Alexander Rutherford Scholarship at the University of Alberta

The Alberta Alexander Rutherford Scholarship is an admission award for first-year undergraduate students who are enrolled full-time, have resided in Alberta for at least the previous 12 months, and have shown some sort of merit. The award, which has a maximum annual value of $5,000, is designed to assist students who have financial challenges.

In addition, Alberta has a unique rewards program with criteria that is distinct from that of the other three Atlantic provinces (Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia).

Student Awards Program, Campus Alberta Award Program, and Student Achievement Awards Program are three programs that students may apply for, depending on their eligibility.

One of the most prominent scholarships offered to high school students in Alberta is the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship. It bears the name of Alexander Rutherford (1847–1922), the father of former premier George W. Crosbie and premier from 1905 to 1908.

Deserving Alberta high school graduates who enrol in post-secondary education at a facility located inside the province of Alberta are given financial help through the award.

Students who decide to pursue higher education must also deal with the difficulties of funding their academic aspirations. Fortunately, there are numerous scholarships available to assist students in overcoming these obstacles and reaching their full potential.

One such scholarship is the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, which is given annually to undergraduate students who exhibit a commitment to positively influencing their community through work and extracurricular activities. This scholarship was established to inspire young Albertans to uphold their civic duties.

You will find all the information you need about the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship in this post. Directions on how to apply for the scholarship, who is eligible for it, and where to find the essential resources.

Level/Field of Study

The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship is designed to honour and encourage seniors in high school who have excelled academically to pursue post-secondary education.

Host Nationality

Alexander Rutherford, Alberta’s first prime minister and minister of education, was known for his dedication to education and community affairs.

Eligibility for Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship has its target students and criteria for awarding, unlike the thousands of other scholarships accessible to students worldwide. Citizens of Alberta or those who have lived there for at least 13 months are eligible for this scholarship.

The criteria for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship are as follows:

  • You must be a citizen of Canada or a Canadian permanent resident.
  • Before applying, you must have lived in Alberta for at least a year.
  • You must have finished your senior year and graduated from an Alberta high school the preceding academic year.
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You must have an admission average of 70% and be a first-year, full-time undergraduate student. You can figure this out by multiplying your final high school grade in each subject by 40 (the number of credits).

Your percentage score will be the result, which must then be rounded up or down (to the next decimal point) to determine your admission average.

Before entering university, you must meet these criteria in addition to having a minimum average of 60% for your final two years of high school and maintaining that average for the entire four years.

International students are not eligible for the Rutherford scholarship however you can still study at the University of Alberta with the University of Alberta Scholarships for International students

What if my Parents Just Relocated to Alberta so I still get the Scholarship?

You might be wondering whether your candidacy for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship or any other scholarship might be impacted if your parents have relocated to Alberta. This is significant since it can determine whether you can afford to attend college or not.

For instance, you qualify for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship if you are a first-year student and your parents migrated to Alberta during the previous 12 months (as long as all other criteria are met).

However, you may be eligible to receive an Alberta Centennial Bursary rather than an AHSFRA grant if you are a second-year student who has already been accepted into an undergraduate program at a post-secondary institution that is eligible (for example, the University of Calgary or SAIT Polytechnic).

The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship is available for Alberta’s home education program
If your program adheres to the Alberta programs for study curriculum, you may be eligible for the award even if you received your education at home. You will need the following if you receive home education:

  • a high school principal’s course ratings and recommendations for credit
  • An official Alberta High School Achievement Transcript

Visit if you want additional details about the Alberta Programs of Study.

You must satisfy at least three of the following five requirements: academic excellence, financial need, community service, and leadership experience. Additionally, you must submit an essay on a particular subject connected to the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship program or other matters of community improvement. Finally, organizations might support candidates by requesting letters of recommendation from managers or industry experts.

“students who have demonstrated special potential and promise for their future careers in the fields of community development, finance, and philanthropy.” are to receive the prize, according to its purpose.

