your student ID card and parking decal at the Falcon Center on any nearby campus or the Question & Answer Center on the Daytona Beach Campus. 

8. Books 

Moreover, at one of our campus bookstores, you can buy your books.

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How to Apply to Daytona College?

Daytona College welcomes students to all of the rights, privileges, programs, and activities usually given to our students without regard to their race, age, disability, creed, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, religion, or national or ethnic origin. 

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Nevertheless, In the management of our educational policies, admission policies, tuition payment systems, or any other college-controlled programs, we do not discriminate. The following are the minimal prerequisites for admission to our college:

  • A high school diploma, a GED equivalent, a transcript or certificate from a home study program that is equivalent to high school level and is recognized by the student’s home state, or a higher education credential achieved, such as an AS, AA, BA, BS, MBA, or Ph.D., are all acceptable forms of proof. The Admissions Department can give GED testing information to applicants to any program who have not yet earned a GED or who cannot provide proof of graduation. The admissions office finishes the GED for applicants who work with them. The procedure of enrolling may therefore proceed for the candidate
  • A candidate must be beyond the compulsory age of attendance at a secondary institution in order to be admitted to Daytona College.
  • Candidates for distance education programs must pass an assessment with a passing score of 80%, complete an online orientation, and fill out an application.
  • There are extra admissions requirements for some programs, such as the Associate of Science Nursing Degree. To learn more, please see the college catalog.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I apply for Nursing or other limited-access programs?

In addition to the admissions application, limited access programs like nursing, dental hygiene, and others have their own application procedure that must be completed once you have been granted admission to the college. There are extra particular courses and degree requirements for bachelor’s degree programs.

Do I need SAT/ACT scores to get accepted?

SAT/ACT scores are not necessary for admission to any program at DSC, however, depending on the results, they may be substituted for placement exams.

Does DSC accept foreign students? Is there a difference in tuition?

You are encouraged to enroll in the college if you are an international student. Students must pay the non-resident tuition rate in addition to a $50 application fee.

How do I apply to Daytona State College and how will I know if I’m accepted?

Indeed you can submit an application in person at any school, online, via mail, fax, or email, or you can download one. 
The majority of open enrollment program applications can be handled in within two days. The admission decision will be mailed to you. There are extra prerequisites for applications to limited access programs and bachelor’s degree programs.

What is my chance of getting into Daytona State College?

Admission at Daytona State College is unrestricted. To get admitted, open admission institutions typically simply demand a high school diploma or a GED.


In order to be admitted to Daytona State College, you must fulfill the exact general admission requirements for the qualification you have chosen.

 If you don’t fulfill these prerequisites, you might want to think about getting alternative credentials or, if you meet the requirements, enrolling in an extended program (see the college admission requirements), which would allow you to register for fewer modules in your first year.


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