8 Best Private Universities in Lagos, Nigeria

Private Universities in Lagos, Nigeria: So I took my time to research private universities in Lagos, Nigeria and I came up with the top 8 private universities in Lagos. I certainly will share them with you but first of all, what is a private university?

What is a Private University

When we talk about a university as private, we are referring to the fact that it is neither supported nor run by the federal or state governments but rather by certain private persons, investors, or nonprofit groups. These shareholders decide how smoothly this educational institution runs.

Private universities in Nigeria must have approval from the National Universities Commission of Nigeria in order for their programmes to be accredited. This guarantees optimal quality for curriculum and teaching. Nigeria now has 60 recognised private universities, and numerous applications are being reviewed.

Institutions of higher learning, private universities and colleges are not run, owned, or institutionally sponsored by governments. They may, and frequently do, obtain tax advantages, grants, and public student loans from the government. Private universities could be governed by the government, depending on their location. Public universities and national universities can be contrasted with private universities. Numerous private universities are charitable institutions. I listed a number of private universities in Lagos, Nigeria and how to apply to them in this article.

Why study in Lagos

Lagos State is one of Nigeria’s largest states; in fact, it is the country’s most populous and diversified city. Lagos State is one of the Yoruba-speaking cities in Nigeria and is among the 36 states that make up the nation’s most productive states due to its high trade and commerce rates.

The state, which has an international airport and a seaport that some other states lack, is one of the more financially stable states in Nigeria and all of West Africa.

The state capital of Lagos State was formerly located in Lagos Island, commonly known as Ilu Eko and Lasgidi in the streets, but it was later relocated to Ikeja, another sizable city in Lagos State.

The state was given the name “Lagos” by the Portuguese, namely a Portuguese explorer. Lagos simply means Lake in Portuguese. Lagos state is one state that treasures and values education.

As a result of the state placing a high priority on education, a variety of institutions, both public and private tertiary institutions like colleges of education, polytechnics, and universities to pre-primary institutions like kindergartens and nurseries, among others, have sprung up in the state competing to be the best in the state.

Why study at a Private University in Lagos

Here are some benefits of attending a private university: defined graduation dates that are not susceptible to delays due to strikes; greater safety and security of students; better learning facilities to boost the student’s knowledge; conducive learning environment; etc.

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Nevertheless, there are drawbacks to attending these universities, one of which is the cost. Although there are few courses provided in private colleges, it is actually very high in contrast to other types of higher education, therefore if you pay for that education, you may expect a higher quality.

If you are not satisfied with Lagos, check out the Top Private Universities in Abuja.

Can I enter a Private University without JAMB?

The Jamb test is required for admission to some private universities, but not all of them. A private university runs entirely differently from a public university. Some of these private institutions operate by their own rules, so many of them do not require the test. However, if you do not want to take the JAMB test or did not perform well enough to be recommended, a private university may be your best option.

Exclusive 8 Best Private Universities in Lagos, Nigeria

Do you intend to stay in the vicinity of Lagos State? Do you ever wonder which Lagos State private university is the best? For your convenience, I have put together this list of private universities in Lagos, Nigeria for you if you fit this description.

In order to ensure that you have all you need, take a deep breath and attentively read this post. Because of this, I’ll mention not only the private universities in Lagos, Nigeria but also their tuition rates and other important information. I hope you can learn everything you need to know about the private universities in Lagos State after reading this article.

The list of private universities in Lagos is as follows:

  1. St. Augustine University Ilara
  2. Anchor University Lagos
  3. Pan-Atlantic University Lagos
  4. Ikeja Southwestern University
  5. Babcock University Lagos
  6. Redeemer’s University Mowe
  7. Caleb University, Lagos
  8. Christopher University

1. St. Augustine University Ilara

St. Augustine University Ilara. Private Universities in Lagos, Nigeria
St. Augustine University Ilara. Private Universities in Lagos, Nigeria

The first on our list of private universities in Lagos, Nigeria that is gradually moving up the ladder is Ilara, often known as Augustine University or AUI.

The Catholic-owned facility is situated in Ilara, a hamlet in Epe, a local government unit of Lagos. The institution was founded in 2008, but on February 25, 2015, the NUC granted its accreditation ( seven years after creation).

As they provide educational training at both levels, the university is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. The NUC has approved seven additional courses in addition to those that were already being offered.

Motto: Pro-Scientia Et Moribus, For Character And Education (Latin) (English). It is associated with the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos.

B.Sc. in Information Technology, B.Sc. in Cybersecurity, B.Sc. in Political Science, B.Sc. in Fisheries & Aquaculture, B.Sc. in Mass Communication, B.Sc. in Biotechnology, and B.Sc. in Software Engineering are the new courses that have been approved.

Given the variety of courses provided there, it serves as yet another example of one of Lagos’ best private colleges. Depending on the course, the tuition might range from ₦250,000 to ₦312,000 per year.

2. Anchor University Lagos

Anchor University Lagos Private Universities in Lagos, Nigeria
Anchor University Lagos. Private Universities in Lagos, Nigeria

Anchor University is one of the universities in Lagos State. Anchor University is a college that was formed by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry. Anchor is located in Ayobo, Ipaja, Lagos State.

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Williams Kumuyi, the General Overseer of the Church, formed it in September 2014. This Evangelistic movement was privately founded in August 1973. This minister is active in educational institutions in 60 different countries. Despite its failures, the university has nonetheless become one of Nigeria’s top institutions of higher learning.

Anchor University’s philosophy was developed based on the idea that education enlightens the mind, liberates the human being, and improves human capabilities, qualities, and professional skills, which have a discernible impact on all areas of life.

