15 Best Trade Schools in Colorado Springs | Costs, Requirements, and How to Apply

This article explores the best trade schools in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs, known for its industry and trade, is an excellent place to begin your practical studies. 

Trade schools are ideal for pursuing a practical career because they provide short and sped-up courses that are convenient for your schedule.

Colorado Springs vocational and trade schools offer career-focused training in allied health, technology, skilled trades, and legal services. 

Graduates of vocational schools can work as occupational therapy assistants, mechanics, respiratory therapists, electricians, and paralegals. 

Many of these in-demand fields offer above-average pay and rapid job growth. 

Over four-year academic programs, vocational programs provide several advantages.

 A vocational certificate or degree, for example, typically takes 1-2 years to complete, allowing students to enter the workforce sooner than students in four-year programs. 

Vocational schools are also typically much less expensive than four-year programs. 

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, professionals with occupational credentials have a higher employment rate than professionals with academic certificates. 

There are many vocational and technical schools. 

These are some of the best trade schools to help you get the job of your dreams.

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Are there Trade Schools in Colorado Springs?

In Colorado, spring’s top trade schools. By researching these schools, students can find the best fit for their interests and professional goals. 

This article also contains information on the job and salary prospects for trade school graduates and scholarship opportunities for students.

  1. Independent Electrical Contractors Assoc. – Southern Colorado Chapter
  2. Colorado Dental Assistant School
  3. Kilroy’s Workshop, Inc.
  4. Apex College of Veterinary Technology
  5. Colorado Springs School of Massage
  6. MGA Academy
  7. Barnett Bicycle Institute
  8. Avanza Training
  9. Paul Mitchell The School Colorado Springs
  10. Helten Institute of Real Estate Development
  11. Pikes Peak Community College
  12. Red Rocks Community College
  13. Front Range Community College
  14. Arapahoe Community College
  15. Aims Community College

How Much Does Trade School Cost in Colorado Springs?

The tuition fee for trade schools in Colorado Springs is around 22,200 USD per year for the base programs, and you can also get the chance to apply for extensive apprenticeships to further your skills and knowledge.

What are the Requirements for Trade Schools in Colorado Springs?

The enrollment process is straightforward, and it consists in submitting the application form, being at least 18 years old, having an ID/driver’s license, and some additional documents.

During a trade program, students complete coursework and hands-on training. 

For example, paramedic studies students build emergency care skills through laboratory and experiential learning requirements, while electrician students apply their training during practicum requirements.

What are the Best Trade Schools in Colorado Springs | 2024?

Vocational schools in Colorado springs prepare students for careers in growing occupations. 

By choosing a top-ranked trade program, professionals can advance their careers and increase their earnings. 

This list ranks the best trade schools in Colorado to help prospective students find the right fit to reach their goals.

1. Independent Electrical Contractors Assoc. – Southern Colorado Chapter

The Independent Electrical Contractors Association: Southern Colorado Chapter is part of an extensive and professional electrical training educational chain that provides modern, safe, and future-oriented training to the next generation of electrical professionals. 

The Colorado Springs branch is excellent, with a short and comprehensive program that will help anyone begin a new and successful career in electrical technology. 

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The materials and textbooks are very modern and will provide you with the tools and skills to embark on this exciting new career and start a fantastic business.

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2. Colorado Dental Assistant School

If you want to start a new career as a dental assistant, Colorado Dental Assistant School is an excellent and wise choice. 

Over a few weeks of training with the best, students will receive innovative training and skill practice. 

The students will gain experience and expertise from some of the most remarkable dental assistants and experts in the state as they practice their skills in a dental office. 

The program structure is very flexible, and you can choose intensive classes to speed up your training or better fit your schedule.

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3. Kilroy’s Workshop, Inc.

Kilroy’s Workshop in Colorado Springs is the place to be if you want to start a new career in welding or heavy trades. It offers modern and comprehensive programs. 

The instructors and trainers are all experts in welding and metal technology. They will walk you through all the steps necessary to become a fantastic professional with a high chance of employment. 

Aside from that, all the practice areas are modern and only available to students at this school. 

Students will also work in actual workshops and gain skills for a rewarding career.

Courses offered

  • Welding
  • Blacksmithing

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4. Apex College of Veterinary Technology

Founded on the premise that anyone can begin a new career in animal care. 

Apex College of Veterinary Technology is a fantastic place to begin a new career in an exciting field.

Some of the most knowledgeable and well-respected experts in the field deliver the programs, and the school board tries to incorporate innovative technologies and techniques into the curriculum. 

