Butler University Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions 

This article contains all the information about the Butler University acceptance rate, its requirements, GPA scores, and admission status.

Indianapolis, Indiana, is home to Butler University, a nonprofit private college that only concentrates on a small number of its available disciplines. 

At Butler University, there are about 5,000 students enrolled. Before applying to this school, you might need to take the SAT or ACT. 

Applicants accepted to Butler University typically have SAT test scores between 1150 (25th percentile) and 1330 (75th percentile) and an ACT score between 24 (25th percentile) and 30 (75th percentile). 

The average GPA range for accepted students at Butler University is thought to be between 3.92 and 4.0 based on sampling GPA data that was gathered and applied.

10 percent of candidates choose to enroll in this school, Butler university has an acceptance rate of 73%. Visit the admissions office website at.butler.edu to learn more.

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What to know about Butler University? 

This lovely university’s campus occupies 301 acres of space. Students at Butler University are required to show up for semester exams, which are scheduled on a semester basis. 

The cost of attending Butler University is $43,400 USD. Butler University provides a wide range of majors and minors. 

Butler’s many programs, including Dance, Pharmacy, and Business, are regarded around the country for their academic quality. It is renowned for its six esteemed colleges as well.

There are many student organizations at Butler University, including the Butler Chorale and The Collegian Student Newspaper. 

The Butler Bulldogs are a highly successful men’s basketball team at Butler. Additionally, they typically compete in NCAA Division I.

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Do you intend to apply to Butler University? Here are the admissions facts you should know, including average SAT/ACT scores and GPAs of admitted students.

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What is Butler University’s acceptance rate? 

Butler university acceptance rate is 73%. This indicates that 73 out of every 100 applicants were accepted, making Butler’s admissions process moderately tough.

What is Butler University’s transfer acceptance rate in 2024? 

Butler University’s acceptance rate for transfers is 26.55%.

The difficulty of transferring to Butler University is demonstrated by this. To estimate your odds of being approved, utilize the free calculator below.

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Is Butler University hard to get into?

Butler’s acceptance rate is 73%. In Indiana, it has the lowest acceptance rate, coming in at number 21. 

If you match the admissions requirements, Butler University is an easy school to get into with a very good likelihood of acceptance. 

11,045 out of 14,592 applications were accepted the previous year.

The institution has extremely high SAT and ACT admission standards, typically admitting students with scores in the top 27% (SAT 1150/1320, ACT 25/30). 

With an average GPA of roughly 3.92 and a “A-” average in high school, Butler University frequently accepts and draws these students. 

The majority of first-year students graduate in the top 25% of their high school class. 10% of applicants who were given the option to enroll did so.

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Does Butler University require test scores? 

Admission to Butler University does not necessitate the submission of SAT or ACT scores. 

Test results are optional but will be taken into account if you submit them with your application. For the 2021–2022 school year, 66% of applicants provided SAT scores and 72% submitted ACT scores.

SAT requirements 

The top 32% of SAT test takers are often preferred by Butler University when considering candidates. 

Below 1150 on a 1600-point scale, the school routinely accepts SAT composite scores, and admission should be regarded as a stretch. Some kids, in our estimation, might be accepted with SAT scores as low as 1060. 

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For freshmen accepted, the average SAT composite score is 1240 out of 1600. Butler has the highest average SAT composite score in the US, coming in at #185 overall and #4 in Indiana. 

Given that 66 percent of candidates submit SAT scores to the school, having a competitive SAT score is essential.

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ACT requirements 

According to admissions data, Butler frequently accepts students with ACT scores of 25 and higher. 

Top 22 percent of the nation’s ACT scores are frequently provided by successful applicants. We believe that in some cases, the minimum ACT composite score accepted by the school is around 22. 

Students who submit an ACT composite of 28 or higher should rank in the top half of applicants, and those with scores of 30 and higher have excellent odds. 

The school has the greatest average ACT composite score in the nation, coming in at #176 overall and #5 in Indiana. The ACT is particularly crucial because 72% of candidates to Butler University submit their ACT scores.

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What are the admission requirements for Butler University? in 2024 

  • GPAs from High School Are Required
  • You Must Have Your School Records
  • College Preparation Classes are Necessary
  • It is advised that you provide recommendation letters.
  • Scores from standardized tests (SAT, ACT, etc.) are required
  • Foreign Language Students Must Take the TOEFL Exam

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What are the transfer requirements for Butler University in 2024? 

Access Point

Grade-level transcripts

Essays or personal statements from a college application or personal statement interview Test results

Good Standing Report from a Prior Institution

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Butler University GPA Requirements in 2024

Butler University accepts only students with extraordinarily high grades. 

The average high school GPA of Butler University’s approved freshmen class was 3.92 on a 4.0 scale, showing that the majority of A- students get accepted and ultimately enroll. 

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The university has the second-highest average GPA in Indiana. You have a very good chance of getting into Butler if your high school grades are better than the typical 3.92 GPA. Butler admits 73% of applicants.

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How to apply to Butler University? 

  • Students who are interested can apply to Butler University online by using either the Common Application or their own website.
  • The university authorities will make a decision when the application has been submitted.
  • When receiving an admissions offer, a refundable enrollment deposit must be made.


Butler University has a relatively challenging admissions procedure and admits more than two-thirds of applicants.

You stand a good chance of getting accepted if your SAT/ACT and GPA are within the school’s average limits.

However, keep in mind that Butler also has an all-encompassing admissions procedure, and admissions decisions are based on more than just scores. 

Your application can be strengthened by a solid application essay, a demanding course load, and involvement in worthwhile extracurricular activities.

Butler also gives applicants the option of including optional letters of recommendation and a CV of their activities and honors. 

Even if a student’s grades and test scores fall beyond Butler’s typical range, they may still be given considerable consideration if they have unusually impressive stories or accomplishments.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Butler University prefer SAT or ACT? 

Butler receives the SAT scores of 66% of students. When applying, 72% of applicants include their ACT scores.

What is my chance of getting into Butler University? 

Admission to Butler is granted to 73% of applicants. There is fierce rivalry for admission, and the college has very rigorous requirements.

What SAT score is required for Butler University? 

The SAT score range for 50% of admitted candidates is between 1150 and 1320. When applying, 66% of students include their SAT results.

What ACT score is required for Butler University? 

The middle 50% of candidates that are accepted have ACT scores in the range of 25 and 30. When applying, 72% of students include their ACT results. 

Can Butler University students live off-campus? 

Although it is possible for students to reside off campus, they must live on campus for six semesters.



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