An overview of Anchor University’s past reveals that, exactly two years prior to its final creation date of September 2012, the university was scheduled to be founded.

But then a terrible thing happened.

The DANA plane tragedy, which occurred on March 3, 2012, a Sunday, claimed the lives of all the NUC representatives who were in charge of inspecting and approving the project.

The institution currently has three faculties, all of which have received NUC approval. Each of the three faculties at The Anchor University in Lagos has its own costs associated with attending classes. The annual total tuition is as follows:

Natural and Applied Sciences Faculty₦600,000
Social and Management Sciences Faculty ₦550,000
Department of Humanities ₦500,000
private universities in Lagos

The total cost of the lodging is between ₦60,000 and ₦200,000.

3. Pan-Atlantic University Lagos

Pan-Atlantic University Lagos. Private Universities in Lagos, Nigeria
Pan-Atlantic University Lagos. Private Universities in Lagos, Nigeria

Pan-Atlantic University is a private, nonprofit institution with great educational opportunities for its students. Pan Atlantic University, a private college founded in 2002, is located in one of the most expensive neighbourhoods of the state, Lekki, Lagos. In 2014, on November 27, the university started to provide admission to undergraduate programmes because it was originally designed for postgraduate students and was affiliated with a business school.

Pan-Atlantic Institution is a private, nonprofit university located in Lagos, Nigeria. The university is listed as one of Lagos’ more affordable private universities.

There are two campuses: Ibeju-Lekki Campus and Ajah Campus.

The following four study options are available to you:

FacultyFirst YearSecond YearThird YearFourth Year
Accounting₦1,850,000₦1,760,000₦1,650,000 ₦1,650,000
Business Administration and Economics ₦1,850,000₦1,760,000₦1,650,000 ₦1,650,000
Mass Communication₦1,950,000₦1,860,000₦1,750,000₦1,700,000
Engineering₦2,050,000 ₦1,960,000₦1,750,000₦1,650,000
private universities in Lagos

4. Ikeja Southwestern University

One of the best answers for those looking for reputable private universities in Lagos, Nigeria is South Western University. It is one of Lagos’ less expensive private universities. It offers its applicants a wide range of fields.

The most popular courses at this university are those in accounting, business administration, computer science, mass communication, marketing, economics, and banking and finance.

Ikeja Southwestern University is one of the cheap private universities in Lagos. The annual cost of the school fees is ₦175,000. Students at this fortress of learning must pay a charge for infrastructure construction of ₦25,000.

5. Babcock University Lagos

Babcock Institution is a well-known, private, coeducational institution in Nigeria that is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nigeria.

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This institution is situated at Ilishan-Remo, which is midway between Lagos and Ibadan. It began to exist in 1959. As of 2009, there were roughly 6000 students enrolled.

Previously known as Adventist College of West Africa and Adventist Seminary of West Africa

Motto: Information, Truth, and Service

One of the biggest private institutions in Nigeria is located in Lagos State. This higher education facility’s annual tuition normally begins at ₦500,000. There are further fees for books, a library, and housing.

6. Redeemer’s University Mowe

Redeemer’s College One of Nigeria’s newest accredited colleges is called Mowe. It is well known for providing a variety of academic disciplines.

The tagline of this private institution is Running with a Vision. Off the Gbongan-Oshogbo Road in Ede, Osun State, Nigeria, is where it is located. The institution was created in 2005, and the Redeemed Christian Church of God is the proprietor.

According to the stated payment schedule, students must pay their tuition in accordance with the semester they are enrolled in. The lowest total cost for the entire semester is between ₦87,000 and ₦655,000.

The student must pay ₦144,000 for men and ₦166,500 for women first-year entry fee after being accepted into the university.

The university comprises four colleges:

  • College of Law;
  • College of Management Sciences;
  • College of Natural Sciences;
  • College of Humanities.

7. Caleb University, Lagos

Prince Oladega Adebogun established the private university Caleb University, Imota on January 7, 2008, in Imota, Lagos State, Nigeria.

It is no longer news that students’ academic life is being harmed by the public schools’ declining moral and educational values at all levels of education, including primary, secondary, and tertiary. It had an impact on our so-called “future of tomorrow,” hurting their academic performance.

Parents started to long for a reputable school that could rebuild their children while also teaching them Christian and moral principles. In order to serve as their “Messiah,” Prince Oladega Adebogun founded Caleb Nursery and Primary School. Caleb University also began as a primary school.

Caleb Nursery and Primary School appeared to solve a portion of the issue because it met parents’ needs, but once more a problem occurred. A secondary school was required to help kids permanently internalise the moral principles they had learned in primary school, and as a result, Caleb International College was established in Magodo, Lagos State, in 1995.

To cut to the chase, a postsecondary institution was established to support the newly established schools, and on January 7th, it started its academic operations with its 141-person inaugural class of admitted students.

Candidates can choose from a variety of courses. Pure and Applied Science, Social and Management Sciences, and Environmental Science are the three colleges that make up the organisation. The tuition for the first semester is ₦189,500.

8. Christopher University

Christopher University Private Universities in Lagos, Nigeria
Christopher University

One of the newest private universities in Lagos, Nigeria, is Christopher University. It was given accreditation in 2015.

The fundamental goal of this privately held tertiary institution is to educate professionals who can endure in a global marketplace while upholding university traditions.

School costs: The annual cost of attending school ranges from N420,000 to N470,000. It depends on the pupils’ academic standing.


This concludes the post on the best private universities in Lagos. These institutions are renowned all around the country for their commitment to academic achievement in the classroom and for preparing students to excel in their chosen fields of study.

Questions, comments kindly use the comment section. I will try my best to answer.

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