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Requirements to Apply for Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

Personal Details

  • Canada social insurance no(SIN): it will be validated by the government of Canada before your application is reviewed
  • Alberta student no(ASN): this can be found on your Alberta transcript of high school achievement

School Details

  • Name of high school you attended
  • Name of college you wish to attend
  • Resumption date

Deadline for Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

A Rutherford Scholarship application will be accepted in the fall of 2024 and the spring of 2024. March 1st, 2024 is the application cutoff date for fall 2024. August 15, 2022, is the application deadline for the spring of 2024.

How to Apply for Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

Before applying for the Alexander Rutherford scholarship, make sure you meet the requirements listed above. Here’s a step-by-step guide to applying:

  • Create an account with Alberta student aid by providing valid personal information and verifying your identity. Do you already have an account? Access the Alexander Rutherford high school achievement scholarship by logging into your account.
  • Fill out the form with the required information, such as your social insurance number (SIN), Alberta student number (ASN), and high school name.
  • After you submit your form, Alberta student aid will verify your transcript.
  • If you are found to be eligible for the scholarship, a confirmation request for enrollment will be sent to your post-secondary school.
  • After a month, your school will mail you a check to confirm your enrollment.

Selection Process

You must submit your application form to be considered for any year’s scholarship (with all required documents attached). You will be invited to a series of interviews with the scholarship selection committee over two days after the application process in 2024 if you are chosen in this initial round.

The Alberta Student Aid will mail you a check for the accepted scholarship amount as soon as your enrolment is confirmed and your application is approved.

Scholarship Award

If you are a full-time student, the Rutherford Scholarship is worth $1,000 annually for up to four years. It will be worth $1,500 or $2,500 annually if you are a graduate student or a part-time student, respectively.

How many awards are given out?

The number of applicants determines the number of awards given out each year. Many things can have an impact on this, including:

  • the pupils’ passion and drive to pursue their chosen field
  • How much time they’ve spent learning the subject at hand
  • their prior academic and extracurricular accomplishments


Do I have to submit a different application?
There is no need for you to submit a separate application. Being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, enrolled full-time in your first year of undergraduate study at an Alberta university, and having resided in Alberta for at least a year before returning to school are all prerequisites for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship.

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Can I use this Scholarship to win any other ones?
Although it’s not the only option, the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship is a fantastic place to start. Apply for other scholarships if you qualify; the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship does not exclude you from earning funding from other scholarships.

There is always a potential that you will receive money from another scholarship program even if you do not receive the Rutherford Scholarship. You can always browse through scholarships on Scholarsly and apply for as many as you want. Don’t lose hope. They can just have a different dollar value or come from various organizations.

Can I retake a course through an Alberta high school to have my Rutherford Scholarship evaluated again?
As long as they finish those courses before enrolling in post-secondary education or taking a higher-level course, students are permitted to repeat or rewrite courses to qualify for the scholarship program.

Students should send any updated grades or course descriptions to Alberta Education so that a record may be retained and your high school achievements can be listed on your official Alberta Education Transcript.

Can I apply for the Rutherford Scholarship using my Green Certificate coursework?
The short answer is yes, Grade 12 Green Certificate courses can count toward the scholarship. The green certificate courses don’t have to be taken in succession and can be taken in any order. Every course you take for the green certificate is designated as a 33 grade 12 level, and all credits earned there count toward grade 12 graduation requirements.

For students in grades 10, 11, and 12, the green course enables them to participate in an agricultural apprenticeship while earning credits for the program. These students also finish the green certificate’s technician level, picking from one of nine specializations.

Can the Rutherford Scholarship assessment take into account courses taken to upgrade or prepare for college?
You can improve the courses that are included on your official Alberta high school transcript, which you can then use to apply for scholarships. To apply for the scholarship, you cannot use your General Education Development (GED).

I’m not sure if I have the necessary average, but should I still apply?
Even if you are unsure if you meet the conditions for the scholarship, you can still apply. Alberta Academic Aid performs an automated evaluation of the academic average for grades 10, 11, and 12.

What should I do if I need to modify my initial application?
In particular, you must inform Alberta student aid if you move your address, postpone postsecondary studies, or switch your preferred educational institution if you need to make adjustments to an existing application.


The Rutherford Scholarship is a fantastic way to pay for your college education. But there is more to it than simply showing up and getting paid, as we have seen today. Make sure you’re qualified, fill out the application, and submit it by the deadline because there are a number of prerequisites before you can even apply.

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