Medical institutions consider the programs among the best in the state, and the institute’s alums are among the best veterinary experts in the area.

Courses offered

  • Veterinary technician
  • Veterinary practice management

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5. Colorado Springs School of Massage

The Colorado Springs School of Massage is a reputable and well-regarded educational institution that will teach you all the secrets and techniques required to launch a successful career in massage. 

They commit trainers and teachers to transform you into a respected and sought-after massage therapist and well-being expert, and they will include courses on empathy, communication, anatomy, and other topics. 

The classes cover skills required to succeed in this field, either during the day or evening, to fit your schedule and career goals.

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6. MGA Academy

MGA Academy is an excellent place to begin medical training because it provides comprehensive and modern medical training and formation. 

All tutors and educators are amiable, professional, active, and well-respected medical experts.

The school also provides career and educational counseling to assist you in obtaining the job of your dreams. 

The materials, textbooks, resources, and training areas are excellent, and educators and teachers are constantly improving them to keep you updated on the most recent trends and techniques.

Courses offered

  • CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)
  • BLS (Basic Life Support)

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7. Barnett Bicycle Institute

Prepare to go! Learn the ins and outs of bike repair and launch a new and promising technical career with the help of some of the state’s best trainers and educators. 

The demand for bicycle technicians has increased significantly in recent years, and you will ride this wave and quickly find a new job or start your own business. 

This school’s program is flexible, and you will adjust your schedule while learning. 

It will also instruct them in the secrets and mechanics of electric bikes. 

The schedule and modules chosen determine the tuition program tuition for the program, and you can learn more about it when you visit their website.

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8. Avanza Training

With over nine years of experience, Avanza Training is an excellent place to begin a new and exciting medical career. 

This Colorado-certified center provides comprehensive and exciting classes and short programs to help anyone begin a new and successful career as a medical professional. 

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The trainers and teachers are active professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. 

Aside from the standard educational program, the three expert trainers will ensure you gain all the skills necessary to begin an excellent career path. 

Tuition for the programs ranges from 900 USD to 1150 USD, depending on the teaching method and schedule chosen. 

There are many financial plans and help programs available to you.

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9. Paul Mitchell The School Colorado Springs

Mitchell, Paul The School is part of a large chain of beauty schools well-known throughout the country for their unique classes and the founder and artist Paul Mitchell’s unwavering dedication. 

The programs help every newcomer get the hang of the beauty industry and quickly gain the skills needed to begin a new and beautiful career path that will bring you a lot of satisfaction. 

Given the fantastic skills and techniques they will learn from outstanding educators and artists, students who graduate from these schools have an excellent chance of working in famous salons or starting their businesses. 

This fantastic school’s tuition highly depends on your chosen program.

Courses offered

  • Barbering
  • Hairstyling
  • Hair design and many more

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10. Helten Institute of Real Estate Development

Real estate is one of the most dynamic and profitable industries, and you can also learn how to get the hang of it with the help of the Helten Institute of Real Estate Development school.

This school offers excellent bundles, boot camps, and classes that will give you all the needed skills and tools to start a new and exciting career in one of the most profitable fields.

The trainers are real estate agents and brokers with decades of experience. They are ready to help everyone get the skills, communication level, knowledge, and confidence to start a new career.

The tuition for the introductory course is around 450 USD, and the highest education is about 1150 USD, but it also includes additional materials and classes that will boost your business skills.

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11. Pikes Peak Community College

  • LOCATION: Colorado Springs, CO
  • TUITION- $8858

In Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Community College is the largest trade education institution in the Pikes Peak area. 

In these trade schools in Colorado, PPCC offers over 150 degrees, including technical education. 

PPCC’s trade programs include associate degrees and certificates in allied health, automotive repair, culinary arts, and dental assisting.

An associate of applied science in a trade or technical profession typically requires 60 credits and takes two years to complete. 

Coursework prepares students for jobs in various fields. 

For instance, the AAS in automotive repair requires courses in welding and cutting, structural damage repair, and spray equipment operation.

Graduates are qualified for jobs in auto shops. 

PPCC boasts an 89% job placement rate. Some programs include an internship or apprenticeship component besides coursework.

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12. Red Rocks Community College

  • TUITION- $8493

Red Rocks Community College is part of the Colorado Community College system and maintains campuses in Lakewood and Arvada. 

The school offers associate degrees and certificates in several trades, such as auto collision technology, building maintenance, computer information systems, and emergency medical services.

Most associate degrees require 60-63 credits and take two years to complete. 

