15 Best Culinary Schools in Tennessee | Cost, Requirements, How to Apply

This article will examine the Culinary schools in Tennessee, their costs, requirements and how to apply.

Tennessee is an incredible tourist hotspot in the US, with many amazing tourist attractions. As such, there is a steady increase in demand for Culinary experts and Culinary schools in Tennessee.

Tennessee has many culinary schools because of the numerous restaurants and kitchens.

Are there Culinary Schools in Tennessee?

The Culinary schools in Tennessee are;

  • Glencliff High School
  • Austin Peay State University 
  • University of Tennessee
  • Middle Tennessee State University
  • Southwest Tennessee Community College
  • Chattanooga State Community College
  • Nossi College of Art
  • Nashville State Community College
  • Pellissippi State Community College
  • Rel Maples Institute for Culinary Arts at Walters State Community College
  • L’ecole Culinaire
  • The Art Institute 

How Much Do Culinary Schools Cost in Tennessee?

Remington College costs $19,603 per year in Tennessee.

Nashville State Community College has a cost price of $6,370 a year.

In Walters State Community College, the tuition and every other cost is $5,000

Lipscomb University costs a net price of $26,421.

Tennessee College of Applied Technology costs

$8,173 yearly.

Southern Adventist University costs a net price of $24,191 per year.

What are the Requirements for Culinary Schools in Tennessee?

Many Culinary schools in Tennessee accept applications online. Typical prerequisites include a high school diploma or GED certificate and academic transcripts. 

Culinary schools in Tennessee also require letters of recommendation and SAT/ACT scores. They can help applicants stand out.

Lipscomb University requires an SAT range of 1080-1310.

Also, Southern Adventist University requires SAT range of 970-1250.

What are the Best Culinary Schools in Tennessee?

1. L’ecole Culinaire

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges has granted the L’ecole Culinaire campus, Tennessee, accreditation. 

This campus provides public cooking classes, culinary arts diplomas, and degree programs. 

Also, the forty weeks of cooking theory lessons and laboratories that make up the Culinary Fundamentals credential cover the fundamentals of the field. 

Further, students are prepared for employment in culinary management jobs with an associate’s degree in culinary and restaurant management. 

In addition, classes in general education, labs, and classes on culinary theory are all part of this program.

Lastly, this Culinary school offers classes frequently to the public during the holidays, covering various international cuisines.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Tennessee.

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2. The Art institute

This Culinary School is where you want to be whether you are only looking at culinary schools in Tennessee or are interested in other states as well. 

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The institution teaches amazing culinary arts in various settings throughout various states. 

Programs in baking and pastry, culinary arts, and culinary administration are available at the Art Institute of Tennessee.

This Institute’s Culinary classes strongly emphasise fostering students’ creativity in the kitchen while teaching them the core abilities they need to succeed in the food service sector. 

Therefore, you will undoubtedly be able to become the chef you’ve always wanted to be with a degree from this globally renowned institution.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary schools in Tennessee.

3. Glencliff High School

One of the most well-liked vocational programs in the region, Glencliff High School’s outstanding culinary department is a standout among its peers. 

Students from this honourable curriculum have participated in culinary competitions at the national level. 

Also, twice a month, at the southern Tea Room, students can use their knowledge and abilities by planning the menu, coming up with a budget, preparing the meal, and serving the faculty. 

Additionally, there are options for work shadowing, attending career fairs, and getting internships for students.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Tennessee.

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4. Austin Peay State University

A degree in accelerated culinary arts is available for undergraduates at Austin Peay State University. It is one of the best culinary schools in Tennessee.

This certificate program, which only requires 12 credits, trains students for jobs in the culinary arts. 

In addition, food safety, nutrition, cost management, and the fundamentals of either baking or culinary arts are covered in the four necessary courses.

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5. University of Tennessee 

UT Culinary & Catering Program can be found at the University of Tennessee. 

The 12-week, full-time program trains participants for careers in restaurants, hotels, catering, food trucks, and other hospitality-related businesses. 

Approximately 15 industry specialists teach students in a commercial kitchen where they receive their training. 

Notably, the course is rigorous and difficult, but it exposes students to real-world situations like catering large events, running a food truck during a lunch rush, and designing a restaurant menu, among other things. 

Lastly, students can seek their chef’s certification during the program.

This is a good reason why it is one of the culinary schools in Tennessee.

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6. Middle Tennessee State University 

The Department of Nutrition and Food Science at Middle Tennessee State University offers a Bachelor of Science degree. 

The degree emphasises nutrition and the choice and preparation of wholesome foods. 

Also, modern equipment has been installed in a freshly refurbished food lab where students can practice cooking. 

Many times, local hospitals and nursing homes ask students and recent nutrition and food science graduates to work at their facilities. 

In addition, graduates have even gone on to help elite athletes with their unique nutritional requirements.

This is a good reason why it is among the best culinary schools in Tennessee.

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7. Southwest Tennessee Community College

Southwest Tennessee Community College offers a hospitality management associate’s degree with a culinary arts specialization. 

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This prestigious cooking school’s modern kitchen and classroom ensure that students always use the most recent culinary technologies. 

Also, Ice carving, professional catering, administration, and nutrition are just a few of the courses offered in this 60-credit program. 

Furthermore, numerous fascinating businesses that provide internship opportunities have relationships with STCC’s culinary department. 

