Bates College Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

The Bates College acceptance rate should be your first consideration if you wish to attend the school. 

Notably, the acceptance rate at Bates College is low. They are quite competitive because of this. 

The GPA and SAT/ACT standards must be met by students who want to enroll in Bates College. 

It’s critical to realize that Bates College does not give a lot of weight to SAT/ACT results. 

Instead, they anticipate that chosen candidates will provide an eye-catching résumé. 

Furthermore, Students must refine their extracurricular projects as a result. 

They must also finish degree-relevant courses to improve their resumes. 

It can also be beneficial to gather teacher letters of recommendation. 

The acceptance rate at Bates College is the first factor to consider if you wish to enroll. 

This demonstrates how demanding the curriculum is and how competitive the institution is.

Lastly, applicants should not be deterred by the Bates acceptance rate from showing their skills and academic prowess in their applications.

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What to know about Bates College

Bates College is a private, co-ed liberal arts college that consistently ranks among the top in the nation. 

Bates is a small institution backed by the resources of the Lewiston Colleges, a consortium of five undergraduate colleges and two graduate schools with nearby campuses and common resources, located in Lewiston, Maine, about 35 miles east of Augusta. 

By integrating educational resources on campus, abroad, and in the local community, Bates College engages students’ intellect, heart, and soul by combining classroom learning and fieldwork. 

More importantly, it provides a curriculum that includes 40 key fields and concentrates on an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural education focusing on social responsibility and community service.

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What is the Bates College Acceptance Rate in 2024? 

Bates College accepts 14.1% of applications. 14 were picked from 100 applications. 

This reveals how picky the school is about its students. 

To move past the initial screening stage and show that you are academically prepared, you must meet the GPA and SAT/ACT requirements. 

If you don’t meet their standards, your acceptance prospects are nonexistent. 

Once you’ve overcome that obstacle, you must wow the Bates College admissions panel with other application needs, such as additional applications, essays, and letters of recommendation. 

Bates, for example, has an acceptance rate GPA of 3.85 on a scale of 4.0. 

Applicants to Bates College must therefore be among their class’ top performers.

Between 90 and 92% correspond to this figure.

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As a result, you must receive 90–92%, or an “A,” in each subject area if you wish to enter Bates College. 

Thus, start making your arrangements as a result today. 

To meet the GPA requirements for admission, raise your middle and high school grades.

What is Bates College’s Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2024? 

The year 2017 saw 329 transfer candidates accepted by Bates College. 33 students were taken on by the school. 

The acceptance rate for transfers at Bates college is thus 10.03%. This demonstrates the difficulty of moving to Bates. 

To enter Bates, candidates must have very high marks. 

Bates College’s freshman class had an average high school GPA of 3.93 on a 4.0 scale, showing that honors students are given priority for admission because they will eventually graduate. 

Regarding the highest GPA, the school is ranked 10th in Maine. 

Due to Bates’ high level of selection, meeting these GPA standards is insufficient for admission.

Is Bates College hard to get into? 

Getting a high SAT/ACT score and GPA is essential to your chances of getting into Bates college because this institution is incredibly selective. 

The school will probably reject you outright if your SAT/ACT scores and GPA don’t fulfill their requirements. 

Also, applicants should aim for 1490 on the SAT or a 33 on the ACT to have the best chance of being accepted. 

The minimum GPA requirement is 3.94. A higher SAT/ACT score is required to compensate for a lower GPA. 

Moreover, you will need to wow them with another aspect of your application for a selective institution like Bates College. We’ll examine these particulars next.

But if you apply with an SAT or ACT score less than 1490 or 33, you regrettably start at a disadvantage and have little chance of being accepted. 

Therefore, interested applicants need to compete with the numerous students with excellent SAT/ACT scores and compelling applications.

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Does Bates College Require Test Scores in 2024?

Most schools require the SAT or ACT, and many also require the SAT subject tests. 

Bates College requires above-average scores on both SAT and ACT.

The school also requires a high GPA for applications.

Therefore, you must take the SAT or ACT to apply. 

More crucially, a compelling application is necessary for success.

Bates College SAT Requirements

Although the SAT is optional, this information indicates that Bates College considers applicants with composite SAT scores of 1480 or higher to be competitive. 

SAT scores are not necessary for admission at Bates. 

Note that Bates participates in the score choice program, so if you decide to submit your SAT scores, the admissions office will take into account your highest score from each section across all SAT test dates. 

The optional SAT essay portion is not required for admission to Bates.

Bates College ACT Requirements

The central 50% of applicants accepted by Bates had a composite ACT score between 29 and 33, 25% had a score over 33, and 25% had a score below 29. 

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However, Admission to Bates is not contingent on ACT scores. 

Students should be aware that Bates participates in the score choice program, which means the admissions office will consider your top score from each section across all ACT test dates. 

The ACT writing portion is not necessary to apply to Bates.

What are the Admission Requirements for Bates College in 2024?

A small percentage of applicants are accepted into Bates College and must have above-average grades and test results. 