Certificate programs require 10-40 credits. Associate degree students frequently earn a certificate in earning their degree. 

For instance, air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration require 62 credits, and students earn a certificate in refrigeration. 

Courses cover topics such as the fundamentals of gas heating, piping skills, bare sheet metal, air conditioning systems, and mechanical codes.

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13. Front Range Community College

  • TUITION: $8941

Front Range Community College runs multiple campuses in cities throughout Colorado, including Westminster, Longmont, and Fort Collins. 

The school offers over 60 career programs and certificates in automation and engineering technology, criminal justice and public safety, medical assisting, and welding technology.

Most associate programs at FRCC require 60-63 credits and take two years to complete. 

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For example, the degree of applied science in medical assisting requires 60 credits, including courses on medical record terminology, medical office administration, and pharmacology. 

FRCC offers apprenticeships in healthcare, manufacturing, and tree care.

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14. Arapahoe Community College

  • TUITION: $7610

In Littleton, Arapahoe Community College was the first community college to open in Denver. 

ACC offers degrees and certificate programs, including associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. 

The school’s vocational trade degrees cover construction management, health information technology, medical laboratory technology, and emergency service administration.

ACC also offers apprenticeship programs in community association management, medical assisting, property management, and water operation.

 An associate of applied science degree in a technical or trade field requires 60-90 credits. 

Learners can usually complete the degree in two years. ACC delivers some programs, particularly those with a labor hands-on training component, in a hybrid format with online lectures but in-person lab sessions. 

ACC also offers several scholarships, grants, and work-study programs.

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15. Aims Community College

  • TUITION: $7555

Aims Community College runs campuses in Greeley, Windsor, Fort Lupton, and Loveland. 

In addition, aims offers over 200 degree and certificate programs, including vocational trade programs in paramedics, nursing, engineering technology, and fire science technology.

Many of the school’s trades and technical profession programs prepare students to get official credentials. Learners can choose from several program options. 

The college’s associate of applied science degrees require 50-65 credits and take two years to complete.

Students can complete certificates in 1-2 semesters. For instance, in emergency medical services, students can complete a 12-credit EMT certificate, a 13-credit AEMT certificate that includes a clinical internship, or a 51-credit associate degree in paramedics. 

These options prepare students to take the National Registry of Emergency Technicians exam. 

Tuition costs $106 per credit for in-state students and $425 per credit for out-of-state students.

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How Much do Traders Make in Colorado Springs?

Many trade school careers offer above-average pay and strong job growth prospects. 

Salaries vary depending on factors such as role, industry, and location, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), trade school occupations pay an average annual salary of $55,000. 

Graduates of trade schools can pursue opportunities in various fields with varying salary potential. 

Personal care and service occupations, for example, pay an average of $32,700 per year, 

installation, maintenance, and repair works pay more than $50,000 annually. 

Healthcare practitioners and technical occupations earn around $55,000 per year. 

The location also affected the salary outlook for trade school graduates. 

In Colorado, BLS wage estimates show that many trade occupations pay well. 

For example, on average, respiratory therapists earn more than $64,000 per year, while dental hygienists earn less.

How do I become a Trader in Colorado Springs?

Career and technical education (CTE) is available to Colorado Springs students at various secondary schools, community colleges, and technical schools throughout the city.

Technology and communications, family and consumer sciences, and business and marketing are just a few subjects available to students in these programs. 

Prospective students looking for a vocational school in Colorado can use this article as a guide to narrow down their options.

Best-Paying Jobs In Colorado Springs with Salary 

  • Electricians annual salary for electricians exceeded $56,000
  • Paralegals yearly median wage for paralegals exceeded $51,000
  • Paramedics earned median yearly pay of over $35,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go to trade school online?

Yes. Many trade schools offer online vocational programs. Students complete coursework in a distance learning format during an online program while meeting any onsite requirements locally.

Are scholarships available for vocational students?

Yes. Vocational students qualify for many scholarship and grant opportunities. Some scholarships require attendance at an accredited institution.

When can I apply to a trade school?

Many trade schools accept applications on a rolling basis, meaning new students can apply. Most programs also offer multiple start dates throughout the year.

How long does trade school take?

Earning a certificate or degree from a vocational school takes 1-2 years, depending on the program. Students receive classroom and experiential training during their program.


Trade schools are the perfect launching pad for a fantastic career!

Students attending trade schools in Colorado Springs may qualify for scholarship opportunities offered by private foundations, professional organizations, and government agencies.

Get the program you desire and build and career for a lifetime!


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