Lastly, graduates of this curriculum are well-equipped to work as entry-level chefs in various establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, and resorts.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best Culinary schools in Tennessee.

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8. Chattanooga State Community College

Chattanooga State Community College offers culinary arts focus in the Associate of Applied Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management. 

The curriculum gives students the skills necessary to work in hospitality, catering, and healthcare settings. 

Also, in two years, students can finish this 60-credit program. 

Among the topics covered in the coursework are ice carving, management, catering, legal considerations, and supervision. 

Furthermore, an internship opportunity is offered as part of the program to give students experience in the workplace before entering the sector on their own.

This is a good reason why it is one of the culinary schools in Tennessee.

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10. Nossi College of Art 

A culinary arts associate’s degree is available at Nashville’s Nossi School of Art. 

Professionals from the sector, including several accomplished professional chefs, are responsible for all aspects of the two-year curriculum. 

Furthermore, the students completed 17 courses covering subjects including European and Mediterranean cuisine, the fundamentals of baking, and restaurant technology and cost management. 

In addition, to finish the program, you must also complete an internship and a capstone project.

This is a good reason it is among Tennessee’s top culinary schools.

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10. Nashville State Community College

The American Culinary Federation has certified the culinary arts associate’s degree program at Nashville State Community College. 

In the setting of a working kitchen, students develop their creative thinking and teamwork skills. 

Also, the students at this prestigious culinary school can hone their culinary abilities through a practical program. 

In addition, students learn how to plan a menu, construct a budget, employ cost- and inventory-control strategies, and prepare food in a hygienic setting. 

Before graduating, students get the option to work professionally through two paid, 300-hour internships that are a part of the curriculum.

This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Tennessee.

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11. Pellissippi State Community College

The Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts program at Pellissippi State Community College is available for prospective students. 

This culinary degree program offers students a solid foundation in business and administration, making it perfect for those who enjoy cooking and are interested in starting their own businesses. 

Notably, the culinary arts program at Pellissippi State Community College is a cohort program, meaning that all students start out at the same place and finish the degree together. 

Furthermore, Garde Manger, Breakfast Cookery, and Introduction to Business, to name just a few, are among the courses that must be taken to complete the degree.

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This is a good reason why it is one of the best culinary schools in Tennessee.

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12. Rel Maples Institute for Culinary Arts at Walters State Community College

A top culinary school offering a variety of culinary degrees and certificates that the American Culinary Federation approves is the Rel Maples Institute for Culinary Arts at Walters State Community College. 

Students at this institute have access to a 2,100-square-foot facility with a cutting-edge kitchen, bake shop, demo kitchen, and dining area. 

Also, at special catered events, students design menus, prepare the food, and serve it. 

Additionally, both during the curriculum and during the interns’ internships, the program emphasizes hands-on learning. 

Finally, graduates are ready for careers in non-commercial food service, restaurant management, food service, and baking.

This is a good reason why it is among the best culinary schools in Tennessee. 

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How Much Do Cooks Make in Tennessee?

Cooks in Tennessee make an average salary of $26,700. 

Pay is usually between $24816 to $32757 per year.

How Do I Become a Cook in Tennessee?

The majority of employers favor hiring candidates who have at least a high school education or an equivalent certificate.

The greatest way to learn how to cook or be a chef in Tennessee is through practical experience. 

Also, you can work your way up the culinary career ladder by beginning as a waiter in a restaurant or a dishwasher in the kitchen. 

Alternatively, you can opt to enroll in a two-year or four-year culinary arts degree program and obtain a certificate or degree.

Best Paying Culinary Jobs in  Tennessee with Salary

A Culinary Supervisor in Tennessee earns an estimated $31,000 – $42,000 a year.

A personal chef makes $21 an hour in Tennessee.

Culinary Teachers in Tennessee earn between $42,000 – $61,000 yearly.

A Culinary manager makes between $45,000-$59,000 per annum in Tennessee.

Directors of Food and Beverage in Tennessee earn a salary range of $70,000 – $99,000 every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a culinary school in Tennessee?

There are five culinary schools in Tennessee that can give you the skills you need to start a culinary career. They are primarily located in urban areas. The average cost of tuition throughout the state is $8,367, but the average scholarship award is an impressive $2,028.

How long is a culinary school in Tennessee?

The ingredients for a culinary career.

Nashville State’s two-year Culinary Arts A.A.S. degree prepares students for careers as chefs and culinary professionals in the dynamic cooking and baking industry.

Is culinary a 4-year course?

Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts

Although the entire Culinary Arts Programcan takes up to four years, the skills and techniques that you will develop are worth the while. Completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts has a lot of benefits.

Does UT have a culinary program?

The University of Tennessee Culinary Program is a full-time, 8-week, 190-hour course that prepares you to begin an exciting career in restaurants, hotels, catering, food trucks, and more.

What is in culinary arts?

Culinary art is a broad term that refers to food preparation, cooking, plating, presentation, and service. It applies to meals and their components – like appetizers, side dishes, and main courses – rather than desserts or bread.

How many UT schools are there?


The University of Texas System has served Texas for more than 135 years, improving the lives of Texans—and people worldwide—through education, health care and research at 13 academic and health institutions across the state.


The Culinary schools in Tennessee are all unique in their own way and they’re recognized worldwide for the excellent quality of education they possess.

Therefore, choose the one you think would be a good fit for and advance your Culinary career.


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