On the other hand, Bates also offers a test-optional admissions process and bases admissions decisions on factors other than academic performance. 

Your candidacy can be strengthened by a compelling application essay, excellent recommendation letters, involvement in noteworthy extracurricular activities, and a demanding course load. 

Notably, Bates gives interviews to prospective candidates while not necessary. 

Also, an optional art or performance portfolio may be submitted by prospective applicants in the arts (music, theater, dance, art, film, and creative writing).

Moreover, even if a student’s grades and test scores fall outside of Bates’ typical range, they may still be given serious consideration if they have unusually impressive tales.

Most chosen candidates had “A-” or above high school averages. 

The range will be wider for standardized test results, but almost all candidates self-reported above-average results, frequently above 1200 on the SAT (ERW+M). 

Remember that Bates College does not require test scores, thus applicants with scores outside the specified range are not required to submit their results.

Transfer Requirements for Bates College

The transfer requirements to Bates College are outlined below;

  • By the application deadline, a transfer applicant needed to have achieved a high school diploma or GED and finished two or more quarters or at least one semester of college. First-semester or second-quarter college students are not yet eligible for our transfer process. 
  • The maximum number of community college transferable units is 64-semester or 96 quarter units. 
  • Before enrolling at Bates College, transfer students must complete any prerequisite first-year writing courses at their present university. 
  • A Bates College degree is only awarded to transfer students who have attended Pitzer for at least two years. 
  • Consider submitting an application to Bates as a New Resources student if you are 23 years of age or older.

Bates College GPA Requirements in 2024? 

The incoming class at Bates College in 2019 had an average high school GPA of 3.73. 

According to the data, Bates applicants most likely to succeed had a majority of As.

In addition, you need to enroll in challenging courses like AP or IB classes to demonstrate that college-level coursework is simple. 

Changing your GPA in time for college is challenging if you are currently a junior or senior. 

You will need a higher SAT or ACT score to make up for a GPA at or below the high school GPA requirement of 3.94. 

This will enable you to compete successfully against applicants with higher GPAs than your own.

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How to Apply to Bates College

Due to its low acceptance rate and high GPA, Bates College has a very tough admissions pool. 

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Students may elect to submit their SAT or ACT scores or not because the university is test-optional.

 A variety of academic standards are used in its thorough admissions procedure. 

Note that candidates must complete the online application form. 

Along with involvement in student organizations and taking on a demanding course load, you can support your candidacy with a compelling essay and good letters of recommendation. 

Even though a student’s GPA is below average, they might still be given considerable credit for their accomplishments and special qualities. 

Lastly, an admissions consultant will inform applicants of the following phases in the application procedure after submitting their application.

For helpful information and the phone number for the admissions office, prospective students should visit the university’s website.

Alternatives to Bates College

  • Bowdoin College
  • Wesleyan University 
  • Colby Sawyer College
  • Union College
  • Bard College
  • Clark University 
  • Smith College
  • Colby College
  • Ithaca College
  • Williams College
  • Dickinson College
  • Salve Regina University 
  • Arkansas Baptist College
  • College of Saint Elizabeth 
  • Virginia Union University 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is admission to Bates College difficult? 

Bates College admissions are very competitive. Bates’ total acceptance percentage for the class of 2025 was 14% even though the college received 7,696 applications. 
There is an Early Decision admissions process at Bates, and 838 applications were submitted.

What is the reputation of Bates University? 

Bates College, a renowned liberal arts institution, is situated in Lewiston, Maine. 
We take great pride in providing a highly individualized education that emphasizes meaningful interactions between students, professors, and the community.

Is the campus at Bates dry? 

Private parties and social gatherings are off-limits to non-Bates community members unless they are guests of a community member. 
Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited on campus but permitted outside of dorms with Student Affairs’ approval.

Are students happy at Bates College? 

Bates is a top-notch institution that offers an intellectually stimulating challenge, creates strong bonds between faculty and students, and is a fantastic place to unwind. 
Even though some lectures may be challenging, the majority of teachers will keep you interested, and many of them are also just incredibly wonderful individuals.

What extracurricular activities do Bates students participate in? 

The puddle jump (polar bear club in February) and Gala are two simple yet enjoyable Bates traditions that bring the campus together. 
There were many students performing groups to choose from; I regularly went to shows by the thriving theater, dance, acapella, stand-up comedy, and several student bands.


In conclusion, Bates College’s acceptance rate is 14.01%, and its graduation rate is 53.02% for the academic years 2021–2022. 

261 men and 414 women were accepted into Bates College out of 1243 applications from men and 2433 from women. 

133 males and 223 women are enrolled at the school (autumn 2021). 

The table and graph below provide information on admissions, such as the number of applicants, acceptance rate, and yield rate (also known as the enrollment rate). 

It asks candidates to submit their high school GPA, rank, transcript, and proof that they have successfully completed a college preparatory program. 

Furthermore, the institution advises prospective students to include their high school GPA in their applications. 

The prerequisites for applying to Bates College are outlined on the school website.


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